Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Take on the Alphabet

I'm probably the last person to do this meme, for which I think Ces tagged me.

A is for age: 38 years old. This is not my actual age but it is how old I would be if I didn’t know how old I am.

B is for beer of choice: I don’t drink. I can’t drink. That’s another story. But if I did drink, I wouldn’t drink beer. I was a fine wine and zambuca girl….

C is for career: I’m a self employed counselor/consultant/trainer who is happily becoming a writer.

D is for favorite Drink: hands down, my favorite is Italian Roast Coffee. Every morning I squeal with delight while it’s brewing.

E is for Essential item(s) you use everyday: Ok, no lipstick, no pearl necklace for me. It’s a pen and paper. I’d be lost and longing without them.

F is for Favorite song at the moment: Eva Cassidy’s Fields of Gold.

H is for How About Whatever Favorite I Choose: Ok, I choose my favorite color. It is green, like grass.

G is for favorite Game: I hate games. I try to avoid board games especially. I will play poker or whist but that’s all. Please don’t ask me to play board games. Please.

I is for Instruments played: Guitar, piano, tuba, trumpet, violin, drums, and sax. No, none of this is true. I made it up to impress for a fleeting second.

J is for favorite Juice: Fresh squeezed orange juice.

K is for Kids: I have one darling daughter of my own and I love kids of all ages and sizes.

L is for last kiss: This afternoon to jb before she left for Newport.

M is for marriage: Yes. 19 years unofficially. 2 years legally. 21 years in all Happily.

N is for full Name: Karen Marie. Not my favorite, but my parents must have liked it.

O is for Overnight hospital stays: one at age 5 when my tonsils were removed; one at age 30 with the birth of my daughter; one at age 33 for a scary biopsy, and one this summer for back surgery.

P is for phobias: I have my share: the worse are being alone at airports, driving in snow and ice, and public speaking (all of which my work requires).

Q is for quote: I like Ces’ "Hell No" or "Hell Yes", I also like “What the frick..”, which I picked up also from guess who.

R is for biggest Regret: hmm. I wish I had saved more money faster. But then again, I’m not sure I would change anything either. If I have to sell shoes at Macy’s when I’m 85, I just hope I don’t have to touch strange feet.

S is for sports: I love baseball. It is mystical and magical. I believe I am an expert on the game.

T is for Time you wake up: varies: sometimes 7:30, sometimes 8, occasionally 6 am.

U is for color underwear: most often black. And they match.

V is for Vegetable you love: Is an artichoke a vegetable? I love artichokes, especially reaching the heart and dipping it in lemon butter or hollidaise sauce.

W is for Worst Habit: I can perseverate and nag in an attempt to have it my way.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Because I think this is a stupid question, I decline to answer it.

Y is for Yummy food you make: I make a mean garlic and cheese bread, my dad’s spaghetti sauce, and I just
mastered turkey gravy—after at least 300 attempts.

Z is for Zodiac sign: Leo the Lion, but please be aware even though I am regal I have learned humility.

I'm tagging WW and HE: I don't like tags but I'm hungry for information....


  1. Wow KJ, I did not know about Marie. As for the phobia of being alone at airports, in most of my travels overseas, I am alone. I have read so many novels in these travels. Once I read Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil and The Birth of Tragedy. I don't remember a damn thing about what I read but I did not feel alone for one moment. I ultimately gave the book to my sister.

    I agree with X and maybe you can teach me how to make gravy.

    I am with you on board games.

  2. I find being alone at airports fascinating...just to watch all these mystery people from mysterious places arrive, depart, hang out...

    I'll do the meme in a couple of days, KJ. But I won't provide any information!!! I'll just copy yours!!!

    Ha! (word verification thingy is mrwooeyb)

  3. not even scrabble?! i don't like board games either, really, but i can get in to scrabble.

    p.s. i'm afraid to get into elevators alone...shhhh....

  4. I had a neighbor named Zambuca!

  5. Karen,
    I will comply tomorrow because nobody will have the patience to slog through my tedious history lesson...damnit.
    This was quite revealing...I feel a phoenix type emrgence on the horizon to coincide with your new fancy schmancy I just need you to dig a down another layer into the next level..the beliefs and worldview layer..
    then we can start cooking with gas!.

  6. I feel so different about airports. I love the anonymity and the isolation. It's the part of traveling I like best, just being alone and reading with nobody to interrupt. I am happy when I get to the gate early and I have time to read.

    I love these kinds of tags because I get to know more about people.

  7. KJ… happy new year to you… i think that you are finally finding out what what it would be like to live in florida for the holidays… no white christmas… unless you count the white sandy beaches…

    thanks for the visit… i am just taking a quick look at my blog (woefully unattended as of late) and it was nice to hear from you and nice to know that at least someone out there in blog world missed me… my work has kept me vry busy since late october… and it is likely to remain busy through the end of the month and may even last remain so throiugh february… i do miss blogging… drawing; writing and, of course, my online friends…

    it is funny that you do not like board games… my wife is a corporate trainer and life coach and she really doesn't like them much either…

    thanks again for the visit… best to you in the new year…