Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mash Mash Saturday

The day has been mine.

Look who moved in up the street at the voc-tech school. I don't know if they're ponies or horses, but they are sticking close to one another; I hope they aren't scared.

Okay, I love seeing my kitchen transformed but I'm ready to be done now. Shot of my downtown. and my yard

and this is my favorite part of my day so far. From this:

to this.
I didn't rush today.

I didn't wish I were somewhere else.

I talked to friends.

I told my Mom I loved her.

She told me too.

I spread out new soil and planted pansies.

I took a walk with Stella.

I'm having sushi for dinner (enough said) :)

My friend in Australia is having a ball.

I am thankful times ten. .




  1. Ahhhh, your slow and deeply felt day relaxes me as I read about it! I spent the morning drawing more on my still life in school - I was the only one in the class room and it was beyond relaxing... Glad you had such a great day!! Love the flowers you planted... And the ponies... Love and hugs!! Silke

  2. I bought a packet of sunflower seeds and some zinnias yesterday. I want flowers to cut this summer.

  3. silke, you drew in a classroom by yourself? i can almost 'feel' what that was like. xoxo

    cs, plant zinnias. from seed and from six packs and even some awesome one=s. we had them in the house all summer. my favorite are the giant pinks. i have sunflower seeds too. i thought i'd plant them in paper cups :^) ♥

  4. that's a nice saturday :)
    isn't it amazing what a few newly planted flowers does? wonderful.

  5. Horse/Geek alert. They look like Haflingers-which are a tall pony or a short horse-sturdy-stable little fellows. I'd love to have one.

  6. I love your gratitude list, kj! It's a wonderful way of honoring life.
    Maybe those are Welsh or Shetland ponies? Awfully big barn for those little guys!
    The kitchen is going to be tres chic! SO much light coming in plus those beautiful lights over the sink. And yellow is a great color anywhere but especially in the kitchen--warm, bright.
    It's fun walking up to your door! Entree des Artistes, mermaid, gone dancing--yep, kj lives here!
    Sunflowers ready to go and pansies in the ground! Lookin' good! xxox

  7. Dayum...Planting pansies AND sushi...that is a ten in MY book, Girl!

  8. lori, a nice saturday from start to finish. i am always thrilled when i plant flowers. such an accomplishment!

    debra kay, they look shy and boy do they stick together, at least over the two days i've been watching them. when i was a kid my uncle promised me a pony and never delivered. i resent that to this day!

    margaret, i don't think that's their barn. it's a regional voc-tech school and with so many farms around here there are also sheep and pigs and cows and chickens :)
    that door is actually my partner's art studio: a little converted shed in the back yard. thanks for your encouragement, margaret, today and always. xoxo

  9. linda, a ten in my book too. you are a girl of my own heart :^)

  10. Love the pansies and the ponies.

    Sounds like a great day.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful lovely day dear

  12. Sounds like you were completely in the present, kj...a lovely day!

    It'll not be till May that I can plant anything...I tried to plant seeds and the ground is still frozen. Grrrr...

  13. Hello dearest Twinkles! Just stopping by to say "hi" as I try to catch up with all I missed while I was away. I always enjoy catching a glimpse of your world.
    Love and hugs,

  14. I think those are young draft horses; appear to possibly be Clydesdales. The size of the feet and shape of the hindquarters suggests it, plus the extra fringe by the hooves. I bet they get BIGGER! :-)
    Had a great church service and feel like I can face the week--Sunday relaxing is a necessity.
    Enjoy your day (and my kitchen looks somewhat like that daily....I just flat out gave up on order years ago. Clean or art....DUH!)


  15. That's my kind of day PP. Just letting go and following your bliss. The before and after pansies is great!

    I can see why you want your cabinets to get the heck in. Egads!
    It's looking good though! You'll be giving dinner parties in no time ;)


    Toodles, noodle :)


  16. So lovely to hear from you, thank you! I bet you can't wait for your kitchen to be finished. Just want to relax and use it properly. It's looking awesome so far!
    Love the photos ofwhere youlive also. A place for relaxing walking!

  17. I love your mish mashes and that red barn. They're ponies, anything under 15 hands is considered a pony. See, size DOES matter.

  18. ohhh, what a happy saturday!! I love your new neighbors, and such a lovely garden... sending love, times 10!! xoxoxo K

  19. It sounds like the perfect day! (except for the sushi part...)
    Your kitchen is coming along so fab!!!!


  20. Fun to see all looking lovely...........
    love your art studio..............
    downtown is intriquing.