Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Friend

She's 83 years old, blind, and leaving the next day for a two week conference in Atlanta.

She has abdominal pain and goes to the Emergency Room.

She calls her son to tell him she's having emergency surgery for an obstructed bowel.

Her lung collapses during surgery, she's given a colostomy, she's in Intensive Care, and she has a stroke.

Her left side is paralyzed.

She's unconscious for four days.

Two days ago the breathing tube is removed so she can talk.

She is still very sick.

Yesterday, when I see her at the hospital, the first thing she says to me is, "It was close."

The second thing she says is, "Boy, am I lucky or what?"

The third thing she says is, "It's a good thing you got your ass here to see me".

Spunk and grit will save the day. I'm sure of it.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. anon, i like seeing your avatar. i'm glad to get to know you!(chirp)


  3. anon, i had to delete your comment because i should not have mentioned my friend's name. yikes!

  4. I still like her name. GO Anonymous! Hey, there are two of us now :) *chirp*

  5. Spunk and grit will save the day. I'm sure of it.

    And laughter! It really is the best medicine...just as long as it isn't physically painful for her to do so.

    It's great that your friend has such a sense of humor about this. I hope she gets well soon.

  6. Amazing woman, that friend of yours. A survivor as I ever saw one. Good luck to her!

  7. A perfect case study of spunk!

  8. anon, which two would that be? and the mystery name: might it be yours? hmmmmm.

    val, her greeting to me was the best i could hope for! it made me laugh outloud.

    wieneke, you are exactly correct about my friend. i forget how old she is sometimes. plus she gives good advice.

    liz: welcome back. i hope your vacation was super. :)

    ces, spunk: just like that of another good friend of mine.... :)

  9. Wow...getting close uin this case is better then getting theer..:)
    I admire a woman with such a zest for life.

  10. i hope I'm like this when i get to that age.

  11. marloes and menchie, this woman is to be admired for sure. she is amazing.