Saturday, December 05, 2015

What I Do

"Hello…it's Me." Here's my report from a place of maybe not thriving, but thankfully surviving.

Normally I'd be all about the holidays. All my senses appreciate Christmas: the scent of balsam, candle lights, my amazing frosted sugar cookie recipe, the voices of old friends, the feel of it all. I'm not in that space this year because as I've said JB is sick and our current days are a bit quiet and a lot solitary. (Update: there is progress.)

Still, something stirs for me this time of year. I give my Mother credit for creating the wonder of the season for me. She baked apple pies and filled our stockings and set extra plates at the table. If money was tight, which it was, I was not privy to that part. 

I have my own traditions. Even now, this year scaled down, I make sure I comfort my deep sense of tradition and charm and gratitude. This is how I do it:   

-Red Poinsettias and scented pine cones throughout the house

-Baked sugar cookies frosted and decorated, one by one, enough to box up and share with whomever I happen to come across

--Holiday cards of my own design and embellished in my turtle pace of writing my hellos and good wishes and updates, one by one

--Finding just the right books and presents for my four precious grandkids, ages 2, 4, 6, and 8; and for my precious daughter who, let it be known, I would readily give both my eyes to (poor JB--I know for sure I would give her at least one)

--Outside lights on the front of the house, this year these cool red and green laser dots ( that I think of as a gift to my neighborhood

--Listening to Adele. Funny that I've only just discovered her for myself. Hello..It's me…  :^)

That's enough. My point is that this holiday season will be a different and tough one for me but not to the point of sacrificing a spirit that rejoices within me.

Oh, one last thing: On Christmas Day, I and JB and our family--fourteen of us in all--are scheduled to fly to Disneyworld in Florida for a full week of fantasy and wild fun. We've planned it for months. But JB can't come. And I'm not yet sure she'll be well enough for me to leave her. I hope so but I'm waiting to worry: it's too soon to know but I hope I can go and I hope by Christmas Day JB is feeling more like herself. 

A final thing: I'm happy for my life. Even like now. 

Happy Holidays and The Best of Tidings to my friends here. Tsup & Mwah. 

Love love


  1. This sounds like our last year - very little decorating because our kitchen was ripped apart and then I wound up in the hospital for 5 days in December. And yet, a simpler,scaled down Christmas had its own pleasures - less traditional "stuff" but much more cozy, family, soul filling time.

    And the universe aligned for me and I got to go to Disney with my daughters in January. Fingers crossed that the Disney magic will work for you also.

    As always, my prayers and well wishes are with you and JB.

  2. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and vacation and I hope that JB is better soon. Take care woman.

  3. I have mixed feeling about the holidays, but in the end I try to play a long. This year there are money issues and so I am so limited can't even send cards to most of my friends, but in an effort to get in the spirit I did make cards for family and I will decorate today as I already own wonderful decorations, there will be no presents as I don't have money even for the makings of gifts, but just the same I know this won't last forever and I am so thankful for all I do have. I am still saying prayers for JB and hoping that you will be able to go on the trip. Best not to worry it never helps and I think can actually hurt. Big hugs and love. xoxo

  4. Ah, there is progress!! I am very glad to read this. Best wishes for you both and a special hug for poor JB. Let's hope you two can join the fun in Disneyland.

  5. Hope for everything to work out. Peace an joy to you and yours.

  6. I am so sorry to read that JB is sick. I sure hope she is on the mend and that you are doing ok! We are usually already into Christmas by now, but not this year. We had such a busy few months that we are just totally relaxed about it all. It's all about us being together, having time, reading, knitting, art, eating well, and sooner or later we'll get some Christmas decorations up. I hope for a swift recovery for JB!! Love, Silke

  7. I came back here because I forgot - will you share the cookie recipe??

  8. Grabbing onto the progress word. Disney is fun but crazy crazy, altho one can find islands of peace at the nicer hotels. Thinking of you both my friend.

  9. karen, thank you for the list of things you are doing to cheer up the holiday. Oh the trip. Oh my. Yes, of course it would be so fun for you and your daughter and the kids. I hope you get to go. But dear JB. I do not blame her for not wanting to stay at home. I understand. My college friend went through a similar thing. Hope JB feels better soon but know it is a process and takes time. glad to hear there is progress. Big hugs to you both. Love, Suki

  10. I mean for wanting to stay at home

  11. Dear KJ; So sorry to hear about JB's illness. I hope that through this hard time you will find the diamonds that times like these produce. May your Christmas be meaningful and a time of deep joy.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear JB is not feeling well. Sending healing wishes that she is on the mend soon and blessings to you both for a happy holidays. xoxo

  13. My heart is in putting a new electrical outlet in the hall.

    I trust that JB is improved...I would give my eyes to my cats, but it might make them look funny.