Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Mish Mash

The top of my Christmas Tree

My current favorite house in Provincetown.

the drag queen fundraiser (fabulous)

thank you robin, so beautiful

my thank yous to the support staff at work

i am in love with my kitchen

JB's making Christmas presents

(small enough for a cell phone and cash)

more cookies than i expected! i made them to share

but JB & i keep eating them :^)

the tree

the tree

and one more thing I am grateful for....

where would i be without my friends here?

love kj


  1. it all looks lovely and warm and cozy and perfect. good for you

  2. Wonderfully Christmassy in your home! I love the paper forest scene - really pretty!

  3. hello mim. back to work tomorrow. the fun's over for a bit. the house is partially decorated. i'm doing good! ♥

    hello caroline! the prettiest coolest card ever. ♥

  4. I'm in love with your kitchen too.

    And JB's bags.
    And your 'brothers' photo on your sidebar.

  5. Woohoo I can't see half of the pictures.............. but I love what I did see. Will come back later to see if it works better.
    Yesterday I sorted out my pictures so I will show you soon and tell you more about our trip which was just fantastic!
    I decorated my home in one day. No big tree this time.

    And yes I also have so much to be grateful for.
    And yes happy to have so many wonderful friends and that you are one of them!

    Can you believe while I am writing this (6.30 in the morning) a car stopped and put something in our mailbox..............a card from Emily!!!!!! Probably delivered by one of the neighbors.

    Enjoy everything before Xmas

  6. An yes now all pictures loaded!
    Your home looks wonderful KJ!!!!
    Love Robin's ornament!
    And your tree...............getting second thoughts on my 5 little ones.
    Love your kitchen♥

  7. this mish mash was fun. i love looking at each photo (i looked quickly at the cookies, i think i'd have eaten one too, they look so delicious).
    it looks like your having fun and not holiday stressed at all. that's so nice kj.
    any snow yet?? :)

  8. It does look lovely and festive. I still haven't done any decorating. Tommorrow, I promise. How many people are you expecting to turn up and eat all those cookies? MWAH

  9. Hi there, KJ,
    I just wanted to thank you for dropping by,my blog today, and your kind words.
    You've done a wonderful job of decorating for Christmas - you have a gift for Christmas apparently!
    I'm looking forward to following your interesting blog!

  10. Beautiful tree and yummy cookies. Looks like you're ready for Christmas.

  11. Buy me that house and send this diabetic about three dozen of those cookies and I will start to like Christmas. (I have my ankles crossed)

  12. Lovely photos, kj, can you come and decorate my house now? Haha! And bring those cookies...they look so good! I still need to make butter tarts, a family favourite.

    You have such a warm and cozy home, kj! Love those cell phone covers...xx

  13. I adore your *Top of Tree* Ornament!! (But I am sure Emilwee would have preferred to see her long ears up there! A-ha-ha!)

    I am so happy you liked my card and poem. I fell in love with those cards when I found them....and the poem - well, it was so right for all of us this year.

    Speaking of Emilwee's ears.....I returned from my trip *North* to find a card with her ears peeking over the top! That was adorable!

    Your home looks like a Christmas Wonderland....and....oh boy, those cookies.... I can almost smell the aroma!

    Sending you, JB, Stella and (of course) Emilwee all my love,

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  14. Yum to the cookies. And are those Christmas cacti? I have one in bloom right now.

  15. thanks babs. you hit all the things i love too (no surprise there) ♥

    marianne, that emily! i hear she is crossing out my name and inserting her own in some cases! glad to know you are now home and fee to enjoy the season, your family, and your newly minted kitchen/bath/hall/shed. yay! ♥

    lori sf, ONE cookie? oh hahahha! ONE cookie is not my problem! no snow yet, dear, but you will be the first to know. and when that happens, wish you were here. xoxo

    hells, the cookies were a mistake. we do not have armies to eat them, and JB and i are having trouble with resistence. i am packaging some up for friends. meanwhile, get some decorating done, hells. even one tiny candle will do :^)

    hello brenda, thanks for coming by. i imagine you are going to have a wonderful child-filled holiday season. nothing better!

  16. lilith, i am pretty ready. this is a real change for me, both mentally and task wise. i've done it the way i like to do it and i have resisted feeling down. so far, so good! i'm thankful ♥

    oh dear god! it's a miracle, not withstanding crossed ankles! mark, if my blog and my words or photos cause you one reluctant grin, i am over the top happy! ♥

    hello dearest marion. i wish i could come by... :^) i'll be looking to see your butter tarts! xoxooxo

    robin, your card is on the kitchen window sill and it is so beautiful to look at. thank you so much. xoxo
    ah the stars above us. we share them, they shine on us with equal care. ♥

    yup, blooming away, cs. $ 2.99 at trader joes. xoxo

  17. Ho Ho HO... looks sooo lovely where you are ... very christmasseee!

    Merry Christmas kj
    big love to you and all the best wishes for the coming year.

    I'm silly busy and haven't even written a card as yet, but glad for all the activities that go with this silly, lovable season x

  18. so many beautiful scenes and delightful treats. your house looks warm and inviting esp those cookies. LOL. And how sweet of you to remember the support staff. You think of everything and everyone.

  19. I really enjoyed your Christmas photos. I see that you have the old-style lights on your tree. I like those the best.

  20. robyn, at my best, i think it's a lovely silly season too. i'm not surrprised you see it that way. big love to you robyn, i am so glad you are feeling well again. it's so good to have you around ♥

    i always remember the support staff, suki. they don't get enough credit, and alittle appreciation goes a long way. thank you for your compliments about my house. i think it's cozy

    snow, yup. always had big lights and always will. one year my jess begged me for the little white ones and i obliged but it wasn't the same. xoxo