Sunday, January 14, 2007

Me & You

If I didn't know what to do
would I do it anyway?

If I couldn't find your house
would I still find my way?

If I needed to be there
would I still be here?

If I made the effort and failed
would I still succeed?

If it's because of love
would I dare think otherwise?

If I accept what's true
will I still be me?


  1. Yes






    That is how I would answer the questions if it were You and Me.

    As usual your words are powerfully provocative.

    I just love everything you write!!!

  2. I read through the list of questions three times. They really made me think.

    As for my house, I've always been a bit suspicious but I've been watching it for years and I've yet to catch it moving. Still...

    All the best,
    Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

  3. You always make me think. Your words are precise, yet full. Perfect.

  4. Hmmm...nicely put. Sometimes, I take a more serious line in my writing, but what I "put out there" is usually frivolous.So I like it when I read the comtemplative/provocative from others.
    Now, I must go..."someone" thought I might do a photo home-show...would that someone like to put around and scrub the walls and tidy the muddle first!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! So romantic I had to repeat them over and over.

  6. Congratulations on the poem - and on your grandson! He is soooo sweet! What joy.

  7. A very big congrat with the birth of Ryan !!! It is a very important marking point in life, isn't it. How did you feel while your daughter was giving birth ? was it difficult for you ? how did you cope ? I hope it is not impolite to ask and of course you do not have to feel any obligation to answer. It's just something I sometimes think about, having two daughters.

  8. hildegarde, you are so sweet. i have no doubt we would love to sit together and chat about our lives and dreams.

    i had so many feelings while my jessica was giving birth. i was afraid i would lose her because she would have her own family now, i was protective of her, i was afraid something might go wrong in the delivery, i was touched by how much my son-in-law loves her and by how much we now love him, i was numb in not knowing what it would feel like to meet this baby boy, i was overwhelmed by love, i was uncertain what it will all mean for me in the months and years ahead (and i still am, really), i was aware that my entire life is all about the people i love...

    i could go on indefinitely. i'm sure you already get the idea of how vast the experience is. i appreciate that you ask these questions. thank you for your interest and kindness, hildegarde.

  9. I lurrved every ZENtence.

    See ces for correct answers.

  10. I loved it.

    Especially the last question. How honest. More often than not we live our life not accepting the truth...


  11. KJ,

    another thought provoking post; may I print it for quick reference?

  12. Hmmm ... life's so full of ifs ... I especially like the last if: If I accept what's true will I still be me?

  13. ces, my answers too for you and me

    andrew, thanks for the visit. can a house move? why not?

    caroline, thank you. i appreciate your feedback.

    dinahmow, thank you. i plan to be more humorous this year. god help me if i try and it's more introspection than funnybone.

    tammy, thank you. I;m a fan of romantic.'

    chief, definitely joy. thanks for the visit.

    chief, thank you. always nice to

  14. he, you are ZENerous with your praise. thank you as always.

    leo, "the truth shall set you free"

    maria, i would be honored if you wished to print this poem

    bibi, i am so delighted to hear from you regularly. i'm enjoying my visits to your blog very much!