Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday 13

This is a hard Thursday 13. I have nothing to write about except my average life in the little city:

1. I've been knocked unconscious twice. The first time I was 13 and a frustrated friend at a pajama party punched me in the nose as I was innocently walking by. The second time I walked into an air conditioning unit in an underground parking garage (don't ask how I managed to do that). In both cases I fell to the ground and was pretty embarassed when I came around.

2. I simply cannot keep track of my earrings. I love earrings and I've had several pairs that are my all time favorite. Even those I lose. Why oh why do I not keep them in one place? This is a question I cannot answer.

3. Having an outside hot tub is the biggest luxury I have ever had. All winter, even when the temperature hovered below zero, jb and I would sit under the stars in perfect and unbelievable warmth. I don't even need the jets, although they're nice enough.

4. I recently had a past lives reading by a woman who is nationally known. My neighbor asked me to go with her--her husband died unexpectedly and she wanted to understand why that had to happen. My reading was blander than I expected, but she did keep stressing that in five past lives I've had to be ultra responsible and as a result i am very competent in the ways of the world but I can be too firm in my beliefs.

5. Following # 4, I want to be less responsible and less firm in life. I am following a path of faith and flexibility these days, and I like it.

6. The opening of the word-art gallery show with Carla is this Saturday night. What an honor for me to have done work with Carla, and what a treat it will be to see my poem splashed across a wall next to her painting.

7. Ryan is now 11 weeks old. I love how he wakes up and it takes him several minutes to process the outside world: he looks at a loving face talking to him and he tries to figure out what he is seeing. Then he makes eye contact, follows intently and is beginning to smile. The process of being a person is a miracle. It again and again tells me that none of this is one bit random.

8. I am saving my customary $ 20 bills and extra cash here and there for a special trip with my pal Ces. So far I have $ 620 and I'll be up to $ 800 once I cash a couple of unexpected checks. This is a great way to save: just stash $ 20 bills away, even once a month--you'll be surprised how quickly they turn into hundreds.

9. I took my mother to the Casino and she won $ 500, then $ 250, and in the end, following a day of putting quarters into these sweet slot machines, she came home with all her original money plus $ 300. She was estastic! She is 91 and has to hold on to me when we go anywhere, but once she's seated in front of a slot machine, she's gleefully on her own. It makes me happy that I can make her happy in such a simple way.

10. My recent post on relationships and all the great suggestions and comments reminds me how hard it can be when there are different styles involved--and how important it is to respectfully address and resolve those differences when people care about eachother.

11. jb and I are close to spontaneously dropping into the animal shelter where we got Stella and bringing home another dog. I know it will happen on total impulse, and that is fine.

12. jb and I are headed to Colorado to visit family in a few weeks. We're planning to take a week in May to check out South Carolina (think no snow) and perhaps a week in Santa Fe in the fall. I wish we could get in the car and drive where ever whenever in America for 3 months. Someday I hope we will figure out a way to do that.

13. I am still writing away and still not working for $$$. And I may have to change that pretty soon.


  1. Hooray for the Thurs. 13! I'm very excited to hear how the art/poetry event goes. I'm so proud of and excited fo you! And *ouch* about #1 ... makes my eyes water. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  2. What a colorful post! Well.. I just sent you an email about tomorrow night - before I read this - and now I have my answer. It's going to be such a great celebration. I can't wait (huge smile:>>>>>).

  3. I love this post, its content and layout. It is so interesting and attractive.

    Same here with earrings. I hate it especially when it is an expensive pair.

    Nice vacation plans. I envy you!

  4. I don't have trouble with my earrings, but then my ears aren't pierced. I never got round to that.
    Your plans for trips sound great, I remember taking pictures of the winding bendy Colorado river, cannot remember where, was it Arches or Dinosaur, I've forgotten, I love that river. Don't think I've been in the state, though, ah, yes, I do remember now, I have, but I forgot what town I was in, it wasn't a big City like Denver or Boulder...
    This is a good Thursday 13, you know, it reads like a coherent story, I like that.
    Have a great weekend, the weather is just lovely over here, I'm going out shooting (photos) with Han, Ineke, Gerda, Leflamand, Tati, and I don't know who else.
    I'll phone Gerda and enquire :-)

  5. Heeee, perhaps another dog from the shelter? Did you ask Stella? Saving 20 dollar bills for a trip with Ces? Save a bit more and come to my place for coffee with applepie ;) Nice post, KJ. Very lively.

  6. I like this bullet-point-style post: Very concise and informative.

    And your lucky 91-year old mother! Don't let get hooked, KJ...

  7. I love coming here and rereading your posts and reading your visitors' comments. Oh that Pieterbie is just a "sweet sweet thang!"

  8. melissa, it's looking to be a fine weekend. i hope for you too.

    carla, squeal....see you soon!

    ces, you lose your earrings too? i'm both surprised and comforted by that fact!

    pieterbie, ok, i'd like to know who gerda is. i like knowing you have been in the states, pieterbie. and have a fine weekend with your shooting entourage. i would love to do that.

    wieneke, yes, another dog from the same shelter we got stella. i think she will like another dog. as for saving my 20 dollar bills, wieneke, i am visualizing ces and i having apple pie at your table already. i can't say when but i'm cosmically at work.

    cream, my mom and i are both already hooked on the slots. that's why i only go 2 or 3 times a year.

    ces, pieterbie is a bona fide doll. i love his comments.

  9. I have that very problem with earrings. On several occassions I go back and buy a second pair after I lost one, so that I'll have three for when I inevtably lose another.

  10. Such a fun Thursday 13 kj! I used to have the same problem with my earrings until I bought an organizer -- it's a square container with little drawers in it which is perfect for storing jewelry, hair accessories or nails (I got it from the hardware store.)

  11. I am still searching for a beautiful gold earring with a small diamond in it. Normally I put all my jewelry in a small china plate before going to sleep. But on this occasion I was so tired I forgot to do this. In the middle of the night my ears hurt badly. Sleepily I put both earrings off and..... One I found the next morning in the plate and the other? We scrutinized the bedroom several times. We lifted the matrasses, we checked the floor, we checked everything. But still no earring and it is now I think about 5 years ago it happened. By the way, the cheap ugly ones I NEVER lose ! ;-)

  12. i lose every kind and cost of earring. i have organizers, jewelry boxes, designated places--the whole nine yards.

    but none of it helps. it's the same principle i guess as the dryer eating my socks. how does that happen anyway?


  13. Yippee! I hope you get another dog (and post lots of pictures).