Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being Known

Provincetown is not a place where cell phones or internet service work too well. So it's as good a time as any for a poem or two, written on a red sectional couch and surrounded by lovely ample time to think and feel:
I thought it was that chuckle when you lean back and laugh,
Your willingness to dare even when the forecast’s grim,
The details and years piling up until you are now your age,
And plans that don’t materialize but still sometimes thrill.
To my surprise it’s so much less.
It’s being known.
To lose that
Is reason
To try


  1. I love the way you see the lack of modern communications means as an opportunity do do without.

  2. I know who you are KJ! You're NOT anonymous! BWARK!!

  3. Ah yes, losing that can easily happen in long time relationships when communication isn't still happening to the highest degree. People can change... I'm not talking about cell phones and internet service!

  4. I echo Anonymous. It's difficult to sustain long term relationships when people don't see eye to eye or have opposite values, or even just different goals about a relationship. That is probably why we precede some relationships with "X".

    I am the Anonymous!

  5. peterbie, thanks. always nice to hear from you.

    king jack, TSUP! can't pull any feathers over your eyes.

    anon, sadly, yes. and sometimes being known is too precious to let slip away.

    anonymous, yup.

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  8. Hi, A little poetyr yes im into, but this was a song from my old school days which went well with the photos.

    you have deep poetry, which makes the mind think.

  9. *GASP* There is an 'Anonymous' shadow dancing about and it isn't Peter Pan!

  10. *GASP* There is an 'Anonymous' shadow dancing about and it isn't Peter Pan!

  11. I am the Anonymous!!! That bird is a pretender.

  12. Whay are you hmmmmpfing me? I meant it when I told you I was laboring with rules and orders and had only a brain cell left! GEEES!

  13. Bravo for time without cells or computers and the poetry that comes in the quiet! Welcome home, my friend! :)

  14. I'm confused! Is Provincetown your "home" now?

  15. So, how are are you there for, anyway? What a lovely lo-o-o-o-ong vacation you are having.

    WOnderful poem. That feeling of being known and heard are delcious and vital, I think.

  16. Ahem. I meant how long are you there for, not how are you there for.

  17. imac, sometimes my poetry is
    shallow :)

    miladysa, yay! hello! missed you!

    anonymous, being kmown also means one may recognize an anonymous comment from a cherished not really anonymous person.

    anonymous, anonymous, shadows, dancing, peter pan--all in one little sentence. whatever might it all mean?

    now ces, my best friend and favorite person,i noticed you made a little deletion, which leaves my "hmmmpf" hanging and dangling. it is quite unfair i am relaxing at the ocean while you labor with all those rules and orders. i am sending you get-through-it pills for the next few days.

  18. melissa, i'm squeezing in the cells and internet as the wireless goddess allows. otherwise my main activity is feeling the sun and sand.

    anon, jb and i lived in ptown for a couple of years. we made a deal with our renter to have use of our little condo for a month this summer. we're back and forth to work a few days a week, but this is vacation week

    cs, it's terrific to be here for almost a month! and thanks for getting the poem.

    kay, from you: oooooh, thank you!

  19. I am Parrot KJ! BWARK! BWARK!!! HAHAHAAA!!! Am I NOT beautiful? Tsup*!*

  20. hahahaha! jack, please thank anon for doing that which i am not capable of. i loved it!

    here's a squeaky TSUP for you.

  21. Anon did NOTHING! I don't know what you're talking about KJ but will easily give you a squeaky Tsup*!* BWARK! I'm better at tongues’! *bobbing up and down*

  22. tongues? bobbing up and down? jack, you're flying into x-rated territory

    i don't mind.....


  23. geez... breathtaking...
    very impressive...
    and the form adds to its effect very much... the way it's diminishing...