Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday 13: Things that Thrill Me

What a week. 1. Jessica's baby shower was a huge success: 60 fabulous women, a buffet Sunday brunch, unlimited mimosas, and 3 hours worth of baby presents all in one room. Whew! By the way, this daughter of mine is quite a doll.

2. My state of Massachusetts overwhelmingly elected only the 2nd black governor in U. S. history.

3. Look what's gracing my livingroom: Ces' painting, which is so awesome I have no words for it except WOW.

4. Goodbye to Kevin Federline and Donald Rumsfeld on the same day. A thousand YAYS!

5. The next time you have a party, put some marbles in your bathroom medicine cabinet. The first guest who sneaks a peek will have quite a noisy surprise.....

6. Several weeks ago I posted my concerns about torture and politics. I was surprised by how tepid the response was. So I will refrain from saying anything about the mid term elections except for YIPEE! FANTASTIC! THANK YOU GODDESS!

7. Throughout November I am joining many other writers worldwide in writing 175 pages/50,000 words of a novel. So far I'm keeping up, but only because my partner jb is working extra so I can stay home and write.

8. My big yellow weekend writing group included 3 songwriters, acoustic guitars included. After a Saturday night hootenanny in my living room, I am on the prowl for a friend or anybody for that matter who can play enough chords to support frequent sing-alongs. I want to sing with my family and friends (note: this comes from the person who was asked by the catholic nun to only move her lips during those hymns..)

9. It's my observation that people who don't blog don't understand the thrill of it all.

10. Lost, my favorite and only tv show, has lost some of its edge this season. I'm hoping it picks up as the season progresses.

11. I love Christmas. jb and I will have our annual open house holiday party sometime in December, which is notable for significant lights and decorations and quite a spread of interesting food. But the best is Christmas day with Jess and Mike and stockings filled with little gifts that say, "I know who you are and you'll like this!"

12. I would be including more photos in this Thursday 13 if I could figure out how to upload them in the order I want. I am technologically deficient.

13. I am still in love. It's hitting me from all directions. How much can one heart hold, anyway?


  1. kj, the only way I know how to post photos in the order I want them is to upload the last photo first...then the second to the last, etc. The photo you want to appear at the top will be uploaded last.

    Ces' painting looks great in your living room.

  2. KJ, I loved your Thursday 13. I don't know when I will be heading home for the holidays, but if I am within hhailing distance, can I come to your open house? (Christmas is in New Have n this year, so I'd only be an hour and a half away.) K and I were planning my summer visit and we will go to your lovely town and visit you as part of it, if you would like company! Summer is so long away, but I am homesick for my lovely valley, where I lived for one of my happiest years.

  3. To be honest, I am not sure if I really get the thrill of it all, blogginwise. I think of it as a way to keep in touch with a few people, but I don't really explore other blogs so much. But I can see how much you love it.

  4. i was smiling all the way to 13... Jessica looks really lovely and i agree with ms. val, ces' painting looks great in your living room.

    on K-Fed, do you know they call him Fed-Ex now?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the comment you left on Raison D'Etre it's so kind of you to say that... I hope to live up to your expectation... :)


  5. kj, I will daydream about being in your house for the Christmas celebration - a lovely thought. It would be nice being in that lovely sunny room in the middle of winter. What a great honor for me to see The Lady With The Pearl Necklace. I am jealous. She sees you and I can't.

  6. Jessica is very lovely and beautiful. A clasic elegant beauty. What great expectations. Something to look forward to. A new grandchild...

    and the Democrats taking control of Congress. How ecstatic for you.

  7. yes, gj, i will let you know when the open house will be

    val: thanks!

    maria: fed-ex. love it!

    ces: you are also invited to my holiday open house. just tell me where to send the plane ticket :)

    , and yes,i am ecstatic

  8. Oh KJ,

    Amen to your #13. Am jealous that you have Ces' painting. Lucky you.

    Congratulations on your coming grandchild. :D

  9. Oh this made me LAUGH!! The marbles (I'm definitely doing that ...), the sayonara to K-Fed and Rummy, the yippee over the new swing in politics, the "advice" from the nun ... thank you for this! :) Eli and I have been completely taken with Lost this season, though every time it ends I holler, "I HATE THIS SHOW!" But that's because I want it to keep going and going and going. It would be fine with me if it was two hours long each week. :) The cliff-hanger this week ... dear Lord. And now we have to wait until FEBRUARY!! ack.

  10. Hi, Cagey!
    I've just realised that I'd turned the comments off after the last post!
    Yes, I love Jacques Brel! Glad you like him too!

  11. Grandma KJ -

    Please remove that awful photo of my mother...she looks like an elf...and not even a cute elf. There has to be a more flattering photo available to you!

    PS - I am shocked you know who K-Fed is...a top notch pop culture reference for you!

    - Your future grandson

  12. P.S. the photo thing baffled me, too, for a bit -- Eli showed me that once you upload the image you can highlight the photo "language" that appears in the composing of blog window and then cut it and paste it wherever you want in the text. Voila!

  13. dear future grandson:
    this picture of your mother was chosen from thousands of possibilities and in my opinion is the perfect blend of elf and sophistication. your mother is very beautiful.

    if after further consideration, you still want her picture replaced with another, i will respectfully comply.

    ps i am prepared to love you forever. i will also lend you money if you need it.

  14. What a wonderful post. I agree with so many of those, it's difficult to list them here.
    I'm seething with envy at seeing Ces' painting in your living room...
    Lost has 'lost' some of its edge. No more powerful endings, hopefully it gets better...
    and your right, other people who aren't bloggers just don't understand.
    Thanks for stopping by, and the invitation to yours!

  15. I loved the post - but then felt moved by the comment from your future grandchild. It's quite amazing how advanced youngsters these days are! A new baby! How wonderful.
    You post is full of beautiful things. It is nearly Christmas and I am so excited. Silly excited.
    And I love the marbles advice - will use that and smile. And a Ces painting!!!!! WOW! And NaNo ....
    I need to rest.
    Too much good stuff in one place.

  16. I just keep coming back here for inspiration and never fail to find it. Tonight I see a comment from Future Grandson. There is so much love in this blog, Oh God life is beautiful on this side of cyberspace.

  17. KJ:

    That is quite an exceptional grandson you have (we know it's a grandson?)

    He's still inside the most beautiful, warm, secure place in the world, but he's logging on.

    I don't know what complaint he would have about his mom's pic, or how he would know about Fed-X.

    But I would get him an IQ test asap and no Entertainment Tonight until he's at least 1.

  18. I agree wholeheartedly with you on #4. Yippee!

  19. Also, regarding the positioning of pictures... once you've uploaded them to your blog, you can "grab" the picture with the mouse and move it up and down the entry screen.

  20. One of these days, I am going to give you a "live help desk instruction" with all of these functions. Just call my "Help Desk" number. I promise you will even understand my Help Desk accent. KJ :-)

  21. have you tried the marble technique?

  22. bearette: no, i haven't tried the marbles in the medicine cabinet but i have it on good authority it works

    menchie: appreciate you stopping by!

    melissa: no more 'lost' until february. oh geez.

    cream: nice to meet you. cagey, eh. ces had to explain it to me. then i thought you are very clever.

    leo: i'll be keeping in touch.

    caroline and liz: thanks. thanks.

    ww: he's a boy. medical science confirmed it. afterall, how can one properly decorate otherwise?
    there'll be no iq test and no tv for the first year. oh, i forgot, i can only influence, not decide--a new role for me!

    ces: i can use your help desk for a number of technological, emotional, and spiritual challenges. i will start a list and pay you in belgian chocolates. how does that sound.

    where oh where is cherry pie?

  23. Another amazing post, so sorry to have been remiss in visiting but this is my busiest time of year. I sure would love to come to your Christmas party! I am sure that we would be great buds if we lived closer!

  24. Hi KJ. Thanks for stopping by. I just posted a response on my blog. Not that I have any secrets to sending out. But there's no substitute for persistence.

    Looking forward to reading your posts.

    (And yippee for the elections! I'm hopeful for change.)

  25. #5 has be laughing! and i love the painting you posted a photo of...and the pillows too! i loved this list a lot. as for nanowrimo: GO KJ!!!!! Yay!! i'm amazed. ;)

  26. Number 5 = Genius. I will definitely be doing that.

    Hope your writing's coming along well.


  27. WOw! A highly trafficked post you have here! I love the 13 as well...please assure your grandson that his mother looks fabulous.

    Yay for the Dems!

  28. val: you're my blog bud.

    january: thanks for the inspiration! i'll be visiting you.

    jessie: howyadoin, girl?

    julia: another inspiration. i'll be visiting you too

    kris: you're my in person bud!