Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just-in-Case Hurricane Planning

Hello everyone, it's me, Emily Rabbit. kj told me that she has received several emails and messages hoping she is okay in the hurricane that is supposed to swish and blow in Sunday morning and she said it is so nice to hear from friends here and there and everywhere and of course I agree even though no one wrote to me specifically and no one sent me jelly beans for comfort in case we lose electricity but I am not complaining because I made my own arrangements.

Anyway, yesterday kj and JB walked around the yard and moved anything that could fly and they put things into the garage and this got me thinking about what to do in a hurricane and I have advice which I am providing as public service and I won't charge money for it this one time.

1. Since the wind is probably going to knock everything around anyway, cut as many flowers as you want and spread them all over your house:

2. Take some money from somebody's wallet if you don't have your own and buy two pounds of multicolored jelly beans. Then hide one pound under a sandbag in your yard and hide one pound inside a winter coat if it is summer or one pound inside a bathing suit if it is winter. That way no one else will find them but you and besides for having an emergency supply, you won't have to share.

3. Don't think about jumping off a roof and hoping the wind will let you fly like a bird because it won't work.

4. A hurricane is a good time to have hot biscuits with raspberry jam for breakfast.

5. Oh and kj is like a broken record about having a flashlight and batteries and water and peanut butter just in case. I don't agree with those priorities but I didn't say anything since I am not worried because my jellybeans are safe.
kj says the the weather reports say that it will rain alot for 24 hours and the winds will be very pushy. She is not very worried about a tree falling on the house, she is only alittle worried about losing electricity, and she is not one bit worried about herself and her family and her friends. I told her she is smart not to worry because really, anyway, why worry until you have to worry and right now there is no hurricane and only a little rain and there are all these flowers in the house and some of them look like they're dancing. Plus I know kj has asked someone she calls a higher power (is that a big chandelier in the ceiling maybe?) to watch over certain people on the east coast and in New York and in Rhode Island and Maryland and New Hampshire and at Mr. Ryan's house and of course here at # 9 too just in case.

Sincerely Yours,

Emily V.V. Rabbit


  1. Emily if you're a drinking rabbit, this might not be a bad time to have a belt. Of course, knowing you as I do, you might be a nasty drunk despite your tender years.

  2. why didn't i think of that? snowbrush, bless your heart, a drink would be awesome right about now.

    emily, you make me laugh/cry. what a perfectly delightful post. and those flower photos couldn't be any prettier!!

    stay safe there, all of you!

  3. snowbrush! how did you know?!!!! just because i hit that whiney little girl at church? or because i passed out on thd hood of kj's car and had to hold on for dear life until she stopped (don't you think she should have noticed me?)

    lori, thank you very much. i think you should follow snowbrush's advice for sure. have two drinks. three even. and don't forget to cry from your stomach. no cheating, lori. ps kj says it's okay.

    yours truly
    emily r.

  4. Delightful Emily - you are a honey of a bunny with your advice - and so much wisdom between those long ears! Glad you are okay. I am also seeking the Higher for safety and protection over all the good people on the eastern seaboard of America.

  5. Why,Emily Rabbit, this may be the most beautiful blog post that anyone ever wrote. I love the way you have surrounded yourselves in rooms full of gorgeous flowers that are grateful to escape the storm and be inside with you. Is it true that if you put a jelly bean into a vase it will keep cut flowers fresh? I may have it confused with another tip or trick!

  6. So pleased someone thought to save the flowers especially those zinging zinnias which by the why are the jelly beans of the flower kingdom ... according to Harry Hare.

    Smiles & Thinking of you*!* x

  7. Saving the zinnias is the best a rabbit can do. And of course the jellybeans in secret places. I am glad that you keep up the good spirit and of course that you are a big help for JB and KJ in these stormy times.

  8. Thanks for the great advice, Emily :)

    Wishing you all a safe and cozy rest of your weekend as you ride out the storm...


    p.s. I loooove the flower filled house... the prettiest hurricane preparation I've ever seen!

  9. Hi, Emily, this is Bear.
    Bringing in the flowers — what an excellent plan. So very reasonable! And the photos of them are simply grand. What an amazing synergy of smells for a bunny to enjoy!
    Good ideas that you have shared with other Humans.
    We don't have hurricanes up here, but we do have huge thunderstorms (and sometimes tornadoes) so similar advice would work up here.
    I don;t store jelly beans, but I have several bottles of mead stored in strategic locations. It's a drink made from honey, and tastes great great, but might be a bit strong for a rabbit.
    Blessings and Bear hugs on a stormy day.

  10. emily is always so practical. i forgot about bringing in a supply of jelly beans!

    here as where Emily lives it is more a rain/wind scenario. Hope everyone is safe and happy!

  11. So glad you remembered the jelly beans, Emily, I bet I would have forgotten those. And I'm glad you're not trying to sail away in the Wind from the roof of your house anymore.You could get hurt, and with that Hurricane going on around you, it might be difficult to get help!

    Those flowers are sure pretty. Stay safe and strong...that Wind and Rain will be over soon...xx

  12. Emily, I hope the chandelier listened. And I am happy to see some friends in the window sill, keeping you all company! xox Pam

  13. Gosh, Emilwee,,,you are so wise... I know I would have forgwotten to stock up on jellies too...

    The gathering of fwowers is wonderful....nothing compares to the beauty of fwowers inside while all *hell* (excuse me) is raging outside!

    I am welieved to know you arent planning to attempt to fwy off the woof!!!

    Stay warm and dry...and tell KJ and Jb and Stella....I am sending them all many, many hugs....(and to you too. of course, dearest Emilwee)!

    Wuv to all - including Lolo, Suki, Mimmmmm, Pamee and Hannah (Lori's daughter)...and all op and down the East Coast.

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  14. Kj, I was wondering about you too, hoping you were not too close to the action. I am so glad that it seems to not be as bad as they first thought. Have that drink and give Emily one too. Love the flowers Em! xoxo

  15. Emily - I just adore you

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  17. ms. kay, what higher are you seeking? is it also a chandelier? i will tell kj you are doing that plus i will tell you all the nice things you said about me. who knows, it might increase my allowance, which i deserve

    YES lydia!!! maybe i should go into the jellybean business in garden shops! do you know i have a business manager (jos)? and don't you think those jellies look so nice in glass vases?

    bimbimbimbimbeebee, you are so smart. i'll bet everyone who reads your comment thinks so, plus they are laughing

    wieneke, thank you very much. it is very nice to be recognized for being so helpful since all kj does is shake her head when i remind her.


  18. kristin, don't you think it's pretty bad if anyone thinks batteries are better than flowers?

    mr. rob-bear, i'm sure i would enjoy mead. do you drink it fast? do you kick your legs straight up in the air after you drink it?

    thank you very much suki. i would pay you ten cents to remind kj once a month how PRACTICAL i am. i don't get enough credit

    marion! how could you forget the jellies?!! i don't think you would!! p.s. the rain is gone and the wind was puny. not fair.

    yoboroboyobo, oh those friends in the windowsill! good thing emily plush tells that fiona to stop complaining: she thinks she katherine heppyburn!

    wrobin, i am concerned about your pronunciation. are you writing and chewing jellies at the same time? (nothing wrong with thatt!) ps please include gregory squirrel and muck, truck and fuck duck in your well wishes. they will like it.

    annie, i told kj what you said. she said thank you, hello to you too. do you know what mead is, annie? do you know mr. rob-bear? i would like to have my ears stand up on end. who wouldn't. right?

    mim, AAAAAWWWWWWW. that is very nice. so the feeling is mutual. but do you know that marianne is my best friend and jos is my business manager? do you want to be something too? i can arrange it.

    emily r.

  19. In response, Emily, best thing for mead is to sit on a log, or on the ground, with your back against a tree. You enjoy a little bit at a time, as you drink it and relish your surroundings — earth, water, sky, forest, flowers,etc. (though mead is not at all like relish).
    Be careful though; a bottle can disappear relatively quickly if you're basking in the glow of the evening.
    A rabbit would probably be sound asleep by the end of two small drinks. So be careful. Unless you really want to sleep through the hurricane.

  20. Hope Emily and KJ and JB will be OK and that this Irene will just pass without any damage!
    I am thinking of all my dear friends in the US and hoping no one get hurt.
    This storm sucks!
    But my all those zinnia's!!!!!!! What a lovely sight!

    Be safe and cosy♥

  21. Emilwee.... you *caught me*...mouth full of jellies.... can't help myself!!!!

    You KNOW I always include Gregory Squirrel and Muck, Truck AND Fuck Duck in my thoughts!!!!

    Wuv, (swallow, gulp...I espewicially luv the licorice jellies....),

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  22. Thank you Miss Emily Wrabbit for the update and please tell KJ that with advice from you all will seem rosy no matter what! Way over the other side of the planet I'm thinkin of you and sendin a hug...

  23. Kinda was blown out by the time it got to the cape, saw some pictures from New Bedford and the reporter dude was just wet...but then maybe that was just his hair gel.

  24. mr. rob-bear, i want some! this sounds perfect with jellybeans! the only thing is i cannot end up in jail one more time. i am too little to handle the trauma of being arrested for disorderly conduct.

    wrobin, ahahahahha! are the licorice jellies black? doesn't it make your tongue and lips black? be sure to check before you leave the house. you could be arrested , you never know, right?

    marianne, i am now thinking of selling the zinnias for extra money for my stash of frozen peas. i am overdue a good temper tantrum. i hope you are having some good ones yourself. ♥ because you are my best friend.

  25. Always such sage advice Emily! KJ - thanks for your little note about Lo in your sidebar - was wondering! Also the photo of your Jess and Baby Logan is really delightful! Thanks too for all your lovely comments on my posts - your visits always make me smile! The Tango roses were painted and the origami butterflies placed on top for me to photograph the whole!To answer your question about the montages, I didn't do a specific post about this though I may have mentioned at one stage. This is ok, but a bit limiting. Nowadays I use either PSE or Paintshop Pro to crop/resize and arrange the photos in a new file with a white or coloured background - it can take some fiddling, but it's worth it!xx