Wednesday, April 05, 2006

for the record.....

For the record, here's how I'm spending my time.

1. I suddenly have too many clients, all of whom need time and support. Since I'm self employed, this is good, except it's not good that I have worked all all day today...and tomorrow....and..

2. Does it get any better than this?--I am finishing up my book proposal on Good Work! and this includes some simple but very cool graphic design work I finally purchased. ( actually, i finally admitted I do not have the skills to do it myself, only the intent) One of the "tools" in the book is called the "good work circle" and it now looks colorfully fantastic. When the proposal reaches the agent, either she will like it or I will be back to revision-land. Either way, I'm moving where I want to be.

3. jb and I used our unexpected tax refund to buy a hottub, which as of last friday sits in the back yard with this illuminating robin-blue water light. this is a luxury beyond our comprehension. we are hottubbing at midnight and sleeping like angels, except this morning jb had misquito-sized rashes all over her body. seems we misjudged how to get the water ready....we may be land-bound for the next few days.

4. our new dog Stella is a doll. This dog was abused and abandoned and came to us with soulful cautious eyes. Every day she trusts us alittle more and I am completely in love with her. At 3 or 4 years old, a cross between a german shepard and coon, she has a damaged spine but she jumps and plays and now gives occasional kisses. As always, it is good to love yet again. How nice to be reminded of that!

5. Despite a total ground cover of SNOW this morning, I have pansies and a few perrenials waiting for my attention and for the first time ever I've hired someone to dig up a garden space for me. This will be my first season in our new house and new move to Northampton and I am estastic. The garden will be a half circle, which for some reason excites me even more.

6. tonight is American Idol and Lost--the only two shows I watch regularly. Except that we bought the whole 6 years of Sex & the City and are gleefully watching a few episodes at a time.

7. Ok, I am (probably) (hopefully) ready to lose all this weight. I have enough problems without slugging through space any longer.

8. what else today? I'll leave out the complaints. Noone complains better than I do. I am a very polished complainer, but this afternoon I'm going to behave. Universe: thank you today. I'm glad I am upright and I love the hottub....



  1. I'm jealous of the hot tub! ;) Enjoy!

  2. Hot tub sounds lovely! So does the pup :)

    Tell jb it was great to meet her on Saturday night!

  3. hey guys, i'm now fondly anticipating hearing from you here and there!

    i like it.


  4. hot tub sounds nice! On our trip to the falls, anth and I had a jacuzzi in our room.

  5. Good work, indeed! Congrats on all the work you've done for your proposal ... that is so awesome! The hot tub sounds divine, Stella sounds so sweet, and Iris and I planted pansies yesterday (she was amazed that she could dig both arms into the dirt and play with it). And could you believe Lost this week??!! Eli and I, once again, were blown away -- that show is wonderful. Now I must go get the girls in their Easter dresses and take photos of them ... the interesting part will be getting them OUT of the dresses. They love to be froo-froo! :)

  6. melissa, one of the lost blogs thinks they may all be dead or in purgatory and atoning for their lives before they move on--that the others are taking the children because they have nothing to atone for. wonder if the writers know in advance what this is all about.

    i can't figure why mr. eco (sp?) is now in the background...

    your kids sound wonderful, and you are obviously a super mom. it's fun to hear.


  7. Oh, how I would love a good soak in a hot tub right now! I had softball practice today, and was reminded, once again, that I am getting *shudder* old. The body is still willing, but complains loudly afterwards!!

    Congrats on the news of the book! How exciting is that?!

  8. Hi KJ,

    I never blogged before, so I don't know how this works.

    I finally remembered to tell Dani about Stella; she read #4 on the blog and was very happy to hear this.