Monday, January 08, 2007

6 Weird Things

Ces has asked me to admit 6 weird things about myself. Thank god this meme did not require 6 dozen, only because I wouldn't know when to stop.
1. During the day, I need natural light. I hate being confined by closed window shades and blinds. It makes me depressed. Even if it is raining, after I make my morning coffee, I open all the shades. If I walk into a room and it is dark with all the windows covered, I feel like a caged animal.

2. I have a little "character" inside me named Emily Rabbit. She is a friend of jb's and she is both an imp and a troublemaker, but because she is little, she gets away with a lot. Sometimes Emily crosses my name off a card I am giving to jb and writes her own name instead (Jessica, forgive me: I know you are shaking your head at this point. I can only say you are not alone in your concerns about my overall sanity...) Please, if any of my blog friends are willing to admit they also have a character or two within them, it will spare me ridicule. And if you do admit to this, details please......!

3. I hate discussions of bodily functions. I can't stand jokes about farting and things like that. They offend me. I am not a prude; I'm right in there when the subject matter is interesting or sensual or provocative, but spare me anything gross.

4. I would give anything to be able to sing. Really I'd settle for being able to carry a tune. Just once I wish I could belt out a few tunes on stage, get a rousing round of applause, and then I would retire my singing career. The liklihood of this happening is zilch.
5. I love ashrams. I mean the places where people wear orange robes and have red dots on their forehead. I used to go to one weekly where I would meditate and then chant. I resisted the cult-like quality of it all--and still do--but I always felt peaceful and full while I was there. I would love to go to India some day.
6. I lie. Well, I don't lie permanently. I usually fess up, but I love to tell stories and stretch and reinvent the truth to see people's reactions. When I first met jb, I told her i was a concert violinist. When she mentioned this fact about me at a social gathering a couple of months later , I thought to myself " oh s---, I forgot to tell her it wasn't true." I can reinvent reality very nicely. Not bad for someone who can't lie to save her life.
Gee, I wish I could keep going. I'm just getting started. I haven't even mentioned my fascination with feet and my disgust with hero worship. Or my compulsive need to make my bed every day. And how I make the sign of the cross everytime I pass a certain shrine and bring my hand to my heart everytime I pass Jess' work building. Or how I talk to myself all day, sometimes saying the same thing over and over. And...well, that's enough........


  1. OMG! That is so funny about the concert violinist and JB. I would love to know how you got out of it.

    And ok, just so you know, I also like natural light. In my house, we don't turn on any lights during the day -- it's really wonderful and I think you will like it.

    And I don't really have a name for her but I also have an evil twin. She's the one who was responsible for the chicken roadkill incident that Maria can never forget.

    Lastly, I am also fond of talking to myself. One time during a date with my hubby (we weren't married then) I wasn't aware that I had been talking to myself until he leaned over and said, "Um, I'm sort of feeling left out, care to share?"

    So, see, you're not weird at all. You are so, so normal!

  2. menchie, your rock. you really do.
    and so does your evil twin...

  3. So much for me to catch up on! A cursory glance and I've already smiled and teared up so I promise to read more fully at my leisure...

  4. Dear Emily Rabbit:

    Emily, I have a real rabbit. Her name is Snowflake and I love her. I love rabbits! Please tell KJ that sometimes all women have animals inside them. They come out in project rooms and conference rooms and sometimes when they slam the phone on someone.

  5. Am defintely with you on 1 and 3! So which concerts have you played in? ... That was too funny!

  6. weird: I don't like matching dishes, as a rule. I could never collect an actual set of china as I like each plate on the dinner table to look different.

    I cut my own hair

    I absolutely can not dance. Not at all.

  7. It was fun reading your not-so-weird weird things about yourself, KJ! :) I have always wanted to sing and a friend of mine once overheard me saying that if I could change anything about myself it would be my voice ... and she gave me singing lessons as a gift. It was too cool! I'm a light-lover, too -- and this time of year awards me with dark morning when I can watch the sun come up behind the house. And ... I talk to myself, plus I have a eight year-old alter ego who Eli says should get into movies, the zoo, the aquarium, etc. at a kids' price. :)

    Love and miss you!

  8. Dear KJ, since I sent my first comment to Emily Rabbit, this one is for you. You are not weird at all, in fact you are normal than most normal people. As for you being a concert violinist, I once was a man who had a sex change operation. Don't ask for details but it sure shut up the mouths of those meddling friends who constantly pestered me why I did not have children after having been married for more than seven years!

  9. Can Emily come out to play?
    Ditto on the UV rays, interior entities (call me legion for we are many) and bodily functions upset me thanx to the OCD and my Mother's fanatical imperitive to harness me with germaphobia!!Within loves to joke about bodily functions and I just want to crawl under a nails on the chaulkboard.

    btw I fully intend to comply with your alphabet tag...blogger ate A-G yesterday so I had to recycle.

  10. ziggi, this is emily rabbit. please send me money. i need it to buy jellybeans. sincerely, emily v. abbit.

    andrea, smiles and tears: the story of my life....

    ces, ah yes, animals that ignore polite approaches and throw a fit when called for. emily rabbit whines and complains far better than i ever could.

    bibi, i have played with the boston and philly symphony orchestras. i have won awards and performed many solos. oh, i forgot you won't be fooled. damn....

    marie, what is so powerful about light? it's magical....

    joyce, i like your comments but i think you are thinking of my dear friend ces, who by the way, not-so-secretly dances and sets the table at the same time....

    melissa, singing lessons....i would love to...should i?

    tell me about your eight year old. i will love all the details....

    ces, a sex change operation for you? i could dig that....

    he, yes, emily might be willing to play with you. but be forewarned: usually this involves the handing over of money to her in some form which she eagerly spends foolishly.

    ww talks bodily functions? damn! can you get him to stop?

    i can't wait for you to do the a-z. i'll be a-checking...

  11. Uhoh I'm in trouble because I have an altered state named Taz or that's what John calls her! As in Tazmanian She-Devil! I might come off all nice on my blog but I'm also a Taz too... Haha now you know! This is great! I love that you lie!

  12. I wondered about Joyce's dishes and dancing comment.

  13. I think I've met Emily Rabbit before. She's quite the wascally wabbit all right.

    And I noted your No. 3 so promptly made it part of the meme you tagged me with.

    And you don't you?

  14. marie: correction needed! you and i agree on nix to discussion of bodily functions. i am glad you feel the same way. i thought you were referring to natural light since i obviously can't keep my numbers straight. in any case, it is nice to hear from you.

  15. val, thank you thank you for taz. one of my favorite friends thinks there may be something wrong with me for having poor little emily rabbit inside. it is affirming and helpful for you to admit there may be something wrong with you too (and we're obviously not alone!)

    ww, as for # 3, you are going to have to refrain when we have that beer together--ooops, in case anyone thinks we are meeting secretly, let me clarify that this will likely take place NEXT lifetime. we'll have to talk about heartbreak and sports instead.

    and ww, emily says she definitiely knows you. she said you talk to her and slip her candy every once in a while. i had no idea!

  16. But beer also makes me fart.

    And it's not candy I give to Emily. I give her decaying lettuce and carrots that I find in my fridge.

    She loves it.

  17. no can do - money is not good for bunnies and neither are jellybeans - stick to carrots and rootbeer - that's what bunnies like best!

  18. Emily Rabbit will die if you give her people food. Lagomorphs are strict vegetarians.

  19. KJ, do you know about Virginia and Leonard Woolf's animal based letters to each other?

  20. Hi there, "sister"...been meaning to stop by for a few days, but things like life and chores keep messing with my plans!
    If you think those things are weird, then I'm deeper in it than I thought!
    I don't "lie" but I'm an ace kidder.And I've had an inner person since I was a toddlebod.'
    At least Emily doesn't write your posts!

  21. You're so funny - so normal - so different - so unique - and not at all weird!
    My niece is called Emily and her pet name (given her by her Dad) is Rabbit. Now there's a co-incidence, but I don't know if it's weird. My daughter has a cute character that speaks for her sometimes - she has been known to sign cards under that character's name too.

  22. ziggi, i have had to deal with a very large temper tantrum because you nixed money and jellybeans. silverware flew.

    ces, lagamorphs? i cannot keep up with your vocabulary. you are too much.

    gj, i have to read this!

    dianamow, you've captured my full attention. i want to hear about what makes you weird, what you kid about, and definitely your inner person. please tell more.

    chief, thank you for the many compliments. i am really quite ordinary. who is your daughter's character? i think most of us have someone or someones inside....

  23. My Dearest KJ:

    If you want Emily Rabbit to be healthy you must learn about her family and her order:

    Order: Lagomorphia
    Family: Leporidae

    They may look like rodents (which I hate) but they are not. They have premolars and have more teeth (26 or 28) than rodents (16 to 22).

    They are largely diurnal or crepuscular in habit meaning they are active at night and sleep during the day. They are almost entirely vegetarian — grasses (be careful they do not have pesticides), hay, forbs in meadows, bark of trees and shrubs, etc. NEVER jellybeans. They do not hybernate and they won't know what to do with money.

    I had to learn all of these when we got Snowflake, which by the way is a real rabbit.

    So therefore I assume Emily Rabbit does all of her running around and mischief at night! Oh my. I wonder if she remembers what she has done.

  24. KJ –

    Here’s my revelation:

    #2 – The character inside me is “Big Toes” or BT and he has a big booming voice to match. He used to chat (and laugh) a lot with my ex-roomie, Rosette about me. He’s sarcastic about me, most times.

    #6 – I lie, too, to see how people would react or respond! LOL! But, I’m not good at lying if you probe, most likely, I’d crumble.

    Churches and the sign of the cross, me, too! Remember Thursday 13

    It’s good to know you’re in there with me on the weird things! HAHAHHAHA!

  25. By the way, there's a lot more wrong with me than Taz but I just don't want to put it out there in blogland... we will discuss over hot chocolate later!

  26. I want to eavesdrop in your conversation with Val. I cannot imagine anything wrong with her! :-)

  27. maria, i love your 'big toes'! thank you for telling about him! maybe he could write one of your posts sometime?

    val, i would like nothing better than to talk about our shortcomings over hot chocolate. ces will join us too.

    ces, consider yourself an active participant in the above get together with val. you cannot just easedrop. hopefully you have at least one thing wrong with yourself that you can talk about.

  28. There is nothing wrong with me. I do not have a different being living in my body!!!