Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This week is an auspicious week in every way.

May I first introduce Logan James, my third grandson, born to my favorite son-in-law and my daughter Jessica , for whom I would face the fiercest dragon, walk a mile on hot coals, even pass up a free meal at my beloved Mr. Sushi.

Logan was born barely hours after I returned from an exhausting exciting weekend trip to Provincetown with two of my writer-friends. It was a trip that had been planned for months, we three traveling from different states, and I had been nervous about canceling at the last moment. The universe saw fit to make it all work. I had been home again only hours when I heard my daughter say the contractions were serious, and moments later I knew a healthy baby had been born to a healthy Mother. Another person I will commit to, easily, and love for all of my life.

My trip to Ptown included a six hour drive when it should have only been four. Cape Cod August traffic is painful. But that didn't deter us. We pulled on the main road in favor of back roads and in the doing I found myself taking my friends to a place visited long ago. We walked through a shady grove until we came to a rope bridge. My friend Melissa had brought Chester Miller with her and throughout the weekend he would be photographed in all kinds of places and spaces.

The bridge required that we cross one at a time, holding tightly to its side ropes as it swung up and down and side to side with every step.

At the end we found ourselves in an open field, quietly watching the herons and cormorants and one agile hawk, who did not mind us intruding as long as we respectfully understood we were visitors.

That night we watched the moon paint silver lines on the ocean waves at Herring Cove just before midnight. Actually, only Lora and I walked along the sand: Melissa elected to stay back and shower. But as soon as we arrived we decided this was something she should not miss so we drove back and kidnapped her, in her pajamas. We then woke ourselves up at 5 am and headed out to watch the sun rise at Race Point.

I am exhausted. In less than a week, I have been in the splendid company of the most creative friends (and JB), I have along with JB cared for two special little boys, I have kissed the softest baby skin and toes, I have watched my daughter and son-in-law deliver and cherish their third son, I have seen the moon glow and the sun rise, I have written along side two esteemed writers. I have laughed until it hurt, I have driven in pelting rain.

And for the first time in my entire life I have slipped on a banana peel. I'll be damned, they really are slippery! I'm glad for the experience.




  1. Oh WOW,,,he's here, he's here!

    Welcome, sweet Logan, welcome!
    And congrats to the parents and Grannies!

    What a fabulous week you've had kj,,crazy and bizzy and wonderfilled.
    Did you witness the birth? I found that to be one of the most awe inspiring moments of my life.
    That also is one seriously celebratory header,,,just gorgeous!

    pssst: I think you should rest now, huh?

  2. babs my-friend-i-am-so-glad-you're-back: you have described my week perfectly! i did not witness logan's birth: that is a special moment for jess and mike. i witnessed something just as precious: mr ryan and no-longer baby drew smiling at me at 6 am, JB and i caring for them while their parents met their new brother. and yes, i should rest now. i should. but i don't think yet. tsup! and mwah babs!

  3. Kj - you are truly blessed. :))

  4. Congratulations -how wonderful!

  5. Logan, Logan, beautiful Logan, welcome to our world!!


    I'm with you on the feelings for grands.


  6. I know and share your joy with your new grandson. We waited at the same time and had grandbabies very close together. What a double blessing!!! How sweet that you could be witness to yours first hand.

    Your whole week of experiences sound fantastic, I am happy for you. I'm not sure how slipping on a banana peel fits into this, glad you did not injure yourself (hope not) and hope it just slides you into many years of joy with all of your grand kids and children!!!!
    ENJOY!!!! and Mazol Tov!

  7. welcome to the world baby logan!
    love love love this post, an auspicious week for sure.

    congratulations to all and may your lives be filled with love and more love.

    and that is the cutest little owl hat ever.

  8. I think this week you will never forget :-)
    And Logan.... what a lovely babyboy! Congratulations for you all.

  9. congratulations, third-time grandma! And to your daughter, her husband and Ryan and Drew! What a wonderful surprise I received this morning, when I got your message! He is sooo precious...I would love to hold him! At the newborn stage, they are such warm, little bundles...

    You really slipped on a banana peel? I've forever wondered if that actually worked as well as in the cartoons...hope you're ok!

    I can't wait for all the photos of baby Logan. Guess no-longer Baby Drew will no longer be called baby anymore! So happy for you and your family...xx

  10. If you could bottle this post as a rare parfum, there would be ten's of thousands fighting to buy it.
    Utter Happiness

    Congratulations on EVERYTHING!!!! :-)
    Beautiful blog post KJ.


  11. The Universe made this magical weekend happen for all of you. Synchronicity at its best ;)

    Sweet Logan James. I just love that name.

    A banana peel? Seriously? I hope your back and knees are okay.

    I'm glad you didn't slip on a loganberry ;)



  12. Congratulations!!!Logan is a lovely name for a lovely baby.
    Sounds like a crazy(good)week.
    I love that poem by Rilke, so true and I really believe it.
    I hope you are okay after slipping on the peel, rest now if you can. xoxo

  13. This post augers a new Dawn and a new Day AND a new Era for you, JB and the family! How wonderful! Logan James is a strong name...a great choice! As he grows, he will see that he is a part of a special family....filled with love, magic and yes, humour! Oh, Lucky Logan!

    I love your Sunrise photos - the wonderful glen filled with Comorants and Herons....and the gorgeus Rilke quote. He is one of my favourites - and that quote (as you might guess) is also a favourite!

    Love to all - and a big MUWAH to Logan James!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. so glad Logan has arrived and how sweet he looks. By the way, I named one of the main characters in my novel Logan.

    I have walked on that swaying bridge many times! I always think of Harrison Ford in that movie.

    your life is full and rich for sure. Congrats gram and mom and dad and Drew and Mr Ryan.

  15. Oh Happy Happy dance, what a cutie pie, love his name too, STRONG!
    Congrats gran for the 3rd time and so happy Mom and Dad doing well too. Lotsa kisses from this grandie XXXXX

  16. Lots of beautiful pics. Congratulations on the birth of Logan James (that is the name of my great-nephew!)

  17. Wow; you've had a busy week! From a trip with some friends to a new grandchild when you got home (great timing).
    Blessings and Bear hugs to all.

  18. It all sounds pretty exciting, my congrats with the new grandchild.
    A very pretty one!

  19. CONGRATULATIONS! Awesome news about your new grandson, Logan James. :) Woohoo!

  20. Not sure about the banana peel, but a wonderful set of firsts. Congratulations on the arrival of Logan - I know you two will happily spoil him (I won't say rotten because it's a good thing) like you do his brothers.

  21. Oh what a week. Glorious in every way and congratulations to Jess on the birth of lovely little Logan.I really hope I have the affection for my future grand children that you do . .I guess it comes when the time is right.

  22. My heart is filled with such joy as I read about all of the goodness your summer has had to offer!

    Congratulations on the birth of Logan!!! Wheee!!!
    (I love that owl hat - I wonder if it comes in my size! hee hee)

    Happy (belated) birthday, dear friend :)

    Big, big hugs to you...