Sunday, February 20, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends

I'm probably 100 pages into writing snippet after snippet and only now can I can declare that I am officially working on my second book. I hope to finish it by the end of the summer. (be still my heart!)
And I can say I think I learned yesterday what the book will be about
: abandonment, betrayal, resilience. (so uplifting, i know...but hey...)
I spent Saturday with one writing guru and two other women who are writing books of their own. We had read 30 pages of each other's work in advance and had plenty to say about plot, style, verbs, formatting, character development, dialogue, scenes, intent. I am learning so much about writing. These writers are going to coach and comfort me to the finish line.
But not just them. I have some special friends who have walked with me through a tough patch, for a long time, and now they will walk with me in easier times. You! And You! And You and You! Thank you so much! We have allowed ourselves to be known, to be seen. They've let me in, I've let them in. What a relief to be our real selves, even our mushy messy real selves.
This poem is dedicated to friendships of all kinds. Hold on to them: they are gold.
(i hope i haven't posted this before? thank you for being polite if i have) :^)


Here’s the thing that I would say
If I were invisible today:

I would smile first and then begin
Starting with my oldest sin.

I’d tell you why I never learned
Protection first before I burned.

I’d willingly admit my part
In following this touchy heart.

I’d take my time and spill it out--
Every vision, every doubt.

You’d hear my voice and wonder why
I showed up here to even try.

I’d hide of course but even then
I’d have an eye out for a friend.

In moments when I take up space
I’d like to trust this just in case.

I’d like to stretch and drop my clothes,
See who misses and who really knows.

And when I finished I would grin
Wondering if let you in.

Wondering if you see the whole
Where wisdom meets the tale untold.

I’m quite invisible, but not unseen--
I’m just here hiding between.

love kj


  1. Good morning! keep up with the writing girlfriend - we'll be waiting to read

  2. You're golden too ;)

    I'll be at your next book signing but not if it turns into another soft porn reading!!! hahahahaha!
    That was so hilarious, especially the shocked look on your face not knowing the format!!

    Way to go on all of your growth, as a writer and as a vulnerable human being♥♥♥

  3. It is hard to hide the shine from a diamond!!
    Not anymore.
    Blessings on you dear one.
    Shine like the diamond you are.

  4. kj~ YOu live a full, prsent life...and in the midst of it all, you show so much empathy... I wish everyone were like you! Good luck with everything! me

  5. Very nice.

    "abandonment, betrayal, resilience"
    Gee, wonder what inspired that?

  6. mim, ♥

    lo, ♥

    marie, ♥

    margaret, ♥

    cs, wiseguy! :)

  7. this writing work and discussion things certainly excite me a lot. i think its a great fun, i sometimes do with a guy but seldom find same minded people.

    i admire the simplicity of the language of your poetry. I dont know whether being invisible is good or not but surely there must be pain in it (which is also seen in your verse)

  8. kj so good to see you writing again and reading out loud is fantastic, helps find the holes, I'm fortunate to be read a chapter of a burgeoning novel every night and it's a delight for me and helps the author. Yeh you're pretty schparkly. And you're far from invisible to me.

  9. I think your new book will be PACKED with insight. You are gold. Remember that. xo

  10. shubhajit, hahaha thank you. i think there is simplicity in my writing because my vocabulary is limited! interesting that you see pain in the poem: myself, i think there is mostly hope. :)

    hells, the muse is back and the protection is dropped. you're pretty schparkly too. i read your comment in the middle f my work day and i smiled a mile wide. xo

    aw, andrea, what a super treat, here you are. ♥ you are gold too. i'll remember if you remember.

  11. I am happy you finally got the egg hatched in your mind.
    Now it is just a matter of finding the right words and I know you will.

    Indeed friendship is gold. And you are a golden girl.