Friday, August 22, 2008

Sky Watch Friday: Savannah Georgia

Traveling from from the Carolinas to the sweet southern city of Savannah,
the day was crisp and the sky was active.
I told JB if I ever needed to start from scratch,
re-invent myself, forget the past, begin again,
I just might head to Savannah.


  1. Your photos are great, I love those clouds and the lamp shining on them.

  2. What lovely photos. The lamp looks like it is lighting up the sky.

  3. Looks like clouds are covering the world today . . I'm off to wade through a muddy paddock while the boys get a manicure! Gah!

  4. Savannah is nice and it would be a photographer's dream with all the city squares in the neighborhoods. I really liked it the last time I was there.

    Your photos on this post for sky watch are excellent too.

  5. What lovely photos!! Looks like the clouds are overtaking it! Great photos!

  6. Did you say hello to Juliette Gordon Low? You were looking up then!

  7. Beautiful skies over Savannah! Happy SWF!

  8. wow great shot... the perspective gives my soul a sense of flight...

  9. Hi KJ,
    I have to admit that I hadn't heard of Mary Oliver's poem about the geese but after you sent me the message,I googled it.I've read it once but I think it's the sort of poem which needs to be read a number of times. Anyway, thanks for telling me about it and Mary Oliver.I will be looking into her work in more depth.Thanks again

  10. angie, thanks!

    denise, it was a beautiful day with incredible light.

    baino, i heard you're ridding your pool of leaves today!

    abraham, it was my first time in savannah. i really liked it too.

    sonia, welcome and thank you. i shall come by your blog too.

    kelly, gotta love those clouds!

    ces, i not only said hello, i think i called you as i was looking up at her!

    maria, i'm noticing the sky alot these days. thank you.

    human being, i also appreciate the spirit of your comments. :)

    angie, for me it's mostly about being yourself in the world.

  11. Ah, you're doing the skywatch as well. People all over the world seem to be doing it.

  12. What a very dramatic symphony of blues your skywatch photos are!

  13. ahhh, girls! You were a day trip away! Beautiful!

  14. I love Savannah. What a great town.