Monday, July 21, 2008

Provincetown--Beachy Part 5

Mid afternoon, after an early morning breakfast of coffee cake and vanilla yogurt and blueberries and granola and of course strong coffee, after bike rides and books and meandering along Commercial Street, after a tasty chicken and cranberry salad lunch at Cafe Heaven, after lounging around and catching up as good friends are apt to do, the crew arrives at Herring Cove Beach. It is close to 90 degrees and the water temperature hovers at 70. Three women, one guy, two kids, and two inner tubes find their place in the sand and venture forth.
The beach is perfect.

You can't escape sand dunes in this part of Cape Cod.

The vegetation is both fragile and rugged, and the sand is soft.

Of course, I manage to find the perfect view from the perfect location......

Still, the ocean was wild. The waves were pretty high. Just right for being wildly tossed around in one's inner tube. (I was forced to decline because of my %%$@@# knee, but this is an experience I usually would never pass up).

What a difference a day makes.

One day the waves are wild, another they're downright wistful.

I however had a mission to accomplish. One word: ANON! It was time for bird sightings.

I saw dozens of healthy soaring gulls and one very mysterious unidentified bird:

Wow! Look at that! What kind of bird can this be???

Final words: it's a wonderful world.

Sometimes, just lying on a towel with the sun on my face I stop worrying and planning and regretting and wishing and just let myself be.

Only sometimes, but sometimes that's good enough.


  1. Ooh . . to be warm . . our time will come, not too far off now. Actually looks quite similar to Aussie beaches although our surf is a little different. Cape Cod looks gorgeous . . I am so travelling along the east coast one of these days . . from DC to St Lawrence! Glad you enjoyed it and I hope you put sunscreen on the tops of your feet! Boy it hurts when they burn!

  2. KJ! Your legs are attached to the wrong hip in the fifth photograph! Sorry, can't identify the UFO. Did you hear it's call, that can help! Baino is being very polite when she says our "surf is a little different". I was going to comment by asking whether there were waves there at all until further reading they WERE the 'wild waves' HEEHEE!!

  3. I am loving this summer by the beach log of yours KJ! You place me right there.

  4. Did you see gulls? At sea? Whow ;-) But where is Stella? Too hot for her?

  5. Nothing better than the beach. I miss it. My family always enjoyed Siesta key. Your photos are inspiring me to plan a trip for my family to Siesta Key. Sand dunes are always fragile.

  6. I like to lie on the beach, stare at the sea til my eyes glaze ove, then squint up into the sky and imagine the gulls are terredactyls flying over head.

  7. So so beautiful! Was down the Cape this weekend for the Falmouth Tri, then off to Harwich with the parents. Will be back next week. I do so love CC.

  8. Okay, I admit it - I'm envious. Two vacations for me this summer and not a decent beach day on either.

  9. Beautiful. Just perfect. I'd give just about anything to be there right now...instead of going crazy at work!
    I can't get enough of the pictures...keep 'em coming.

  10. I have loved all these shots of the Cape! My mom is still there, my friend up the road just got back, and all these gorgeous shots are making me so excited for our own beach trip next month ... though that will mean first grade for one girl and preschool for the other is all just around the corner. :(

  11. how relaxing... how soothing... how meditative....
    those shots of the gull... i'm soaring with her....