Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Only 4: RYAN

He is not yet two days old: Ryan Jasper C-------,
son of Jessica and Michael,
grandson of kj and jb, and Patricia and Malcolm,
great-grandson of Rose and Betty,
child of great promise ,
and one day, man of peace.

I don't post too many pictures of myself, but if ever there were an exception, it's this shot of our four generations.
I know every baby is a doll, but really, I think he's a doll. So are his parents. Ryan's dad, Mike, is not included in these shots only because I could not figure out how to upload, download, or inside-out load

All I can say for now is thank you for this healthy baby boy, who will be deeply loved all of his life.


  1. pure blessing! congratulations!

  2. OMG! OMG! OMG! He's here!

    You must be so excited. And can i just say Jess looks great after just two days? (i looked like a bloated beached whale)

    He looks beautiful.

  3. Whow! What a beautiful boy (and three girls of course). Congratulations for all of you. I love your saying: ....and one day... a man of peace.

  4. What a lucky darling baby to be born into a loving, adoring family. I love the four generations photograph, very rare. Jess is beautiful and yes, unusual for most former post-partums like us who were overwhelmed, overbloated, over-exhausted with the first childbirth. With Ryan belonging to a wonderful, supportive and nurturing family, more good things are coming.

    I love looking at the women's hands with their all those symbolic rings :-)

    Beautiful photographs and always KJ, I love your contagious smile.

  5. A beautiful post. Congratulations grandma. Your smiles have made me smile. I wish you all many happy times. Grandmas are special.

  6. gj, thank you

    menchie, jess still looks like her fashion-self. i can't say why or how!

    wieneke, oh wieneke, i cannot get into your blog. please know i am trying. yes, 'a man of peace'--i hope my love for this child contributes to that in large and small ways

    ces, yes the hands and rings. i hasten to add i have the smallest little diamond among us. but i am starting to visualize otherwise...hehehe

    caroline, thanks for stopping by. some photos are so easy to smile for, and this was certainly one of them. seeing my mom hold her great grandson was pretty neat.

  7. Aaahh!
    It is always a miracle to see and hold a baby..Wow!
    I have four (5,16,19,21) but I am still a few years away from being a grandparent..that will be awesome!

    btw..Blogger finally let me publish the alphabet meme..
    believe it or not.

  8. What a pretty little boy! Congratulations, Grandma KJ!!!

  9. Oh my word! He is amazing! He's perfect :) Jess looks great--so do you, so does your mom.

    Oh, kj, he's just too cute!

    Congrats to the whole family

  10. This was a wonderful share. He is beautiful!
    Lots of love from our family.


  11. Congratulations to the parents, the grandparents, and the great-grandmother! Wow! Thanks for sharing these joyful family pictures with us. I love the four-generation picture:>

  12. you know, i see a lot of babies working in a children's bookstore, i gotta tel you...this one is EXCEPTIONALLY cute!!! :)

    congratulations kj! he is a thing of beauty. :)

  13. He's beautiful! (And coming from me that means something because no matter how precious they are, I think most newborn babies are ugly.) Congrats to you and your (growing!) family!

  14. He's a beauty, KJ. Adaorable as anything. I'm so jealous! (I *so* need more children in my life.) I've been keeping an hourly watch on Cyclone CeCe (on my blogroll) who is about to give birth any second and I'm so excited!

    It's amazing how much your daughter looks like you. What a happy looking bunch you are. Congratulations and all the best to new parents, baby and Grandma (and Great Grandma).

  15. Congratulations! He's lovely.

  16. Welcome, Ryan!

    congratulations! he looks so adorable!

    I love the 4 gen pictures. :)

  17. Congratulations!!!! He's beautiful.

  18. Congratulations kj and family!!! What a darling baby! You look so happy and it's so nice to see you, your Mom, daughter and now the new one! Awesome!!!
    we can take ryan to Paris, teehee!

  19. Oh the CUTENESS!!! Woohoo! He's finally here -- congratulations, Grandma -- that boy is so blessed, as are his parents, to have you and JB in his life. Hugs all around. xoxo

  20. beatiful photos! congratulations.

    BTW, thanks for visiting me and your comments. Thank God I found you too. I will keep in touch.

  21. What beautiful photos. Congratulations!

  22. What a treat to find this angel here! He's gorgeous KJ!

  23. I am a little late but my congratulations are from the heart. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful grandson to hold and have in your life. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  24. Dear Ryan:

    Welcome to the world.

    You are a very handsome lad and I can see you've got women clustered around you already.

    Get used to it.

    And have to kiss them. Whenever they want.

    (Grandma: Sorry I'm so late. What a gorgeous picture of the four of you. Congratulations!!!)

  25. how lucky i am and blessed i feel to have so many good wishes for the birth of this sweet little boy. please accept my virtual hand in friendship. i thank each of you for your comments. i loved reading every one!

  26. Congratulations! I love the picture of the four generations!

  27. KJ, you have the cutest grandson!;). He looks so adorable! It makes me want to cuddle him!