Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday 13: Inhabitants of Provincetown

Aptly entitled "The Tourists"
For Anon: The Birds
With rare permission: Relaxed Happy JB
Miss Richfield
Ms. Stella
The Metalsmith The Beachers
Mr. Ryan and His Dad
Mr. Ryan and "BB"
The Locals
Heather's Birthday Cake Part 1
Heather's Birthday Cake Part 2
Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. The Birds!!! I love the metalsmith also ... not literally - love the work. I spot birds in there too! BWARK!

  2. LOOOOOOVE Miss Richfield's DOOOOO! She's a good looking chick... or nest! *bobbing up and down* I'll clean her teeth BWARK!!

  3. Hey, a photo of JB!! I think that's the first one I've seen. Lovely.

  4. I love Mr. Ryan's matching swimming shorts and hat!

  5. anon, the metalsmith is fantastic. jb and i are buying an 8 foot high metal sunflower from him. we are going to put it near our front door. i love how you love all birds everywhere

    jack, miss richfield is really MR richfield. ask anon to explain that to you. :)

    cs, jb is a doll. she gives me permission to include her photo once every two years or so.

    ces, the matching swimwear was pretty high end. mike shopped for it himself and brought it home one day.

  6. Happy Thursday! I loved all these shots! A happy bunch of photos, for sure. :)

  7. Wow it must be hot! I made Clare a Hickory Dickory Dock cake years ago with little pink fondant mice . . the heat had a similar effect and turned them into squishy blobs! (Her birthday is in December, our summer) And KJ . . one small thing . . it's FRIDAY!

  8. HAHA, I think Jack already understands ... all those pretty Doooos ;)

    I also have a love for metalwork .... create it myself time to time ;)

  9. melissa, likewise for your blog.

    baino, where does that day go anyway? must be on an airplane from your town to mine!

    anon, jack is so worldly. i should have known. anon, i will try to snap some metal shots for you. this guy wishes old parts of saws, bikes, and tools to make animals, flowers, fish, robots, bugs, etc. very cool.

  10. Great montage of photos there. It tells a story of happiness ... I am so happy for you. Who couldn't help but be happy there?

  11. Blog all working again KJ :)

  12. ANON!!!! how did you know my blog was working again? you are my hero for the entire day, and i may extend it to a week.


  13. lovely photos...
    Mr. Ryan and the cake both are so yummy...
    kiss him for me...

    and i loved the metalsmith very much... wish i could have a peek into it...