Monday, August 29, 2011

Time to Rhyme

Ta Da! Time to Rhyme

I think it’s time
I returned to rhyme
Forget that I’m still bemoaning
The toss of my will
& the loss of the thrill
It’s time to cool down the groaning.

If John Dunne can write
With a meter in sight
I can surely let loose and start playing
Let the words rock and roll
Far into my soul
And let it be my way of praying

I’m told to remember
From June to September
That poems should never be dire.
They must dance the two step
Bounce with grace and adept
To nuance and rhythm and fire.

I stopped for a while
My heart raced a far mile.
I lost all the fancy and fun
Of choosing the words
That together are heard
With a twinkle and wink of the sun.

How does one become
So stuck and so glum
That silliness goes out of season?
Is living so tough
When the going gets rough
That a poet stops rhyme without reason?

No, No, I will say
I won’t have it that way
Any longer, any deeper, any how
I’m a fool starting fresh
Confused with the best
And I’ll start with the rhythm of now.

I admit it. I have become self conscious. Writing is in many ways is different than painting or illustration or photography because it requires more from a viewer. For one thing, it's most often not a quick hit: it takes time to read a poem or a story.

I hereby announce I want my spark back for the sheer fun of poetry. Even agonizing poems can be fun to write.

So here I am, posting this poem, letting it serve as an introduction that it's time for me to rhyme again, time to write poems again.

Now where IS that poetry muse? She's opinionated and a tough nut to crack, but I kind of like having her around.




  1. I just read your rhyme
    And I feel fine!

    OK, I looked around a bit for your Poetry Muse.
    I found this one, but am not sure if she is yours. (Click "embed" below the image and you can see her without the miserable watermark.)

  2. love the poem, it gave me a chuckle. you are so clever. many lines i like but esp "I'm a fool starting fresh." Go Karen!!!

  3. Kj - My rhyme muse has gone on a world tour and hasn't sent me ONE postcard. Sheesh. I love this:

    How does one become
    So stuck and so glum
    That silliness goes out of season?

    I still have my silliness! We have to keep kicking up our heels in spite of the world at large. :) xo Pam

  4. Well, I would say your meter is very GOOD if your Muse has wandered off! (probably with mine, on a nice vacation far from here, having a good laugh!)
    Poetry is either:

    A) easy and fun~~it flows with little thought


    B) grinding and halting, trying to make your brain cells into an omelet

    Lately, for me, it's been the second. I'm hoping for YOU it is the FIRST!
    And I am with Pam, the only thing I've not lost is my silliness. I need to go put my tin foil hat on and ready for the day ahead!!! :-D


  5. Lovely writing...I like the fairy too.
    Hope all is well in our area now after the hurricane

  6. I'm not a poet
    And I know it
    But your rhymes
    Are very fine

    And fun

  7. lydia, thank you dear
    for being clear :^)

    suki, a chuckle? that is exactly the compliment i love!

    pam, ah a world tour. that explains everything. we'll let silly be our fuel, our tool, our mule and how cool!
    (oh dear god) xo

    anne, i just have a feeling ms. emily might get you going sooner than you think :^)

    hello and welcome lap dog knits, thank you. been over to your place and i like it!

    thank you mim
    how do you fare?
    i will be glad
    when your are there
    when i am too
    with paper and glue
    and maybe even
    an old shoe
    (oh double dear god) xo

  8. haha, dear kj, even your comments are pure poetry. i have utmost admiration for your writing ability, your poem is clever times ten!

    happy wednesday and hee hee mim

  9. That's wonderful KJ! I applaud your return to the fun of poetry - and the freedom to rhyme!

  10. I love this..."They must dance the two step
    Bounce with grace and adept
    To nuance and rhythm and fire."

    I think your muse is right there with you...xx

  11. Oh this post is just tooooo silly
    But for sure it's a dilly
    The end

    The land of Silly is my favorite place to be.Lay it on us, kj!

  12. I wished it hopped and skipped for a little while longer.

    I'll be back for more!

    Arnab Majumdar on