Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lost and Found

I am christening my evolving new blog with an evolving old poem. :^)

She wakes this morning with one foot secure
And the other rumbling, tumbling
Concerned for something quite unknown.

It is spring today. There are fast moving finches
And curious beaks pecking the tall birdhouse
Between the patio and kitchen window.
(What happened that night it and the chirps inside
Fell to the ground, only a scattered feather or two
Telling a vague and troubled story? )

One foot secure, she is still in this moment—
The stillness of the kettle just before it steams--
Wondering how anything could be amiss on a promising day:
Curious how she could today
Feel unsettled, lost and found,
Either way with empty pockets and full up gratitude.

She looks at this grateful dog
And in her mind reviews
Every reason this is a good good day.
There will be time to plant the peas
And plan the garden.
There will be no work today, no chores to speak of.
No sickness, no broken promises, no unexpected loss.
No late payments, no betrayals,
Not even an empty gas tank.

Today is a good day.
She asks ever so slightly,
a moment before the commitment is made:
How she can be so wise, and so lucky,

So alive and so aware
And too, so paperthin?

She rises from the night,
Feeds the dog, makes the coffee,
Answers the phone, picks up the mail,
Calls the dentist, waters the plants,
Readies the peas:

Every act born of cautious hope
For a good good day.




  1. :-)

    Lovely...and glad we all could grasp your blog back from the clutches of the Evil Blog Troll!

    Now enjoy~~there are endless possibilities with the new template, but try everything elsewhere first!


  2. Wow....what happened?
    (lovely post also)


  3. The "sillypants" post made my day... my week even - it is one of those stories I don't think I'll ever forget (at least I hope not).


  4. Love the new header and blog design! That was fast! Interesting how your poem started out with the fast-moving finches, and voila! there are birds flying up in the sky past the woods!
    The metamorphosis into butterflies shows that tentative foot is going to be firmly planted on the ground that day. Nice image!

  5. anne, grasp and clutch are the right words! i learned alot. and yes, i will experiment with the new template on a practice blog!
    (thank youxo)

    mim, i pushed a button and nothing imploded :^) (thank youxo)

    kristin, awwwww, i'm glad it had that effect on you: me too. i will never forget it either. ♥

    margaret, i'm not out of the woods yet: no sidebar sometimes and spacing is still crazy. speaking of woods, i read over your comment three times before i got all the tie ins. you are so observant and i always love your comments. xoxo

  6. Well my darling, I hope you both are having wonderful days. Spring for you, Autumn for me and all I have left is a Chargers' Jacket (which is bloody warm by the way) Who's the Evil Blog Troll? I've missed stuff, I need to know. Back on board now.

  7. lovely poem and glad your blog is shaping up the way you want it to.

  8. aaaahhhh, much better!!

    Aren't friends great?

    Love the poem. Very fitting, still.

    haha, Baino thinks the blog troll is a real person!! You'll have to fill her in so she doesn't worry :)

    Stormy day today. It's all good though.


    Mechanism inside Blogger that eats posts, makes code disappear, won't let you post photos, adds spaces where you don't want them....ad infinitum, ad nauseaum......
    We all seem to be having little visits from the creature; I am sure Blogger bred this particular variety to drive us crazy.
    (or in my case, crazier!)


  10. Your almost there! maybe today, if you have off, you'll finally find that missing sidebar. My curiosity is getting the better of me, I wish I could have a look!

    Beautiful poem kj, i've reread it three times now. "empty pockets and full up gratitude" sounds just about right.

  11. "..one foot secure and the other rumbling." I love that, have felt that. How beautiful to hear it put that way.

  12. Hope being a thing with feathers, right?

  13. Every day has some good in it, even if it's just the shower or the promises kept or what you see out the kitchen window. I like your poem...

    Oh, I'll probably stick with my blog template forever...so afraid of change, lol. While I can't remember what your blog used to look like, I do like the simplicity in this template. But simple is not as easy as it sound, hahameow! I have to put all my photos in the center anyway or all my words and margins go weird.