Monday, January 01, 2007

Letters from Jessica

This is the first day of a new year. I'm thinking about how the past has brought me to today, and how my future will unfold, based on what I do as well as what I don't do. I am looking forward to the new year, but I am not steady about it. 2006 had so many major life changes and events for me, some of which I am still trying to figure out and integrate, that I will begin a new year with more uncertainty than I would have freely chosen if I could have freely chosen...

So today, before I sit down to write out my new year goals and resolutions, I am cleaning and organizing my writing room (until July, called my 'office'). I want to start with as clean a slate as possible. I'm going through papers and paper bags and boxes and files from years past, tossing what I can, and lovingly holding on to so many letters and photos and cards and memories that piece together in some chaotic way to reveal my life.

The treasure of the day has been reading my daughter Jessica's letters, written to me when she was not yet out of elementary school. I can't simulate her little girl handwriting, but have a look at this little girl who is still my very favorite daughter and who will be giving birth to a baby boy in the next few weeks.


You deserve it!

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
The Lord only knows
How much I love you!

I know I’m a brat
I’m so proud of you
Cause your not fat…
(Not that you were)
I love U
x’s a Million!

Dear Mom,
Having a nice time. I wish you where here today
And many more. If you want go to jim and Debbies
And look at there postcard, fell free
You’re love,
I love you!

Dear Mom,
I’m having a nice time. Dad
sent me a letter about our
trip. OH I got your letter
on Tuesday. How did you like
my mom sign? I made it in art
with salt and chalk, I have
some others hanging up in my
bunk. I miss you a
lot (A very lot). I have all
the stuff that I need
for 2 weeks. See you
soon. PS I’ve meet a lot
of new people.
All my Love,

Dear Mom,
Mom we, wait a minnet sit
Down for this “ok” We just
Won 2nd place in a lip sink
Contsest. (I was a boy). Tomorrow is
The 4th of July and were
having Fireworks and then the
next night is the Dance.
About the lipsink everyone
says the judging
wasen’t fair and that
we shoud be first place.
All my Love,

Dear Mom,
I’m still on the porch,
This letter will be
written on the porch, in
the car, and in Cape Cod.
I will tri to remember to
write you more than once. You
know dad is late. Well I
will write more in the car.
My Birthday Party was
one of the best. I think
I hear a cricket out in
the porch. Well now I’m in
the car. Well, I’m on
my way. I’m here in the
camp. We are in 114 land. Well
I miss you a lot. Hope
to see you soon. Like I
said I miss you. Now I
gave to write to Great

All my love,

PS I’m home

(Note: Written on Mom’s work stationery)

Subject: Mrs. Kj

She works in options Associates.
She is a very nice person. But
today she went off on a very
long trip for 3 days in New York.
I really do love her. She is a
very nice woman and a very
nice mom. We live in a
large house with a dog
two cats and one bird and
J___. My dad lives in a one
room house (he rents). I miss
him a lot a lot of
the time, I love them both very
Jessica J.

Note: Written on Mom’s work stationary, put in an addressed envelope, and mailed to me

Dear Mom,

I think that you should
look at the envelope and see
the mark. Told you I could
do it HAHA. I hope that
you bring me to your office
more often.

All my Love,

F Block Junior High Poetry Assignment

The night was somber, the air was cold.
I was young, and Shakespeare was old.
We sat down, poetry on our minds,
Looking for the right words, that we never could find.

The year was about 1596, and ready to write I was,
So we continued writing and writing, because that’s
what a writer does.

Finally a poem came out of our stress, and our work
was done.
Now that I look back upon it, I think to myself that
it was almost fun.

The very next night again it happened, a poem came
out of our heads.
That’s why now I get so sad, when I think that
Shakespeare is dead.

In my mind Shakepeare still lives, and for everlong
he will.
What I would do for his writing talent, for that I
would kill.

So, next time you read a Shakespeare poem, think of
the work that went in.
I will always remember Shakespeare, because he was my
only kin.

The power of love: all by itself it really can move mountains, solve any problem, create peace on earth, and remind you again and again of the clearest and most important reason for being alive.

P.S. I love you, Jess.
Love always,


  1. These are precious, absolutely precious. I love each and every one of them. very heartwarming. I bet it made you feel fantastic!!! Jess is such a wonderful daughter but as she said you are a wonderful Mom. Thanks for sharing these KJ.

  2. thanks, ces. you'll be putting up this same post someday. you are a wonderful mom too and your em and m are fantastic kids.

    i didn't include the teenage letters that begin "i hate you. you are ruining my life". i just might one of these days!


  3. Someday ... in 2028, I'll be doing something similar ... I loved all of these, KJ -- especially the one written on the porch ... in the car ... on her way!

  4. These letters are sweet and I can tell from reading them that your daughter is a very thoughtful soul!

    Happy New Year, KJ!!!


  5. melissa, i thought of you as i put this post together....

    jessie, it is always a delight to see your comments on my blog! yes, jess is a thoughtful soul. she wouldn't describe herself this way, but she is...

  6. hello, KJ. Nice of you to stop by again and to share such personal memories.
    Thanks for offering to "keep an eye on me" at parties.Mind you, I think there were several "Roadies" who needed watching!
    Now,I must go and list all the things in my junk drawer that need...

  7. Wow. I think that years from now, when I am doing the same thing, I am going to feel a mixture of happiness and sadness. Happiness at the reminder of how young they were and how much they loved me and sadness at the thought that they grew up so fast.

    It's very clear in the letters what a great mother you are to raise such a great daughter.

  8. KJ, it is so neat that you have those letters. I don't know that I wrote to my mom as a kid. (I don't remember doing so.) But I love the idea that moms save things like that! I hope to get the chance to someday...

  9. This was really a wonderful gift to yur readers! Little gems these are!!! I enjoyed this very much. Happy New Year kj!

  10. I agree, such sweet letters. Thanks for sharing, KJ.

    I wish you all the best for 2007!

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  12. These are Wonderful!! I love that you left the spelling as is - I felt like I had the letters in hand:)
    Happy New Year to you and your family! 2007 will be magical!!

  13. It is a pity that we cannot see the handwriting of these sweet letters, but we use our imagination. Nice post, Karen, and ....a very happy New Year to you too. When is the new grandchild coming?

  14. These letters are true gems. I'm betting your daughter is a most amazing woman, and will be a marvelous mother. Lucky you, to have a grandchild on the way :)

    I truly enjoyed your New Year's post, too. That is one of my favorite Oliver poem's (among many favorites!)

  15. I loved reading your daughter's letters. They were beautiful. I also checked out what Santa left you. It looks as if you had a wonderful Christmas. I hope your New Year is full of love and happiness.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments on my poem.Please come again.


  16. As the Mastercard ads say ... pen and paper $10, letters from daughter, priceless. I see why you treasure them ... and hope the birth goes well for her. ;-)

  17. This brought a tear to the eye. What a precious relationship you have with your daughter -- and soon a grandson! 2007 will be a very good year for you I think.

    Thank you for your support and kindness in 2006, KJ. You are one of those rare selfless people. All good things to you this year!

  18. I love the mention of the "lip sink" contest. :)

  19. dinahmow, yes, cherrypie hosts a rowdy bunch. i barely made it back to the red barn that night...did i keep a list of what happened next?

    menchie, i am so glad you are back! i missed your intelligent and thoughtful comments.

    gj, i'm so glad i have these letters. i tend to save important ones, especially those that make me cry. i read them 20 years later and still cry...

    valgalart: i love your visits. i brighten when i see your avatar.

    marie, thank you. they are sweet to me too. i hope we keep in touch.

    joy eliz, what a treat to see a comment from you. thank you!

    wieneke, i wish i could have posted the actual letters. jess and baby boy are due anytime from today to the next 3 weeks. i can't imagine what it will be and feel like...

    becca, thank you for such kind comments. jess is indeed an amazing person. and i'm so glad to know another of millions of mary oliver fans!

    bd, yes, you can be sure i'll be back to your blog. happy new year to you too.

    bibi, thanks. i am going to enjoy getting to know you this year, bibi. that will be priceless too!

    andrea, did you say selfless? hee hee hee--i'm not that! but i admit i show up and try. btw, your comments always mean alot to me..

    liz, so glad you enjoyed the lip sink. that was my biggest chuckle too!

  20. Hmmmm...amazing. I'm just smiling, nothing more to say. Smiling is enough.

  21. Heart-warming post!

    Happy New Year KJ!


  22. wieneke, try as i might, i cannot leave my comment on your blog. i don't know why but perhaps ces can help me. i want to say hello to you!

  23. Jess sounds like your daughter--a great sense of humor and some smarts to boot :) Happy 2007. Hope to see you this weekend.

    Oh, and I am with Jess--you'll LOVE Grey's Anatomy. I have season 2 on DVD if you'd like to borrow it when the time comes.

  24. That makes the heart melt :-)
    (and then I can imagine you forget that you were cleaning up the writing room and you spent your time betweem treasures, well that's what would happen to me)
    P.S. My question came on your E-mail because I wanted to include my newyear's card. (mystery solved)

  25. this post is so sweet and loving. you are a great mom, i could just by reading Jessica's letters. She's lucky to have you. I have no doubt you'll be a great grandmom, too!

    this, to date is one of my favorite posts... I think I've read it 4 times now.


    PS: Are you hooked on Grey's Anatomy, yet?