Monday, November 03, 2008

Alphabet Soup

Ever since I went to the poetry manuscript weekend almost a year ago, where I learned my poetry was, shall we say, "unfinished," and that rhyming was out of fashion, I haven't written poems the way I used to. Okay, there are probably other factors too, but in any case, here's a re-visited poem I thought then and still think is moderately clever. You may or may not agree:

Can’t Do

Could you?
I’m at the beginning:
Accept, Accelerate, Acquiesce,
and sprinting to the L’s,
Long, Loosen, Lighten up,
Onto to the T’s:
Trust, Turn in, Truncate,
Then to the final stop:
Zero. Zilch. Zenith.
I am plucking words,
Seeking sounds,
And mixing colors
To explain why oh why
You are there
And I am here
And the in-between
Is alphabetically and phonetically speaking
All Wrong.


  1. Ouch! Thats so well polished - its sharp!
    It packs its punch and has a great rhythm too - Bravo!

  2. It is a great little poem KJ

    Take the critiques will a pinch of salt - I can say that now my friends have helped to repair all the damage I have incurred.

    Write for yourself and enjoy :D

  3. Personally I wouldn't know a good poem from a drover's boot but do what you like I say. As for rhyming being old fashioned . . .what silliness.

  4. Congratulations KJ - I keep my fingers crossed that your new President meets your expectations :D

  5. I like it.

    And I'm kind of liking today, too.

  6. WOW!
    it IS a great poem...
    when you come to the end... a kind of realization happens... your mind finds something to chew on...
    this is the job of good art works...

    the in-between.... yes indeed....