Thursday, December 01, 2011


This group
started here

in memory of people who have died

from AIDS ...walking along Commercial Street to the Unitarian Church where people wrote out the names of someone they had lost and hung those names on ribbons, altogether, alot of names.This is International AIDS Day and the disease has not yet been conquered, not at all. JB and I hung the name of JB's childhood friend, Doug, who was handsome and scholarly and kind and made some reckless choices.

Gosh, I feel comfortable here in Provincetown. This is a tiny community in the off season, 3000 people. I'm surprised that I go places here and someone knows me. JB and I are connecting with friends. I like it here. Taking this week off has been a godsend, a very smart idea. It is going to make a difference in how prepared I am and how I experience the holiday season.

I'm showing all these pictures to get my friends and visitors here in the mood even if you don't want to be. What the heck, come here for a minutes and pretend that you like all these lights and season festivity. What do you have to lose? Actually I'm thinking of posting frequently through Christmas and maybe New Year's. And not all photos. Sometimes just words. Deep thoughts, even, maybe. Come along with me this holiday season, if you'd like: I would like that. xoxo
There will probably be lights for the next few days. There's just so much light here to see. But don't get me wrong: there are 'darks' too, life is not always a bowl of cherries for me even if I make it look that way, but right now I'm experimenting with not giving the darks much attention. :^) Love kj


  1. Last night they lit up the Opera house in Red, it's an awesome canvas and couldn't be missed across the city.

  2. I like the streamers with names. A nice way to honor and remember loved ones.

    the lights are lovely. So glad you had this week to take a step back from Florence. Breathe. Experience small town life.

  3. There is hope in new r4esearch on the interactions of retrovirus' and the halting them in their tracks. When something like that happens not only will science have furthered itself all humanity will have taken a step forward---of course except for the Pharmaceutical companies who will make billions times billions from saving lives. That will just be business as usual.

    Go ahead kj you threw the gauntlet down, you can do all the "holiday season" posts and pictures you can--I doubt you will change my curmudgeonly attitude towards the hot mess of it all.

  4. Ah, I like that you're not giving the dark much attention!! And I love the in the Forest I don't see many, although the City of Williams Lake is lit up, looking lovely in the snow-covered landscape!

    Hospice use stars to commemorate loved ones. I put Katrina's name up, along with a few always brings them closer for awhile. xx

  5. hells, i love that red glow on buildings. it looks other-worldly holy to me. xoxo

    suki, it IS small town life. JB and i have jumped right back into it and it feels warm. xoxo

    mark, ah, so i will be thinking of you as i plan these december posts. i accept the challenge ♥

    marion, the words...'for awhile...': why can we not hold on to those we love, knowing they live inside us? the loss of the day to day is so hard to reconcile, good that we have wonderful people who understand. god bless your katrina always. i say god and i probably mean the universe. much love always, my friend xoxo

  6. I don't like to give the dark any attention it never serves me or others when I do.
    Beautiful lights.
    You are a lucky duck, a week off at Christmas!
    I have lost 2 friends to Aids, thank you for reminding me to send them love where ever thsy are.

  7. I like not giving the dark attention, kj. Except maybe to figure out where to put the lights. ;)) Your town is my kind of town, my friend. If I am not here, it is because my laptop is DOA, and I am typing on a caveman era PC which does not like me one little bit. I think I will name him Ebenezer. xox Pam

  8. you go ahead and light up the dark honey - have fun

  9. aids, sad, the ribbons were moving.

    it's so pretty there, love all the lights. i didn't get off work till after dark tonight, and it let me admire the christmas lights on my way home.

    I love it!
    Sad but beautiful to remember those who passed away from AIds. We all know someone I guess.
    I understand you love it there so much!
    When I come home after Singapore I will decorate my home and I love lights for me that's what X mas is about , the return of the light.
    Indeed a good idea to spend a week there. Maybe next year again....?


  11. I like them too, but Peggy would especially share your love of holiday lights.

  12. ...I like that, 'Don't give the Darks too much attention'! I have just made friends with a 71 year old man who lost his wife to cancer in April. He is fragile emotionally, as I remember I was in those months after I lost Mike. Although I am still anxious about the future, I try and not let the Dark's get much attention, too...

  13. i love the lights... sooo pretty. more please :)
    AIDS is a heartbreaker, there's no doubts about that. I have loved ones living with HIV... strange how it's not talked about much anymore. We're forgetting to educate our youngs ones and isolating those who are suffering with the silence.

    love to you x

  14. I'm already in the Christmas mood, so bring on the beautiful lights!