Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Sixteen

I'm making up a new one-time category: Sunday 16. It's raining but not before I got to spend a day and a half outside. It's that time of year to plant my garden, clean up, and fall into the summer room that is the yard. I'm happy to say my knee and back have been strong and willing.

1. This tells you almost all you need to know about jb: a clip-on butterfly atop a 1950's style lamp in the living room.

2. A couple of weeks ago I bought a peach tree and a miniature magnolia tree. They're not planted yet but I can still cut off a magnificent magnolia flower and let it float in a bowl.

3. A sure sign of gardens and puttering.

4. These grasses never got planted last year, but somehow they managed to survive a long winter and mounds of snow. This photo reminds me of fireworks.

6. Yesterday I planted six plants and today another six--an equal amount of Big Boy and Cherry tomatoes. It is an eight wonder of the world to grow your own tomatoes. For years I didn't have enough sun to do that, and last year I planted too many, but this year's crop should be just about about right.
7. Just outside the kitchen door, under a tiny foyer, this still-in-process nest has appeared in the outdoor overhead light.

8. I don't mean to brag, but this shot does not do justice to my garden-in-process. I love evidence anywhere that a human being has taken some care, or tended to something, and that is how I feel about my garden.
9. To the right of the Magic Cottage, I've gotten in the habit of talking on my cell phone or taking a break in this makeshift sitting area.

10. jb turned over the soil around the lamppost for me yesterday, so all I had to do was pop in these impatiens. Tomorrow morning I will look out the little den window and smile when I see them. 11. The rocks and stones in this well in my side yard were no doubt once beautifully stacked, but the best I can do is plant geraniums in the middle, and a circle of dark purple petunias around them. Not much effort for a pretty nice result.

12. Have you ever had a Hootenanny in your house? Five of my fellow writers in our twice a year Big Yellow writing retreat are songwriters, and here we are singing the night away.

13. This is the first perennial bloom of the year in my garden--just out this morning! Blue is a rare color for a flower: can you see it?

14. These are called Chickens and Hens--mostly used for borders and rock gardens. jb wants them to the left of the driveway. They're too small to stand alone so I have to figure out some taller companions for them.

15. A branch of a bleeding heart broke during clean up. I wouldn't have thought of it, but here it is in a vase and it looks wonderful.
16. Honest to God, this is what I look like when I'm irritated.


  1. I do so love our hootenannys...both the ones at your place and at BY.

    I meant to ask if those lampsand butterflies were new--I'd never noticed them before and I love them!

  2. A sunny sunday sixteen smile :))))))))))))))))

  3. Happy Day spent in the garden!

  4. Ooh I like this one. I may do a Sunday Sixteen. You really are a true gardener. That was a lot of work you did. I love your tomatoes.

  5. Congratulations on your 'first' Sunday Sixteen - I am hoping for more :-D

  6. I love it!

    That nest shot is too cool -- I hope you can update as the wee ones arrive, hatch, and grow. And the #12 got me all choked up, in a good way. What a night that was -- priceless.

    Have a great week, KJ!

  7. I hope that nest is not made by mice!

  8. kris, the only thing better than the hootenannys is the bond and support our BY group gives each of us.

    anon, i always like to know you're smiling!

    debra kay, yes!

    ces, you mean the tomatoes you ate in the driveway? i like thinking about that.

    miladysa, maybe a sunday 6? sixteen may be too many things to think about...

    melissa, we had a nest last year too. we get nervous how when/if to leave the light on--we do but don't let it get too hot. there's not too much room in that overhead!

    ces, oh,, i don't think they climb that high? besides, there is no food in the light...


  9. Good that your back and knee are willing. Nice report :-) P.S. You got mail.

  10. I would have guessed the lampshade 60's, but no, you are right: 50's.
    Great stuff!

  11. I love this! Especially all the gardening stuff. I just bouht some more hens and chickens and am off tonight to get my tomato plants.

  12. Honest to God... I would NOT like to see you when mad... Hhehehe... :) Just popping up to tell you I LOVE the idea of PUDDING THERAPY... Seen it at Anon's... :)
    ps: Love the pic of nest in process... Magic!

  13. Hi KJ!
    It was fun to drop in and spend time reading in your garden. Looking good! xxoo

  14. I haven't gone to a Hootenanny since I was a kid, but LOVED them. So much fun and music - sounds like a wonderful idea.