Friday, April 01, 2011

Mini Mish Mash


It's a quiet night after a busy week. Sunday morning I'll get to read the Sunday paper and maybe rake a few leaves. Spring is trying to arrive and the sky knows. .

Here are a few current thoughts: .

"The past is never dead. It isn't even past." william faulkner


"When I'm alone I practice my oscar speech and I never forget to thank you." . .


How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
When is a door not a door? when it's ajar .

And finally, I have no idea when I wrote this poem.
It's titled FLU.

First my head ... Makes me stay in bed ... Then my lungs...My teeth and tongue...Sore and tight... It’s just not right...My arms and legs... Weigh two kegs.,,,I deserve... To be better served... Than this sorest throat... That can’t emote... Even my toes... And both elbows... Not to mention... No attention... To my many chores... And open doors...On my sleepy pillow... I’m a weeping willow.. . I rest my head... And pretend I’m dead... I feel like lead... What’s worse instead?... Damn! Damn!... I’ve been slammed! ...There’s nothing here... to misconstrue..... I have the fricking flicking flu. . . .

Wishing you a fine day,

love kj ♥


  1. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Here we had a wonderful sunny day yesterday and I got a lot done in the garden. Today we will have rain although I see the sun shining.......
    Good weather to get things domne inside the house.


  2. Pssst, KJ, don't look right away, but there is a fairy in your garden. ;-)

    We had the first warm day yesterday!!! Yooohooo!!

  3. I hope it is not you who has the flu. If so, speedy recovery. Nice to see the fairies are about again.

  4. At the least it's safe to say this winter just passed is not past.

  5. I am not sure if Winter has passed here; I think we just are in MUD season.
    Somehow I am positive E.R. would be finding a way to enjoy it. As for me, I am not, and far too much to do outside (and inside, and in the studio...blah blah blah.....)
    Ah well, coffee and computer and blogs... ;-)


  6. Love Wieneke's comment! The little Fairy is magically removing all of the snow, sleet, mud etc. to make room for FLOWERS and Jellybean Gardens!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. hoping you don't have the flu! and are enjoying the last bit of the weekend! the heatwave has passed and we are back to normal april weather, which the birds (and me) love.

  8. Aww poor snot box. Its planes I tell you. All those germy peeps packed into a tin can at 32,000 feet. Hot toddys all round I think.

  9. I'm glad it wasn't written now - the flu is a miserable affliction.

  10. marianne, i was outside today too. inside, outside: grateful for it all!

    wieneke, her name is cloey...♥

    suki, no flu for me, just a silly poem from a flu that flew :)

    mark, but it's probably true... xo

    anne, coffee, computer, blogs: that's a hell of a good start despite the weather! E.R. is into trouble again. i just don't know what yet :)

    robin, mr. ryan asked me about the jellybean garden. i will plant it with him, lollipops too.... xoxo

    lori, the only 'flew' i have is the flying back from a great time with you! enjoy your great weather and your many feathered friends. ♥

    hells, jeez, it's a good thing i didn't post an old poem about 36 hours of straight passion! I don't have the flu!!! i just wrote about it when i did!!!

    cs, thank you for knowing i am currently flew-less :^)

  11. hahaha, the comments made me giggle! I knew your flu flew ;)

    I've never seen Cloey spelled that way before. Nice spin, or you don't know how to spell it! :P

    What do you mean, I'm a smartass??

    I think someone will have to make new lables this year for the lollipop garden.

    Happy Spring, sweet thing ;)