Saturday, December 03, 2011

Outside Myself

I mentioned in my last post: I hope to post regularly this month, sometimes even daily. It will be my way of offering my colors and words, some light and some serious, in a season that already has a wide range of senses and meaning. I hope by coming here for the next few weeks you may join with me in feeling less alone and more important.

This is a fifteen minute video recommended by my friend Wieneke. Fifteen minutes during the busiest of seasons?! Yes. It is fifteen minutes that left me with a GIFT. It's easy to get absorbed by memories and traditions and regrets and families and demands during this time of year.This fifteen minutes pulled me outside myself and it is a gift I am now giving to you.

The thing is, awareness is a huge step in change. Just knowing, feeling, caring is a start. A gift to you. A gift from you.

See what you think. CLICK HERE:
love kj


  1. Certainly makes you think. what a compelling speaker she is

  2. mim, so confident and compelling and sincere. i'm kind of in love with her...i listened to everything she had to say. xoxo

  3. She is married to one of our Princes. Never knew she was such a good speaker.............
    I was never a big fan of her , but must admit she can bring the message loud and clear :)

  4. An old problem addressed in a new way. But like so many, preaching to the converted, how we change such long held cultural habits I don't know.

  5. She's a terrific speaker. Very succinct and compelling...thanks, kj, I love TED. I'm subscribed, so usually watch one thing or another every day. xx

  6. God bless her, she's bitten off a huge chunk.
    I'm echoing Baino, as
    I don't know either.

  7. Thank you for sharing. This practice must be heart-wrenching for the mothers of these children. I'm going to look up the 'girls not brides' site now.

  8. KJ, you are the gift this time of year...I am going to make time to watch this video, and I too, always learn something when I watch a TED video...

  9. marianne, i was so impressed! she is a great speaker, beautiful, and while i might be petty saying so, i loved her wardrobe!

    hells, being conscious is always a big first step. i want to believe that putting care and intention out into the universe moves molecules...

    hello marion ♥

    babs, she succeeded with me because now i know and now i won't forget

    hello and welcome betty. i thought that too but in some cultures this is freedome from poverty....

    aw thanks teri. it's nice to see you here. xoxo