Monday, February 28, 2011

I remember...

. .
Things I remember:
--how much i loved hopscotch
--vanilla ice cream in a cup every day one summer
--my Mother's chocolate chip cookie batter
--my scrapbook of glossy movie star pictures (some were in color even)
--the first time my boyfriend and I deep kissed (and a little more)
--giving my father a puppy for his birthday (he was very surprised and very upset)
--running away and hiding in the garage waiting to be found (no one came; I gave up just before dinner)
--getting an 'A' in my favorite English class
--a week on Cape Cod with friends and beer kegs (no supervising adults!)
--deciding I would be a teacher when I grew up
--getting arrested for breaking and entering (I was 13 and earned bragging rights from then on)
Yes, there are memories that fall in more challenging catagories, but that is for another day. Right now, I'm enjoying the parts of me that came, went, and still linger....
Please join me in looking back too if you'd like. ♥


  1. This is a fun post!
    Have to see if I can come up with something nice........
    I like that quote teared out of the newspaper.

  2. I remember things but not as sunny day as yours kj. One of my most vivid memories was being off school and understanding what Ruby had just done to Oswald. The '67 Detroit rebellion. The first time I heard Gil Scot Heron. When what are now abandoned hulks of brick and mortar actually were functioning places. Like I said not a lot of sun but clear like a day with clouds but no rain. The first time I heard The Who.

  3. Lol, what good memories!
    Kj, your beautiful!

  4. you have some sweet memories. isnt that one of the boons of living through the years. more delicious (and of course not so delicious) memories to thumb through.

    I remember entering Gold's delicatessen in Stratford CT and smelling dill pickles and seeing the cheese cake waiting to be sliced.

    I remember visiting my Gram and having her go through her possessions saying this is for Cindy, this is for you, this is for R.

    I remember making plastic key chains at the park in the summer.

    I remember traveling by train from Ohio to San Francisco with my college friend S. I remember seeking our first apartment and finding one on Taylor in Nob Hill.

  5. I love lists! Nice memories. Breaking and entering????

    Okay, here's mine off the cuff early in the morning....

    I remember being a jumprope princess. The old men at the American Legion would give me money to be entertained by my fancy moves.
    I'd run across the street and buy a Devil Dog every time! I was 6 or 7.

    Hiding in the closet with my dog Curly while my father beat my mother. This was a daily occurence. That dog saved my life.

    Coloring books were an early addiction. And paper dolls! I had one favorite coloring book that I bought at least three times. I'd give anything to find it today.

    Blue sno-cones!

    patent leather T-strap shoes for Easter.

    Best sex EVER with husband number one!

    Best LOVE ever with current hubby, number two ;)

    Let me leave it at that for now.


  6. Hmm, just a few of the good ones that come immediately to mind:
    Walking in the jungle of Panama and seeing spider monkeys as a little girl.
    The feel of rollerskating on the smooth pavement of the school's breezeway on weekends.
    Catching slippery tadpoles in the creek.
    Eating bags of rock salt plum.
    The mixed scents of sweet honeysuckle and warm red clay in the Georgia night air.

  7. marianne, i could add a summer day in provincetown with good friends and a very special boy ♥

    mark, i could and should have added the day ruby shot oswald. and the wondering if it was a random act....and the who and for me the moody blues, sitting in the boston garden with how many, 50 thousand people? and everyone lighting their cigarette lighters in the dark when knights with white satin began.,...

    julie, tsup, mwah, ♥, thank you.

    OH suki! what fantastic memories you've shared. i too remember seeing cheesecake for the first time and wondering what the big deal was :^) and your gram: gulp. that is what mr. ryan and baby drew call me. xoxo

    lo, yes, b & e. i was punished for weeks. what a great list lo, the jumprope princess. thank god for brian, thank god for curly. you deserve everything good and true for the rest of your life. i am so glad and grateful to be part of that. ♥ always

  8. cs, your list is so lyrical and painterly. just beautiful. you are describing a book i would love to read: a little girl in the summer in the south. ♥

  9. I love this list so much. It's fun the amazing memories we have, that we don't often reflect on. I remember "running away" across the street as a child and also giving up before dinner. I wonder how many times dinner has saved runaway children? :)

    And chocolate chip cookie batter forever remains in my heart as the fondest of memories.

    PS Did it work out between your father and the puppy?

  10. tracy, we have alot in common, eh?
    yes, my father came to LOVE that dog. but he still shook his head when he talked about me just like that bringing it home for him :)

  11. It is really fun to read your memories kj, and the memories of everyone here.

    i remember getting lost in the stacks of my parents national geographics and my sister and i spinning a globe and whereever it stopped (under our finger, thats where we'd go), i remembered being smooshed in a big chair with my sister and reading the sears catalog, and making wishes, being on my dads boat and feeling seasick and him telling me we don't get seasick so i wasn't and never have been. i remember dressing my turtle in baby clothes and pushing him around in my doll stroller (i found him on a road trip to minnesota when i was 5 years old, he was in the road and my dad let me keep him)he grew HUGE. one christmas morning when my sister and i each got a dashound, mine was heidi and hers was gretchen. we think that was our best christmas ever.
    maybe i should write some of these down for my kids and grandkids.
    maybe i will.

  12. yes, my dearest sf, you should write these down for the kids and grandkids.

    i am choked up by the vivid touching memories shared here. we should all write these down.

  13. You surprise me everyday, I like that!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I love the quote, mine is "there is no repaly button in life, do it right and with light."