Monday, April 04, 2011


Down the Street

These days? Boring?


kitchen corian counters installed this morning (thrilling) (orgasmic)

wrote 13 client session notes, 2 treatment plans, 2 insurance summaries

got and agreed to an insurance quote for my Mother's house

called an attorney to help plan for my Mother's needs

ordered something special for someone special

went downtown for a sushi lunch with JB (california rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, sweet potato rolls: nothing raw)

sent an email to our tenant in Ptown confirming she'll be moving out and we'll be arriving on May 19th (ooh-la-la!)

visited several of my favorite blogs and (finally) left overdue comments without rushing

looked at pictures from not-so-baby Drew's 2nd birthday party

failed to figure out WHY the line spacing on my posts is totally messed up

smiled that the crocuses refuse to open in the rain

arranged for the delivery of the stainless steel stove hood for our orgasmically evolving kitchen

stumbled across another verbal arrow directed at me on the blogs but thankfully spent less time brooding about it (progress)

Wrote a mostly firm and just a tiny kind letter to our financial advisor who made a sorry sad huge mistake in our retirement outlook

What I didn't do

Another day without looking at my 10 page state application to bill privately as a psychotherapist

Not a peek or thought about income tax filing due in 10 days (won't happen: another extension)

Didn't write a word

Didn't call the Arts Council about Renee's grant application

Haven't called two friends still hope to)

Didn't visit my Mom (She sang two songs on Sunday and we could not stop smiling) (she never sings)

Still have to mail bills

No shower and it's 6:30 pm

Tomorrow's another day.

love kj

P.S. Blogger is creating all kinds of weird spacing. I keep correcting it on draft mode but not so when I publish the post. AAAAAGH. if you have advice, thank you and please advise.


  1. Gawd you're funny. Preparations are almost complete but the day got away from me too . . didn't clean the pool, didn't blow the leaves, forgot to buy light bulbs but my Ninja's in the air so I am a happy camper. 6am start . . .who arrives at 6am I ask you? And yes, your Skype skills are woeful. Thank God for email. Yayaya, happy claps! Shit gotta shower, shave, manicure, pedicure, exfoliate and . . . byeeeeeeee

  2. There is SO much I haven't done, but I do try to shower every day my dear...I mean really!! but I'm sure you still look lovely and smell like a rose (NOT).

    me too busy busy busy. more later

  3. The list of what I haven't done yet is always far longer than the list of what I have done. No doubt it will be like that on my death bed.

    I had to enlarge that photo to make sure it wasn't smoke pouring out of the top of a cross!

    And you have to edit it in "Edit HTML" mode to delete all the DIV tags.

  4. I had a list of things that HAD to be done but I lost it. I figure that showed me they didn't have to be done so badly, heh!!

    I'll bet you'll love those counter tops! And once your kitchen is finished, you'll be over the moon!!

    My skin is very dry from the climate here; I can only have a shower every second day or I itch like crazy. I don't normally tell people that, ha ha! But the shower feels soooo good by the second day.

  5. it's good you write down what you did accomplish, and then what still needs to get done can just go on another day. sometimes something so great happens to me, i forget what it was that was on the list.
    exciting new kitchen!

  6. omg.....your list is about like mine, except I refuse to write it down.....LOL! How is THAT for total avoidance??? (yep, got something out of all those $$$ for therapy...hahaha!)
    Another way to get rid of the spacing.
    Write everything without spaces.
    Save as draft.
    Go to edit, then add the space, save as draft.
    When you publish it *should* be okay.
    Other option~~~make an offering to the gods of Blogger. ;-D
    Although I think they are ignoring us all....


    P.S. Don't read comments by snarky people. Seriously. They have no >:-) *wink wink*

  7. That photo made me do a double-take! I thought the cross was pouring smoke too...a-ha-ha!

    Each day as the kitchen progresses, you can revel in it's airiness and spaciousness! HOORAY!

    And....those P-town waves are calling you..... soon, soon!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. hells, OMG OMG OMG! i am so happy for you!!!! (i promise i will continue work on skype) ♥

    mim, is there such a thing as an appalled smile? i DO shower every day, normally. you know those days when you're home and one thing leads to another.... :)

    oh cs, will you show me what a DIV tag looks like? should i delete every one? (thank you)

    marion, i had no list! i just wrote out what i did on my blog post. and about showering, wink wink, you and me babe... :)

    'sometimes something so great happens to me, i forget'

    i love love love this about you. and everything so great that happens to you makes me happy as a clam ♥

    anne, i tried with no spaces, but i'll follow what you said and try again. thank you. (the gods of blogger are not the most cooperative, don't you think?) i often write my list on an 8 by 11 envelope. i like crossing things out, but i am in no way an organized list lister!

  9. I'm going to make this comment all about me.

    I hope you bought the Frida skelly for me!!!!!


    Your list of accomplishments is a good place to start.

    You're awfully orgasmic these days. Just sayin'!
    (Mr. Sushi, new kitchen, and others.)

    Mom sang :) I hope it wasn't "the wheels on the friggin bus!!"

    I'm full of the devil today.

    One last comment. I'm so glad you're making progress and I'm doubly glad her jig is up with soooo many who have caught on!!
    I've always had your back.


  10. :)
    Sounds like an HTML issue. You may have to go into it and fix each post as you write it. :(

  11. Too funny!! But that's why I don't do lists - just reading yours made my hands sweaty with anxiety... :) I have much to do this week, but I figure it'll somehow get done! Your kitchen sounds wonderful!!! Love, Silke

  12. I secretly follow your words. I enjoy your honesty and openness. You make me laugh out loud at times. You make me reflect on my own daily life and actions. You make it better :)

  13. That's some photo and the list makes me feel exhausted! Re your spacing- have heard this before, could be a blogger issue to do with the new editor - are you using that? If so, change back to the old whilst Blogger sorts it out (could take a while!). I took a peek at your source code and saw something you could have a go at altering if you want email me if you like :)x

  14. P.S. When are we ever going to have dinner with you gals? Let's plan on "someday"...and see what serendipity will do for's worked out so far :)

    xo, T

  15. Is that a promise that next time you're with Lori we will have breakfast (or lunch) together? We could meet half way, well, more than half way for me, but Los Olivos in the Santa Ynez Valley would be great.

    P Town, you're almost there. I can smell the Maine sea too, but I've got longer to wait.

    Yes, there is another tomorrow in which I can actually accomplish something...I hope.

    Love, love,


  16. That down the street pic is gobsmacking...and speaking of smackin my gobs, girl just reading about what you accomplished in your day blew me away....well done!!! But you will be fillin that 10 page application soon won't you...then you can write an even firmer note to the financial adviser!

  17. I did absolutely nothing today, I lost my gumption, it got up and went.
    I am a slug.
    You did lots.

  18. I'm finding blogger more and more annoying myself - sometimes I wonder about making a change! Love your list here, it had me smiling! You are a very productive, and orgasmic, lady - HA!! happy new kitchen - woo hoo!!! big love, xoxox K

  19. WHAT are sweet potato rolls? I think I must have one, but first I need to know what it is. A sushi thing?

  20. Hi kj! This is the ONE and ONLY Margaret Pangert! I'm so sorry! I forgot I do (did) have another (now defunct) blog called What the Owl Told Me. Before I dismantle it, though, I want to see if I can transfer the publisher's bookshelf... This photo puzzles me! Are those Christmas lights in April? And one of the smokestacks looks like a steaming Cross? Pretty sunset caught at just the right time... You have one heck of a workload! I see why you treasure the time you can spend on your own passions... (One of my guilty little secrets, too: if I'm at home all day, I stay in my pajamas! Don't have that luxury often enough!) Hey, tomorrow's Friday! Have fun this week-end! Love, me

  21. lo, hahahaha, you write like a very close friend who knows me well. (this is true...) ♥

    andrea, i am dense. i would surely fix my html problem if i had a clue what html even is!

    silke, i forget things i have to do sometimes. but mostly what gets done gets done. my complaint is that the undones don't seem to end! the kitchen has been a blast so far. so many little decisions with someone else doing the actual work! i am a great non-working supervisor :)

    oh jeez tim, saying this is unbelievably kind of you. thank you. i've been thinking that it's time to plan something. maybe this weekend? :)

    caroline, thank you!!! i will definitely email you if it doesn't fix itself. how did you look at my source code and what IS my source code?! i am impressed. ♥

    sharon, yes, that is a promise. i would like nothing more :) let me know when you arrive in maine xoxo

    chrisy, you are one wise woman! how true, how true! :)

  22. marie, i lOVE days when i do nothing. they are rare and precious and i want more of them. i want you to have some too xoxo

    karin, you made me laugh!!! my little kitchen redo is tiny compared to your studio, but man, isn't it exciting when a real change reveals itself? (i hope your mess is done!) ♥

    debra kay, hello friend! sweet potato rolls are lightly fried sweet potatos--often still warm--wrapped with sushi white rice and that seaweedy wrapper inside the rice. very very orgasmic, debra kay :)

    hi margaret! so now i know and i'm glad i'm straightened out! i love days like that. let it be pouring rain outside too and i'm puttering and lounging to my heart's content

  23. It's a pair of brackets like this < > with either div or /div inside them. (Blogger won't let me actually write the codes in a comment.)

    Go into "edit html" and delete all of them, and then manually put in whatever spacing you want. If you put spacing in while you are in "compose" mode, it will put those divider tags in for you - that's where the problems come in. Make sure you get the snaky one that always shows up at teh end of the post.