Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tough Times?

Tough times? Is this so?

I am am mostly an optimist. But I no longer try to convince myself that something bad will be something good for me in time. And I complain and whine with the best of them.

But mostly, I believe people are good, relationships and connections are just about everything, passion and commitment matter, and karma keeps things balanced. This is what I believe.

But I have to say times feel tough. In America, a congress has fallen apart and there is not much mention of abundance anywhere. The weather is weird and worrisome. And there is weariness.

I say all this at the same time I am having my best summer in four years. I like my work, I'm so psyched writing my book, I'm working out (finally), I love my family, my friends, my garden, my house, Provincetown, the weather.

But I believe the planet is shaky. There is something not healthy and it festers.

I'd like to be wrong. Do you think I am?

What do you think is going on? Do you feel a general of vague sense of worry, of discontent?

How come?

Thinking out loud, with love



  1. Let's see.
    The rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer; those in the middle are getting no better.
    And the poor are blamed for their own poverty. (I considered that in my "Myths About Poverty" piece on my Bears Noting blog.
    In the US, Republican Senators are giving a boot in the butt to some of their ridiculous "Tea Party" types. A well-deserved boot for people trying to score cheap political points, while the nation suffers.
    In Canada, something is killing salmon in the Fraser River. A top scientist knows the story; the Prime Minister won't let her talk about it. Our national control freak is still at it.
    In Norway. . . . Enough said.
    Pretty much "business as usual." Meaning the planet is, indeed, shaky.

  2. ah rob, it's not just political-economic craziness. the tension is no doubt made worse by that, but it seems to me some part of simplicity and connection and clarity has left 'us' drifting. ?

  3. Nothing vague about it kj. The country is on a path that if it does not change it will explode from coast to coast. But don't worry, the government has stationed permanently three divisions of the third army in Alabama to quell civil disturbances with.

  4. Kj, I have no anwsers and no one cares even if I did LOL, but I too am having my best Summer, plenty of jobs and selling some art. I feel very blessed. I believe that even though we can't see it and even if we will never know why that everything that happens is good, there is no "bad" and the more people hook into the fear and despair then the more we will see of it. An older friend of mine told me I should have grown out of my magical thinking by now :-), but thank God I have not and I don't intend to. I also know that most of the world disagrees with me and that is fine, I don't mind.
    On the other hand I do try to help when I can when I see a place I can step in and do something, I think we can all do that and it makes those that feel afraid know that they are not powerless. And hasn't the world always been shaky?
    I cannot remember a time in my life when it has been stable. Okay I have rambled on enough.

  5. i believe as annie does, isn't magical thinking a wonderful thing?

    i think though that living in this information age, smart phones, ipads, computers...the many many ways to stay constantly connected and informed, is overloading people and wearing them down. it's very hard not to feel overwhelmed. but this is probably going off the subject and i am going to close this thing up now and read my book.

    hope you have a wonderful day dear kj. xoxo

  6. I've felt a physical shift myself. Something intangible but still something looming.

    Like Annie, I've struggled for a good part of my life, but like you I still feel like I have a good life. but something is "off."

    Too many of us can't find jobs.
    The weather is indeed weird.
    There even seems to be more mass killings ala Norway these days.

    These are desperate times and I think bigger things will take place. Hopefully more and more of us will be there for whomever we can, however we can.

    I will always try.

    I've got your back girlfriend ;)

    Lo♥♥ who has been missing on the blogs!

  7. I truly believe that the more hate and evil thought that is put out into our world, the more violence is returned.
    We seem to have a sector of our country that refuse to face facts that indeed, the middle class is disappearing and that rich-rich people do NOT care about anything except their portfolios.
    Yes, there is a lot of BAD that has been brought about by GREED and STUPIDITY and HATE.
    On the other hand, even in the roughest of times, there are people who go out of their way to do the right thing, to love, to pray, meditate and focus on GOOD.
    Maybe we just have a bigger job now.
    Maybe it will be the simple people who do simple good daily that will be the ones to pick up the pieces, heal wounds and commune with a Higher Being.
    That's the side I'm on. ;-)
    Love. ♥


  8. rob, i mean there seems to be a weariness that covers the joy. it seems like exhaustion, really, so much juggling that the simple things stop being simple. and we seem to be more isolated from one another than ever. something is lost in that...

    mark, what a mess. what a mess!

    annie, so nice to hear about your summer, so much to be thankful for. i can't agree that 'bad' does not exist. i think it does. that does not mean i fall into fear or dispair, but i like to be wise about what to trust and what not to. xo

    lori, yes, i think being 'overwhelmed' is the core of what i'm trying to say. xoxo

    lo, a foreboding that things are not as they can and should be...and yet you and i both believe in the goodness of humankind, that good trumps bad....xoxo

    anne, well said! laughingly, i feel a need to defend the rich: many sacrifice and contribute freely. it's the corporate structure, i think, that screws up the works. thank you for being on the side of kindness xoxo

  9. I feel worried as well. Not so much for myself yet but just a feeling I cant describe.......
    Like something is about to happen.......
    Scary >M<

  10. "I'd like to be wrong. Do you think I am?"


    "What do you think is going on?"

    Our species is stupidly digging its own grave and the graves of a lot of other species, and we're approaching the point of no return.

    "Do you feel a general of vague sense of worry, of discontent?"

    I feel both vague worry and concise worry. I worry about things that I know about that can do me harm, and I worry about things that I don't know about that can do me harm. I also worry about things that are likely to do me harm and things that are less likely to do me harm.

    "How come?"

    Even if everything goes right every moment for the rest of my life, there will still come a point when I will lose everything I love and my own life too. We're all screwed, ultimately. Given this certainty, there is, perhaps, a better reason not to worry than to worry, but worry comes easier and therefore seems more natural.

  11. Not discontent, but definitely worried. For all of us. And for my children (and by that I mean all kids) who will be left to deal with it.

  12. I wonder if we in the West and so-called civilised world, ignore the starving and disenfranchised to our cost. There is no blessing in greed and selfishness. (Talking about myself as well ... ) I can't help noting the images of starving children in Africa as we tie ourselves in knots over money. There needs to be more of a balance over the whole globe. Ah me ... it's all very sad.

  13. There is definitely craziness in lots and lots of ways. But I have to wonder if all of the discontent is magnified by a 24 hour news cycle? Don't get me wrong, I find the wacky weather worrisome and the state of the economy grim, but I believe that there is still a lot of light in the world that doesn't get it's chance to shine because of a negative focus.

    Lately I have been seeing a lot of random "hearts" in my travels and I always take those as a sign of hope. (Let me know if you'd like me to email you a few)

    I guess I'm not really sure of the answer, so I'll just try to pass on as much kindness as this one person can muster.

    Big hugs to you...

  14. I feel it too. And am trying to find pleasure in 'free' things like sleeping in and hugging the cats...

  15. of course u r rite.. sth is not rite.. really..

  16. I'm sorry I missed this post. It's an important one.

    The light or the good or the heart-centred is shining on the bad or the negative. More and more 'stuff' is coming to the forefront which has been hidden deep in the dark. It is like a boil that has suddenly burst and we will have to deal with the aftermath, healing it again. But it must burst before it gets better.

    I believe strongly that Mother Earth will re-balance herself again. And perhaps, those of us who are living now through this time of change and even ugliness, will remember and teach a different way. I don't think we have a choice, actually.

    Rather than feeling depressed, I am happy governments are being closely scrutinized by their constituents who are beginning to realize that transparency is much better than hiding in the dark.

    It's a tough time, kj, but it is also so amazing to be living now and watching a new way of life