Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Help From My Friends

I want to thank a few friends today. Some read my blog, some don't. I'm thinking of certain people tonight because I am aware of how much of my own creativity I have put into this holiday season. I have made gifts, scribbled and doodled with colored markers, decorated cookies, shopped for just the right message. I'm handing out presents that mean something to me and I'm proud to be the giver. I wouldn't be here, wouldn't feel that way if I weren't influenced and supported by the most creative energizing folks.

This list is not inclusive--there will be more--but for now, thank you, you guys, so much for igniting my passion:

Lo (Studio Lolo): I start with her because she feeds my need for security as well as my hunger for artistry. I love watching her draw, the way her hand moves. I don't tell her she is my best friend but sometimes I think it.

Heather: She's heard it all. Her way is calm and her advice is practical. If something should happen to me, it will be her who sorts through my papers and journals, making sure none of my words have the potential to hurt anyone.

Marion: My spiritual friend who speaks in a language I lost for a time when my friend Willa died. It is such a gift to understand, to be understood.

Lori: My most special friend who sees the world like no one else I know. I strive to be a better mother, a better grandmother, a better photographer, a less emotional wad because of her. I don't think she knows.

Marsha:She is there for me every time. I love that she lives nearby and I know I can count on her for anything. And I return that love and loyalty, which makes me proud of myself.

Marianne: I marvel at what she does with watercolors and circles. She is practical like Heather, steady and open and worldly. She must hold those brushes with such care and patience.

Anne: Who could resist brave uncensored spunk? Not me. Anne has found herself with a battle with %%$#@ cancer and she is approaching the challenge of it with humor and faith. I am in awe of her. She and I have a strange history and we've made lemonade from that history. ♥ Anne.

and finally:

Mr. Walking Man: I know you will be surprised to find yourself here, Mark, but your cynical observing take on things, and your insistence that life be equitable, always makes me think. Plus you make me laugh my ass off sometimes. I probably shouldn't say this, but I like to think I'm good for you.

We don't say thank you enough to the people who make life full, don't you think so? So tonight I'm saying thank you to my friends, most most sincerely.

love kj


  1. Thank YOU KJ!
    For including me on this list.
    For saying such nice things about me.
    For being such a sweet and dear friend to all of us
    For being such a good friend to me.
    For your talent to paint with words.
    For making me able to make a very long list here...........I could name numerous more reasons here.
    ♥ M

  2. You're lucky to have such a variety and eclectic bunch to fill your life kj. And they're lucky to have you.

  3. Moi?
    Uncensored??? >;-D
    Yup, that sums it up, and lemons always have to be made into something after they are thoroughly examined. (since they can't be used as projectiles....LOL! okay, maybe if they were frozen...)
    Thank you for including me.
    I'm delighted to be here!


  4. you have many blessings and blessed friends a rich life

  5. what a beautiful tribute to all those important folks in your life, kj. in some ways it's the most meaningful gift we can give, speaking our truth and saying how much we love another.

  6. Happy holidays folks as I'm just visiting different blogs. Richard from Amish Stories

  7. What a sweet post to read after I've been MIA for so long.
    I love your list and I agree with your reasons for every one of them.

    And we're lucky to have you to call friend as well, my dear PP.

    Just sayin'.

    We'll talk soon baboona-loona ;)


  8. I think we are on the same page friend...visit me when you can,I too have something to say.Big Hugs,Cat

  9. and from me to you dear kj a special THANKS too. merry merry xmas and a happy and healthy 2012. xxx

  10. Yes you are good for me in a beat me up because I need it sort of way and for that I thank you but it isn't cynicism as much as it is hope. If i continue to write and talk about what i see then I hope that someone may see some of their error in the way they treat another and that would be a good thing. Lord knows i myself have had to backtrack and correct more than a few brutal things in my own being.

    So just for you kj--May the season become all that the spirit of creation meant for ti to be when he included within us the ability to enjoy our revelry. Keep the faith kiddo, I may one day eat a Christmas cookie and not worry about my glucose levels hahahaha

  11. We're all rather lucky aren't we


  12. Wonderful heartfelt gifts are the very best :)


  13. ah kj, trying to catch up with all i've missed and i'm so glad i am. what a sweet post, love the title and can i just say what marianne said. you are a good friend, a great friend, and it would be very nice if i said thank you too.
    thank you. xoxo (can't make a heart anymore on this laptop, but it's here).

  14. This was heartwarming to read! It's no surprise you have special friends - you are a really special person!

  15. Thank you SO much for placing me on your friend list, kj, but each time I speak with you, I feel so much gratitude that you are in MY life. Thank you for understanding and listening to me without reservation. And for giving me strength and hope, and for....I could go on and on. xx