Friday, March 14, 2008

Time Off and Time Out

Dear VIP,
and everyone else who could use a break:
Fall into this day
Have it exactly your way
Don’t hesitate to say
You want toast on a tray
Keep worry at bay
Do what you may
There’s nothing to pay
This is your time to play.
Most Sincerely,


  1. How can uou blog while in the hot tub?

  2. I mean "How can you blog while in the hot tub?"

  3. I like this! It's just what I need to do...

  4. I'd play if I didn't have to work, but I'll have fun at work, just because.

  5. I don't think Mademoiselle Princesse is going to bring me toasts on a tray! Hhehee... Anyway, I had croissants this morning... mmmm... Maybe I'm following your advice more than I think...hhehehe...

  6. Hot tub... ahhhh....

    Your poem reminds me of the old Burger King commercial.

    Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce
    Special orders don't upset us
    Just as long as you will let us
    Do it your way!

    I guess their advertising worked...

  7. Red Mojo-work can be play if you let it. I used to play fun games like "find the missing million dollars" or "identify fraudulent transactions"'s all a big game really, and we take it far too seriously. Playing doesn't mean we don't give our full attention to what we are doing though. In your work, someone could get hurt if you didn't give it full attention. That's why I don't build things-I'd hurt somebody.

  8. There's ALREADY a party here! In the hot tub ...