Wednesday, March 19, 2008

News Bulletin

Thoughtless Mean Friend
Forces Wonderful Loving Friend
to Sleep in Scary Room
All By Herself

(AP) Local police have confirmed that a disoriented woman in her pajamas was picked up on Route 9 carrying only a moleskine notebook and a number 005 micron pen. The visiting woman reported that her closest friend had declined her request to sleep in the closest friend's office and banished her to the family porch, where imaginary shadows and sounds prevented her sleep and adversely affected her well-being and mental health for several days. The woman, whose name is being withheld for a wide range of appropriate and inappropriate reasons, declined to press charges. She did however indicate that she planned to forcefully remind her closest friend of this grave injustice for the next 25 years. She was released of her own accord after posting bond for contributing to several traffic accidents caused by the sight of her flannel pajamas and fluffy slippers.


  1. you think i'm kidding?!


  2. NO! I completely believe you bveacause know who your Wonderful Loving Friend is! HAHHAHHHAAA

  3. I don't know what a bvea is though ...

  4. You are very cruel and really don't deserve such a wonderful friend! choke*cough

  5. rofl

    I hope you have plent of sandbags handy :-D

  6. That happened to me too when I visited my friend. The only difference is I hate flannel pajamas and I have white leather slippers instead of fluffy slippers. My friend's room looked just like your porch with a lot of windows. It reminded me of my haunted nursing college dorm.

  7. kj: nope!

    anon, you are correct to completely believe me!!

    cs, hahaha, how true.

    rm, how true. choke*cough

    miladysa, i never thought of fortifying. :)

    ces, that friend of yours should have known better, right?
    you hate flannel pajamas?

  8. LOL! This is too funny, KJ! And, I can say that I had a completely different experience in that porch ... I slept like a baby, loved the sound of the wind at the window, and can't wait to sleep there again. I shall bring my fuzzy leather "wicked good" slippers ... :)

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