Monday, July 07, 2008

Hmmpf! Knock-Knock! Hey!

Due to the relentless persistence of a best friend who shall be nameless, I hereby announce my break from blogging is coming to an abbreviated end.
Actually, I kind of liked being wooed. And I understand I am able to command and commission a painting by this best friend who shall be nameless, simply by blogging again. So soon I will be back with pictures of my wishful award winning back breaking garden and poetry with the familiar themes of love, loss and lust (well, perhaps not all three, but who could resist the alliteration?)
To be continued......


  1. welcome back! it was my comment that did it, wasn't it? hehe just kidding ;)

  2. Good grief, all these 'anonymous' and 'nameless' ones, WHO could they be? HI KJ! Welcome back, you weren't even gone long enough for the pot and pan treatment but missed you :)

  3. yay yay and thrice yay. You're back.

  4. kj I'm so glad. I've only just found you!

  5. So the pleas did not work but the bribe did. Hmmpf! Who's there! Wheee!

  6. Now that break didn't take too long.
    Welcome back!