Saturday, August 06, 2011

mish mash saturday

Thank you for your comments on my last post. I thought about whether or not it was healthy to give airspace to a person and a relationship that was so difficult and I decided to go with my overall approach to keep it real. The week was a milestone of sorts and I wanted to acknowledge that.

I'm back home for a couple of weeks, missing the ocean and Provincetown but glad to enjoy my yard and flowers. I weeded and mulched today for several hours. I love how easy it is to see progress in a task like that. It's a mess: then it looks good!

Please help. The porch has yet to find its style. JB and I have decided to paint it white, paint the shades white, give it a kind of beach feel.

But... what do we do with this beautiful wainscoting ceiling? Keep this dark wood stain? Paint it white also? Paint it a light aqua that matches the two outside doors? I am going to try to set up a widget poll on my sidebar. Please weigh in, if you don't mind, here or there.

I love this shot of Mr. Ryan. This was taken before he slipped while balancing on a series of rocks and fell into the bay, cut and crying. Blood looks AWFUL in the ocean. He was scared and brave. I over reacted and JB under reacted, not our finest moment as Team Grand but we all survived. I was scared and not as brave.

Nothing much better than summertime eating in the back yard with a special friend whose birthday is tomorrow!

Remember Formica? This is my Mother's kitchen table from the 50's

It's me, Francine (hello pam,enjoying the view and accumulating plenty of household gossip. Can you even believe that kj and JB jitterbug together sometimes while they are making dinner?

P.S. This is not the best time to be writing or reading long posts. Many of us are busy living our lives especially if like me it happens to be summer where you live. I like this summer and I don't want it to end. But we are expecting a new baby in a couple of weeks and soon it will be Fall. Life is nothing if not transitions. Please wish my Jessica a safe smooth delivery. And please have some fun. Soon.




  1. I wouldn't change that ceiling, it's too beautiful the way it is.

  2. Yes, God,,,,a smooth and easy delivery for Jess, please and thank you!

    Don't touch that ceiling!
    We have lots and lots of wood in this old house we're remodeling. Painting some walls to lighten up the room,,but no ceilings. It looks great, and you'll love it!

    I voted. Do I get extra points?

  3. barbara, i know, i know. :^)

    babs, YES you get extra points!! this is the first time i've used the poll widget and i could get into this. i could take polls every day. hmmmm.... :^)

  4. Hey . . thought you were gonna Skype this weekend you flake! Keep the ceiling. Remember in winter it'll add warmth. My house is actually very blue and white and airy but I have a few antique pieces that kind of look nice with the 'beachy' feel because they add characer and warmth. Good luck to Jess, maybe a little girl this time?

  5. The ceiling would look good either way. The dark ceiling is very in keeping with the rest of the building (I expect). But white or, better, light blue, would make the place lighter and breezier.
    Blessings and Bear hugs, especially to Jessica.

  6. oh wow, a new baby soon, sigh...

    yes, wishing a speedy and safe delivery for mother and child. and an august birthday, wonderful! i heard from a little bird there are a lot of special birthdays in august ;)

    i voted for aqua, even though i really like the wood. it's too bad you can't take that ceiling off and put it on the floor instead!

    xoxo lori

  7. Yes first of all a good delivery for Jessica.
    did the poll:)
    I loved that table set for a special friend;)!

    Enjoy your time home.


  8. Let that ceiling alone! Okay okay, you can use a sponge to clean it whahahaha...
    But I should do something about that yellow there under the windows. Indigo perhaps or creme or offwhite.

  9. And of course: a very quick and very easy baby for Jessica.
    Hugs from Holland anyway :-)

  10. may the delivery be blessed.

    good to be at home sometimes. table setting lovely. flowers lovely.

    i voted

  11. Light Aqua.....that space will open up like you won't believe. IF the ceiling has a good coat of finish on it, you'd be able to have the paint removed in the future should you change your mind.
    My old Victorian had a light blue ceiling, and it was grand. Did not match one spec of paint on the rest of the house, but was like looking at the sky.....
    Prayers and wishes for a super-safe delivery!!!! ♥♥♥

    Anne...who lost her train of thought....

  12. Such a beautiful ceiling, kj! I know it looks dark, but I think you would lose the feel of it if you painted it. Paint everything else white...

    I will be thinking of you and your baby Jess who is having her own baby...and I pray for an easy and smooth and safe delivery! Yay...another grandchild to shower with love!

    Lovely photos, kj, you are such a good photographer! xx

  13. Love these summer photos and snippets from your days (I think it's fantastic that you and JB jitterbug while making dinner). This post makes my heart feel full.

    Continue to enjoy...


    p.s. Best wishes for a smooth delivery for Jessica :)

  14. oooh, light aqua is slightly edging out the dark wood.

    It really is a beautiful ceiling KJ, but for the beachy feel I'd go with the aqua or white-washed. And don't forget to prime it first ;) But you know that already Miss Jitterbug!

    That was a yummy meal sans those damn killer pole beans. hahahahaha!

    Breakfast was pretty yummy too!

    And soon I have to do that loooooong drive again. Yikes.

    I'm bringing cupcakes :)


  15. Oh, I could never paint over wood that beautiful - once you do it's gone forever.

  16. Keep that beautiful ceiling dark! You won't it to be totally *beachy* in Winter's beauty...

    You KNOW I am asaying prayers for Jess to have a smooth delivery...and for her Mum And JB to try and relax....

    Love the table and plates set out for the Birthday GirlSSSS...... (no typo)....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  17. hells, i'm hopeless. i haven't sat at my computer all weekend. even now i'm just passing through from the couch! good point about the winter ceiling xoxo

    thanks rob bear. please be patient with me. i'll get in the groove of visiting you. and i can sometimesw be intelligent about politics and cosmic leanings :^)

    lori, so funny for leos to find eachother. mim too. darn this porch, it really seems like a tough call. xoxo

    marianne, i almost killed her (headline: talented artist felled by green bean) but she happily lives to celebrate her birthday :^)

    wieneke, i'm painting this a gloss white...♥

    everyone, thank you for your well wishes and baby boy # 3, temporarily named sparky.

  18. suki, my favorite part of being home are my zinneas. they wave to me in the morning xoxo

    anne, twould be hard to remove paint afterwards, esp with the grooves. but what a quandry! i'm thinking from these comments i should wait one winter season before leaning change xoxo

    marion, i love you. kj

    kristin, ♥ i've been by. not enough comments but i regularly smile at your creativity ♥

    lo, do you know benjamin moore has a new product that is a combination prime and paint--only one coat needed!! i tried it on white walls and it worked! ps see you soon, whistle a tune

    cs, so true xoxo

    hello robin, keep the dark stain, eh? i'm so ambivalent! xoxo

  19. KEEP the DARK STAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Be ready to make Lilac Cupcakes in October!!!!!!!!!

    ♥ R ♥

  20. wrobin, i will make lilac cupcakes for you, unless you want to make them with me! :^)

  21. Gosh I've been so out of it!

    First of all - that baby should just slip out and be nice to it's mama! From my mouth to gods ears ok?

    Second - did you really try to kill Lo? That ain't nice.

    Third - I hate the thought of blood in the water - I would have over-reacted. Think sharks!!

    Fourth....a little happy birthday to you!! See you soon and I ain't bringing cupcakes - just coffee!

    (confirmation word - amens - isn't that perfect?)

  22. Oh yeah - the ceiling. While I love an acqu ceiling , I think it would be awful to paint that beautiful wood. How about painting canvas and stretching it over the ceiling - sounds like a ton of work but .....

  23. Hello there fellow Facebook friend :-) This is my first time here. I found your blog from Marianne. I am your newest follower now.

    I'm not sure I can help you with your ceiling because I adore natural wood and painting over it seems sacrilegious to me LOL - I'd rather see it stripped and refinished in it's natural color, but that would be a lot of work...other than that, I love light and airy and white or aqua would go well with a beach theme...I remember eating out of doors with my family in Germany when I was young, but where I live now, it's not as much fun due to the bugs and humidity! The garden setting does look inviting - I'll be right over :-)

    With Love,
    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  24. Please keep the ceiling like that and everything else wity white,love that boatfeelingceiling...

  25. A little (Marianne) birdie told me it's your birthday...21 again? Happy Happy boifday to one of the kindest sweetest, nicest people that I know. Often wish i could be in a room with you just 'chewing the fat' for hours! Have a wonderful time and get spoilt rotten you hear. Kisses and huggles from a fan!
    I agree -leave the celing alone!

  26. Thanks for sharing your story. I love the flowers in the first photo.

    Cassy from Learn Electric Guitar

  27. I sort of go with the idea that painted ceilings are best done in white leaving colors for the walls. Loved the photos.