Thursday, July 07, 2011

One Hour

Would you be interested in taking a walk with a four year old boy who with his grandmothers is going to the shell shop to buy a special shell for his beach collection and another special shell for a special place?

You might see some interesting sights; after all, this is Provincetown...

Not your average fish pond, don't you think? (enlarge to meet the Barbie Family) :^)

Just outside the Shell Shop we find two fire trucks and an ambulance. They are responding to a big event: smoke in the public rubbish can. This kind of hullabaloo can only happen in a small town (approximately 3500 people in the off season, up to 20,000 each summer)

Then in we go:

Looking at everything before choosing two special shells

Stopping on the way home at a special sanctuary to startle the fish

and look at funny statues

Even stop for a drink

try a different kind of mirror and then....

wade through the crowds of a beach town on a fourth of july weekend

past a house that a certain grandmother wishes were hers

and finish on the walkway where gram and BB live, leaning down and placing a special red shell specially chosen

in a special place under the porch, where gram's friends Marianne and Felix did the same thing a year ago.

And while you're at all this, if you happen to be a grown up, you just might stop for a moment and let it register that this is a very nice way to spend an hour on a warm vacation day with a curious wonderful little boy holding your hand the whole way.

Wishing you a register of your own,




  1. Looks lovely. I"m sitting here in a trench coat and a long jumper, heat hasn't quite kicked in and I'm longing for daylight savings and summer.

  2. What a special post!
    But it is a special place where 2 special friends of mine live ;)
    A place it would love to visit another time in life.


  3. I too love that house, but my mind is saying, *remember the Victorian you owned and how it almost KILLED YOU???*
    LOL! Hindsight is not 20/20.
    Loved all the shells....oh my....I probably would never leave....
    A wonderful day all around. :-)


  4. loved taking this stroll with you. how sweet to buy shells for your special shrine. wow, that is a lot of people!! still, wish i were there but glad you are there.

  5. hells, it's still weird to me that you and i have opposite seasons. stay warm, girl ♥

    marianne, likewise, ditto, that's for sure ♥

    anne, too funny: i thought you were saying that first sentence to ME! i won't say our 14 room victorian almost killed me but life is easier without one thing after another! the seashell store is a special place. it wss one of those special moments xoxo

    suki, only for love would i brave those crowds :^) move to the cape, suki! come! we'll have lunch! :^)

  6. That creme house! Whow. Special moments, KJ, with the grandson of all grandsons :-)

  7. how delightful and even more delightful that you didn't rush.

  8. YES YES! I would be interested. What a lovely and delightful adventure to the shell shop. The photos you captured will make the memory all that more beautiful in future years.

  9. Ah yes, I've been there before. But not with Mr. Ryan holding my hand. How special is that? Picking out shells with BB and Gram is a perfect day for any four year old.

    I like it better without the crowds, but you know I love that magical town and my friends that live there ;)


  10. that curious 4 year old boy is a VERY GOOD GUIDE.. to an hour, and to life.. really.

  11. oh it's all so hearthappy. i like to believe that just like my own grandchildren, they will always remember these special yet ordinary days.(that's what makes them so special).

    you are the grandma everyone hopes for kj.


  12. you know how to relish what is important, kj. savor these moments, and thanks for sharing this precious time spent with your little man. xo

  13. That's the first time I've seen a trio of Buddhas! There is a shell shop in St. Simon's where we go each year - I always love poking around in there.

  14. The red spiral heart is beautiful! It must give your heart a joyful start every time you see it! That day was the pinnacle of happiness~ nothing gets better than that.