Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Poem # 3: Motivation

My poem today is not too long
I'm enjoying my morning and singing a song.

I complain too much and overlook too little
If I keep it up my heart would be brittle.

So instead I'm deciding to come-what-may
And have myself one fine day.

The End.


  1. Think you might have overlooked your day there KJ and your morning is now night! No complaining!!!


  2. i am still not complaining, anon. i've made it a whole 10 hours.


  3. Congratulations, I've done that. It's interesting, to try. I actually felt happier not complaining, even though the same crap I complain about was still happening. Somehow the complaining feeds it, and gives it life.

  4. I'm beyond complaining. I am on the next level and some dog is going to find out soon... :-)

  5. Did Ces just call KJ a DOG!!?!!

  6. Yay! A wonder-full poem to say; what a beautiful day.

  7. it ain't easy writing poems, i think i will remain unknown... :>

  8. Anon! OMG. How could you think that? I tease KJ a lot but I will never call her a dog. I was referring to the little monster of a dog named Bubbles. We are dog sitting her. My friend went on a cruise and left her with us. She tore our blinds and chewed on the weather stripping of our new door and I just had about enough of her - but she is cute today.

  9. One fine day - can't do better than that.