Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday 13: Mish Mash

This week's Thursday 13 is an assortment of events and people. Except that # 13 never showed up.

1. Mike: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. For always :-)

2. I apologize for rushing the upcoming holiday season. But this is a tribute to my beloved dog Rosie, via the springer spaniel who sits atop this tree with angel wings.

3 & 4. And speaking of beloved dogs, here are a couple of shots of Stella. In the last 7 months. I have learned about healing. I've seen with my own eyes how the power of love can tranform and remake even the most painful of lives.

4. This is the a view of Provincetown Harbor. I've walked this beach a thousand times, sometimes planning and plotting my future, sometimes remembering my past, and most often staying smack in the present moment, feeling my bare feet in the wet sand and the loving ocean breeze on my grateful face.

5. Francine wants to thank Ces for her fantastic portrait. She wants her to know she feels famous and cute. And she wants to tell her that she would like to be friends-for-life.

6. It's an easy walk from the back door to jb's Magic Cottage. This tiny space is insulated, heated, and welcoming of jb's artwork--these days collages made from found objects and put onto old house windows
7. I like this shot of our front yard light. I leave it on late into the night because I know my neighbor gets comfort from it.

8. OK, my patience is spent. Last winter the city plow destroyed our new fence, which we @@#!! painted by hand and after several reviews denied our claim. Since I hate injustice, I'm on the warpath on this one. I will be devoting time I don't have to straightening this out. And I may lose my temper. OK, I already have....
9. Some events change lives. I came back from two weeks as a Red Cross Volunteer in New Orleans a changed person. I learned about courage and about service. I will never forget.

10. It's still Fall and my walks with Stella look like this. Sometimes I stop and write, often I talk to myself, and just as often I think about the people I love and I'm just about on my knees...

11. This group of folks is affectionately referred to as the Big Yellow. This November, we wrote together, sang together, and shared a magical weekend together. I owe each of them a huge debt for their support and interest in the writer I am becoming.

12. And speaking of huge debts, here's my Mom and Dad. This is really all you need to know. My father's been gone 10 years. But I kind of carry him around with me.


  1. ok, it's me, kj. if my introduction is cut off, blame blogger. i've tried. i'll try again. in case it fails to correct itself, let it be known that i dearly love mike. dearly.

  2. kj, this is a beautiful post.

    I love your Thursday 13. They are always so special and always they seem to carry the same message - full of life, love and hope.

    Your daughter is very lovely!

    Your house is perfect, well almost perfect with the fence now ruined by the city. How terrible for the city to deny your claim. I always loved you fence from previous photographs. Yes it is injustice. You will make sure it gets corrected.

    Francine - it was a pleasure to paint her. She is welcome!

    I love the magic cottage.

    Stella is a gentle dog - good for the heart. You are also surrounded by friends.

    Thank God for your parents!

    You have snow now? You must take winter pictures.

  3. I'm risking posting a comment (running with my luck because I actually managed to get into your blog and the comments without being disconnected!) because your photos and comments made me smile -- again. Is Mike the father of your daughter? (And is that your wedding photo?) I'll be back to enjoy the photos again and catch up on your blog, but must go now before this disappears...

    PS Our fence fell down in yesterday's storm...

  4. andrea, this wedding photo is of my daughter and my son-in-law, mike.
    i'm not nostaglic enough under any circumstances to post a wedding picture of my ex husband and me!


  5. I love your Thursday 13 kj! Your love for life, your family and simple things clearly shines through.

    You live in such a beautiful place.

  6. Oh my, I just noticed those little dots on the lake are ducks! What's with the docks in P-town, why do they look like a hurricaine just passed through?

  7. kj -

    may i say 'DITTO'... each time i read your posts, i'm lost for words either cause everyone said it (better) already or i'm too - you know (remember?)

    I talk to myself, too, often it talks back - sometimes with sense, other times admonishing... hmmm? it's good to know that i'm not alone in this.


  8. ces, this pier is p-town is being deconstructed at the pace the sea wishes. there are a few of them. you can still walk under them safely, but they're not functional.

    and yes, those are ducks.

    menchie and maria, i love that you visit my T-13.

  9. Stella has gentle eyes. I wish I could stroke her face.

    How can the city deny your claim for the fence? Lunacy! You go ahead and lose your temper... I'm sure you'll find it again.

  10. I think it's endearing that you love your animals so much and display that openly in your blog. I too have a dog, a young beagle that was recently voted best dog in the world (1% of districts reporting). You should consider posting her sometime Ms. *****.

    P.S. - Your son-in-law is stunningly handsome. Your daughter must feel so lucky.

    sadie advocate

  11. sadie advocate: if you send me a photo of your award winning dog, i will definitely post her on my blog.

    as for my son-in-law, he is not only stunningly handsome, he is clever, athletic, engaging, witty, hard working, honest, kind, intriguing, adventuresome, and he loves my daughter and makes her laugh.

    he also puts up nicely with his unusual mother-in-law (s).

  12. I loved this post...

    and I love this idea. Can I do the Thursday 13?

  13. leo. Yes! everyone is welcome to thursday 13. i will look forward to next thurs to see yours. you can do anything you want, whatever you feel like.

    nice to get to know you, leo


  14. KJ -- Every time you do a 13, I think to myself, "This is my favorite ..." Then you do another one and I say, "NO! THIS is my favorite." So, today, this is my favorite. :) I love the Stella shots, the angel-dog on the tree (I would love to fine a black wolfie-lookin' one in honor of Rancher ... for now we have a wee ski hat each year on the top of our tree), the shot of your folks, and that amazing shot of us at BY!! It made me do that dog whine that says, "Oh, I miss that ... I want that back ... can I have that right now, please?" :) xoxo

  15. I think we got the impression, somehow, that you love Mike. Really.

    Hmmmmm....just imagine a warm, warm, silent smile. Nothing else is needed.

  16. melissa, i'd love a sing-along tonight. i'm nostaglic

    ww: it is so good to have you back in this neck of the blogs. it's very easy to imagine a warm warm silent smile. thanks.

  17. I LOVE the pics. And I especially love the pic of the BY. ;)

  18. Karen - I am very impressed with your technical skills!!! Good work lady! Hope to see you soon. Love,

  19. Yay for a photogenic 13. I miss BY!

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