Friday, July 15, 2011

Windows of Mystery

I needed to change Drew's diaper. He is two and very wiggly so it is sometimes a challenge to keep him stationary. The diaper was on the coffee table and I was ready. Drew was on the couch he was ready. No diaper. I looked on the floor, under the table, everywhere nearby. No diaper. I had just seen it so it was not possible that it had disappeared. But it had.

I stood up, went into the bedroom, got another diaper, and came back to the coffee table.

There in plain sight was the missing diaper. On the coffee table where I had last seen it. It had somehow reappeared. Somehow the molecules reconfigured? Or my ability to see and then not see and then see again shifted?

Has this ever happened to you?

I could provide an easy dozen examples: reappearing objects, sounds and sights that don't make sense, messages from a beloved pet direct from heaven, the special flower my Father sends me every year without fail, appearing where it should not, when it should not.

I have been wondering why it is that these windows and mysteries are not acknowledged and not encouraged at very early ages, when we are young children; why, quite the opposite, what we see and what we know is discouraged and dismissed as illogical and impossible.

I wouldn't trade the ability to SEE. Sometimes this means I see more and sometimes I see less, but I wouldn't want to miss the any of the unexplainable.

Sometimes there are glass balls where there should be flowers. I have no problem with that.

How about you?




  1. i love the slowing down to truly see...the rising up, the looking deeper, the way such mindfulness arrives at present.

    thank you for this.

  2. First of all I love the red shed in your banner. I am a big fan of photographing barns and this for me fits in that catagory.

    I am not sure I have "not seen" and I think the disappearing diaper could be aggravating if I did that very often; but I like some of your other "seeings" and "unexpected happenings"...I'm all for those continuing.
    And the green and blue glass balls are lovely where they are and I hope they are still there next time you look! ;-)

  3. I think we see, and then some of us *SEE*. You know what I mean.
    Mine is in feeling~~knowing someone far away is not doing well, feeling that something is way off.....I would prefer the sight aspect!
    But I understand what you are saying and yes, why aren't these heightened sense taught to young children to develop? How many people would be able to sense MORE?
    (I will chew this in my mind all day KJ.....)
    Seeing beautiy and value replaces seeing what may really be there.
    I like that.
    It's all good.


  4. I don't believe children have to be taught these things...they only have to be in an environment where they are allowed to remember. Each child I have been close to has had the abilities to 'see, know/feel and hear' when they are in their youngest years...birth to 5, about.

    I teach youngsters to remember what they already's been a wonderful experience with my sixteen year old granddaughter, who can do amazing manifestations. It will be interesting to see how she continues with her knowledge.

    I love the little joke Drew played on you! Haha! And watch for more...!

    Have a very happy weekend, kj xx

  5. First: this is a fascinating post.
    ( I could go on and on, relating to it)

    Your photos are totally intriguing, I am lusting for the bird, peeking through the diamond shape, and loving that the balls are not the expected flowers.

    I am the official 'finder' in this house. The Boyfriend can be looking directly at something,,,and never see it, never.I think this has to do somehow with a mind that works too fast.On fast forward,,,thinking about what's next, rather than focusing on the immediate.

    And then sometimes I have the 'feeling thing',,,,like Anne.
    Fascinating post, kj!

  6. yesyesyes......this has happened to me. many times. maybe not a disappearing and reappearing diaper, but yes - similar experiences.

    i could not agree more - i prefer not to doubt the mystery, but embrace it.

    love this post.


    word veri: forse — may the forse be with you ;-)

  7. The mysteries of life, They abound in my life. Things disappearing, coming back, messages just when I need them, money just when I need it,furbabies that have past seen out of the corner of my eye. I have even once heard the sound and felt the wind of angels flying near. I agree these things should be talked about more. Lovely post. xoxo

  8. I love the photo of Janet at the window, and all the little animals sitting there.

    it's true what everyone says (i like the comments so much), i feel there are some things (maybe most things) that have no explanation and that's okay. i like the mystery of life.

    flower balls are pretty!

  9. Oh darn, I wish you had told of the raven visit when we were on the phone. That was amazing!!

    I agree with Marion. Children already have this gift, big time. But most children are told to stop "daydreaming" and "wandering off", etc. They are more intuitive than we realize. We all are...WERE, but then we get scolded and are told to pay attention.

    Hellloooooo. That's what they/we are doing!
    I love being present for each and every message.

    Cool beans about the diaper! hahahaha!


  10. You're losing your marbles! My purse seems to disappear and reappear . . has nothing to do with the chardy I had the night before and the fact that I forgot where I put it. On a serious note, I have no intuition at all.

  11. Although impossible to miss there are some things I'd prefer to not see but a diaper at changing time, especially with a male child is not one of them.

  12. what would life be without mystery and enigmas. I remember an adult from my childhood who was saying "Where is my pencil? I put it down and cant find it." It was clenched between his teeth.!

  13. Does it even matter if there is a reasonable/scientific explanation as long as you are enjoying the mystery?

    I LOVE the glass balls in the planter.

  14. I think we are all born with it. Some loose the connection with what I call the source others keep the connection.
    Children are taught not to be silly , to be reasonable, to work and not to dream etc etc. Taught to leave the source.......Too bad.


  15. I have a problem with going to get something, getting sidetracked and then forgetting what I came into that room for...And I LOVE the glass balls in the window box, unique and very seashore!