Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mr. Ryan Arrested

Mr. Ryan, age twenty one months and reportedly unemployed, was observed driving erratically yesterday morning in front of his home. He was charged with driving to endanger and resisting arrest. When approached, he immediately abandoned his Elmo pushcart and attempted to flee the scene of the crime, laughing and running faster and faster until he was forced to stop at the front door of his house. He was arrested while screaming "Mommy! Daddy!" and additionally charged with disturbing the peace.
Mr. Ryan was escorted to the local police station and placed in a holding playpen until his parents arrived. He pleaded 'not guilty' to all charges, indicating that the police officer failed to understand the priorities of a small child. He was released on bail and is scheduled to appear before Judge Cookie Monster on November 15th. If found guilty, Mr. Ryan may face sentencing of up to one week without his favorite cookies.


  1. his grandmothers would have gladly posted bail...

  2. Haha . . wait until he gets a motor bike! Your heart will be in your throat then!

  3. LOL!!! Oh, KJ, this is just *too* funny!!

  4. baino, oh i've been through cars and motor bikes and midnight curfews and leaving home and coming back--all in a day's work for mothers...

    melissa, thanks. i'm glad you got a laugh. :)

  5. Oh yes, he's is definitely a real grandson of his granny Karen. :-)))

  6. so sweet added that smile in me today ..Thanks

  7. I believe your story ;-) 'cause on that photo this cute little guy really looks as if he is caught (but innocent !)

  8. This photo and story was priceless! I loved this. :)


  9. wieneke, i feel you are a fan of this little guy, and that means alot to me.

    hildegarde, it's definitely a mug shot!

    iamnasra, thank you for your visit. i look forward to visiting you too.

    miladysa, he's cute alright!

    tammy, thanks!

    cs, all you can do is love 'em...

  10. if i were the arresting officer, i would've taken him home with me, what a little darling he is!

  11. LOL!
    the sweetest police report in the world...
    as sweet as Mr. Ryan