Thursday, July 21, 2011

Untitled on a Summer's Night

This is the Provincetown Monument. Many people including me see Donald Duck when they look at the Monument head on. JB and many others see nothing and have stopped trying. I offer you your own peek.
I wrote a post but just deleted it. I didn't like it. I will leave the photos and instead say thank you for your friendships and visits and comments. Some friendships will be life long. I cannot find the right words to express how much our collective blogging experience means to me. I am inspired here.

My beloved Jessica turned 34 this week. She will have her third child within the month. ♥ to you Jess.


  1. Is that the pool JB took Felix to?
    I think so.....I will ask him once he get up.

    Take care!


  2. Yep, I have seen Donald Duck too.
    Blogging certainly IS inspiring. Every day I learn something interesting from bloggers or they make me smile, laugh out loud, make me think about something....
    Ah, KJ, you know what I mean!
    Best wishes for Jess. I hope number three is quick and easy.

  3. Beautiful photos, especially the one through the screen, and yes, I see a duck, but I was thinking Daffy Duck. That is probably because my brain is sauteed.
    My gosh.....what a lovely place as I have said. I don't think I could leave....
    Good luck with the forthcoming little one!


  4. Yes, I see Donald Duck too, although I wouldn't have, I don't think, if you'd not mentioned it.
    Always new ways of looking at things.(even the intangible, right?)

    My, my,,,three little boys. What a gift she has given each one of them for later in their lives. My sisters mean the world to me!

  5. Ah, I adore that Monument... and although I DO see Donald Duck (now that you mention it), I still see an Italian or French Tower.....particularly with that LILAC Sky......BEAUTIFUL!

    Enjoy your time in wonderful

    Love, always,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. I can see Donald, but not until you said something :-).
    I would not trade the small handfull of true friends I have met through blogging for anything.
    Happy Birthday to Jess.

  7. I found Donald. Remember looking for Waldo? I always did like that game.

  8. marianne, Yes!

    wieneke, i know what you mean, my friend ♥

    anne, if i did not have work to return to, my mother to care for, a new baby to help with, a garden to tend to, i would stay here forever, happily. i am grateful to be here at all. xoxo

    ob babs, yes, to think of three brothers loving and caring for one another for their livetimes, what a thought! i love your comments, babs ♥

    the sky is yours, robin! i know what you mean about the monument: it is european classic. xoxo

    annie, i wouldn't trade our friendships either. so precious, so inspiring, so affirming. xoxo

    ww, i was hooked on super mario :^)

  9. It took me a minute to understand what you mean about Donald Duck, but I can see it. I was looking for a profile.

    I agree with you about the inspiration of the blogworld.

  10. i hate seeing Donald in that monument! You goofball.

    I do like pools that have an ocean view though :)

    And I like Ptown, but who wouldn't!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for an easy delivery...maybe Aug 6th or 7th :)


  11. I had to come back to enjoy that photo through the screening....
    I love's *summer*.


  12. Nope, I do not see Donald Duck. But I do see our blogging friendship as a lifelong thing, and that makes me smile more than any DD cartoon ever did!
    Best birthday to Jess. :)

  13. Donald Duck??? where??? I see no duck on that monument. No duck at all.

    Fingers crossed for an "easy" delivery for Jess, she must be rather uncomfortable in this heat, poor baby.

  14. KJ, thanks for your invite to YART.
    When is it? Is it the same time every year? Is it in PT? I think it's soon and so I'd not be ready to come this time; but now that I have this invite let me prepare for next summer. What sorts of things would sell there?
    (of the things I make?)
    It sounds like fun, just as an opportunity to be together with fun friends. Can one fly into PT or would I need to fly more north (Boston) and drive down with someone(s)? Send details:
    PS THANKS again for asking me.

  15. I only saw Donald after reading your words and crossing my eyes ;)

  16. All I see is donald duck; and I am impressed with your public reveal of my age as I know you still feel 35, which makes me five :) Love you!

  17. jessica, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥