Friday, August 12, 2011


This weekend, starting last night, I am in the company of friends who create and paint and write and see. All day today we played art. and tomorrow, two of my big yellow writer friends and i will head to provincetown for the weekend. they won't mind hearing me read parts of my book in progress and i will love to hear theirs. We will also walk the beach and see sunrise at race point. and swim and talk.

And ahhh today:

Today JB and I had the most perfect guests: good friends. friends from the blogs. friends who mingled so effortlessly and joyfully. we dabbled and sculpted and ate lobster rolls and cupcakes and just delighted.

JB had a zillion doodads to share. She provided empty plastic boxes and said take what you want. This is suki's. i marvel at her design sense even in filling this box.

And this is lo's. i wonder what she will make from this stash.

Mim taught me how to make a bowl using paper clay. I added lichen to the bottom and I will varnish it before i paint it, if i even paint it. that is seran wrap you see to make the bowl crinkle and it all sits inside a real bowl to give it its shape.

this is mim's bowl. I learned alot from her today. ♥

lo brought cupcakes to celebrate our birthdays

mim and I bought a dozen super large sunflowers and at the end of the day we each had three.





Don't be telling me it's not possible to make true blue friendships from blogging (i know you won't be telling me that). I have friends in my life, I had friends before i started blogging. but these guys are keeper friends. we have so much fun together.

and to my partner JB: so so glad to share this with you ♥


  1. A very HAPPY belated birthday wish for you Lucky kj

    x Robyn

  2. Oh my, I look ghastly in that photo. but guess i have to "face" my changed visage.

    It was such fun KJ and I was so refreshed in my soul to be among you guys. So sweet and creative and kind and fun.

    Love, Suki

  3. What a wonderful day, and I do believe there was mischief abounding! (it sure looks that way from the expressions...heehee!!)
    Loved the sunflowers, bowls, goodies....that cupcake...YUM.
    Joy to all for a wonderful day shared!!!


  4. I think that cupcake makes me look fat!!


    it was such fun! Thanks for everything, really


  5. It is definitely possible. What a wonderful get-together!

  6. I know (cos' I have heard) what a magical day it was! These photos refelect it!

    Suki - I think you look look healthy - and that counts so much!!!!!

    Lo - the *Queen of Spring*!

    Mim - the "Queen of Mischief"

    KJ - the "Queen of Hostessing"!

    JB - wow - all of the treasures she continually pulls out of *The Magic Cottage* lovely of her to share with these amazing artists!

    Love the Sunflowers, the Cupcakes (a-ha-ha), EVERYTHING!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. oh indeed lucky is the best title for this post. it's a good word to describe this day. you know what i see when i look at these photos?

    J O Y !!! joy for friendship, joy for love, and of course good health and great weather, and creativity, so much.

    and i can almost hear the laughter, that would have been a good title too!

    i LOVE the lichen, that is so cool.

  8. What fun! Where was Suki in the group photo? I love all the photos, but Mim your's is the best because you made a funny face, love it! Glad you all had a good birthday. xoxo
    Suki you don't look ghastly and Lo you don't look fat, you are all you and that is beautiful!

  9. suki: oh my, i must apologize for choosing a photo that does not show your self because you are not one bit ghastly! i have more: i will send you some when things calm down so you will see your outside beauty too! we had a wonderful day, thank you so much ♥

    robyn, hello friend! welcome back!

    muhammad, thank you. xo

    mim, indeed xo

    someday anne ♥ :^) yes, we had a great time from start to finish. there were no worries about behaving, not even one! xo

    lo, you cute girl. remember this fine day as an auspicious beginning. :^)

  10. Aaah,
    just lookie at those smiles!

    No matter what anyone might ever tell you,kj,,,cupcakes are good for you!
    Just sayin,,,,

  11. OOOOH Lo and Mim and Suki and JB and you altogether- what an absolute ball you must have had! I met Mim right here in London and we had such a wonderful 90 minutes together...I love seeing my LO, what a great picture of her and she is sooo pretty too!Love that last pic of you three gals.

  12. How wonderful it is that you get together and create!!! Lucky!xx

  13. OH that looks like fun, sounds like fun!!!! "Take what you want"? Heaven to my ears. I think the new header picture is so endearing as well.

  14. Wish I'd been there! It looks like such a great day and you all look like terrific, fantastic babes!! So great to celebrate birthdays together like this!! xx