Monday, August 22, 2011

Thoughts on the End of Summer

In less than a week, the air in the Pioneer Valley where I live has changed. It's become crisp and breezy, still August warm, but summer is making way for another season

New Englanders begin to lament the loss of summer the day after the 4th of July. By now we are actively thinking ahead to September. The leaves will turn from green to red and yellow and orange and then the trees will be bare, the ground will harden, the temperatures will drop.

But I'm in no rush. I'm still appreciating. I've figured a few things out this summer, returned to Cape Cod and my ocean, let go and leaned into the life I have and the life I want. Soon I will be writing poems again and polishing new and old words and spending time in the magic land of small children. I will do all this while I begin my escalating grumble about the winter and snow to come.

But now I'm reminiscing: here, some snippets, my summer, 2011.

Madly in love with my new kitchenA child and a dog madly in love with each other
a return to Provincetown after five years of only visiting

good goofy times with good goofy friends

a new love: photo of four day old Logan James taken by aspiring photographer, all by himself, Mr. Ryan, age 4

and last weekend, as evidence of another season, a visit to a local orchard

and finally, two little boys meet their brother:

Dear god, let me be giddy. (a pilfered word from a dear giddy friend). I've reread the poem in my last post several times now. I know that my own vow is that I not waste my life wishing for different or clinging to then. My own vow is that I not waste my life, period. If you ask me I will tell you this should be easier than it often is, although I can't tell you why. But I know this: I am damned and determined to wear myself out. In time. No rush.




  1. The poem is wonderful dearest - I need to save print and reread and contemplate...thank you. Sometimes it takes so much digging to discover ourselves and our own desires...what a great journey this life is. Would love to be sitting in that kitchen with you chatting and laughing...take care...

  2. oh my gosh i was planning to comment on your entire post and then i saw the baby.

    kj, he is gorgeous! look at that coloring, his skin is glowing and that blonde hair. and i really love photos with the proud big siblings. these with ryan and drew are perfect.

    i'm sorry you have to think about the inevitable snow. i hope you won't be mad that i'm excited about it again. maybe i need to move to the mountains!

  3. I am sitting in August fog this morning....there were deer running quietly through the field; shadows chasing about. Here and then not.
    Making me take a second and third look to be sure I saw them.
    Cool morning with coffee on the porch and a long winter kimono on....I love these days. Most ready for that change in the seasons.
    Why is Fall always sweeter?
    Everything becomes beautiful and puts on it's flashiest colors for us. Magic in the air.
    You have had an abundant Summer, and Winter will be the same.
    Because *I* said so....heehee!
    Loved the post.


  4. chrisy, i love the poem too. you are most welcome. dig, dig, dig: treasure! it's a journey, that's for sure. sometimes bumpy and sharp. it helps to have band-aids :^)

    lori, he has almost black hair, unlike everyone else in his family. the boys were so careful holding him. as for snow, lori: **&&$$%@. okay, maybe i'll like it this year, now with a stronger knee, maybe xoxo

    anne, what a completely lovely scene you've shared here. i love those early mornings too. i seem to understand things in those quiet times. wishing you a good day, many more mornings like this.

  5. what a gorgeous new baby in your life. blessings to you kj - you truly know how to relish in them. i will try to do the same myself. am off to read the poem.


  6. I doubt that you need vows to ensure you do not waste your life. I have only one rule and that is if I wake breathing in the morning then there is some way to live well through the day.

  7. Gorgeous and meaningful photos! The *Boys* look so proud of Logan!
    That is wonderful.

    You ARE moving forward with your have so many loved ones to help you along this path....that is the key, my dear friend! I have every confidence in you.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. I am loving that baby, kj. Pass him over here. ;) And those boys, could they be any cuter? I think not. I have photos much like these, of the older sibs holder the younger. Sweet days. Drink deeply, my friend! xox Pam

    PS I forgot to mention the orchard! Amazing!

  9. "Dear God, let me be giddy." THAT my dear, should be a T-shirt I wear as skin. I am not giddy. I want to be. Silly silly me. I can't even picture it. Today I will try. I will open up my mouth and giggle for no apparant reason. Then I shall catch a ride on my own sound and be transported.

  10. What a list of blessings I see here. You are blessed and I see you enjoying and appreciating all that you have. Such abundance. So much to be grateful for.
    Those beautiful little boys and baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. wow....gorgeous baby :) best luck ...

  12. baby logan is just too gorgeous and love the photos of the brothers holding him. so much goodness.

    yes, the air is crisp and i too ddread the going of summer or better said the coming of winter. But fall is a lovely time, next to summer my favorite.

    blessings to you on your vow to live life fully. Remember Zorba.

  13. Your life sounds so very full and rich right now. I'm glad. ♥

  14. kj, your family is gorgeous! Three wonderful boys, three great grandsons...I imagine you in a few years going to all the sports events those boys will drag you to! Heh, sounds like a great time ahead!

    Wonderful photos of your summer and the boys! xx

  15. Playing catch up visiting...The orchard is lovely especially the cool green arbor. The joy of a new life with so many possibilities and brothers love...sweet to see.