Sunday, June 12, 2011


I have been in Provincetown since Friday morning. Since mid May this is my third four day stay here and something feels so right about it I just might finally be back to where I started before I...hey, no need to mention that. I'm just glad to be here.

Yesterday JB and I bought a patio set. And what a patio it will be. I am sure I will sit this table and write and JB and I will sit together and smile at our good fortune and my family and friends will sit at this table to my total delight.

It has been raining most of the weekend and that has been fine with me. There has been a few breaks so a few hours ago around dusk I took a walk in my neighborhood. Honestly, I wanted to show you where I am living here. We are one block from the bay and from the action of Commercial Street, but 'here' is actually a quiet neighborhood.


(my place)

wi walk up the brick walkway we

all had built

into this yard that Marc, our neighbor

in the unit next to us,


the back of the house: the sea

weathers shingles including damp moss when wet

And back where I started: a brand new patio set and a brand new connection with the patio.

I am feeling pretty damn good here.

It's been a ride to get here.

Thank you for caring about what I do.

I wish you love.




  1. Oh...lovely, restful and you sound so happy...I'd join you at that nice table for a glass of Vino Verde!

  2. Gorgeous!! I want to come visit! Like right now... Love, Silke

  3. Beautiful, all of it.
    Love to you too. Kiss Stella for me. xoxo

  4. I'm moving in. Make room. And please remember I am a leftie. I don't want to elbow anyone at the new table. :)))
    Pretty sweet, kj. xox Pam

  5. O thanks for taking me on that stroll!!!!!
    Wow that new set! You will have good times there. Oh isn't it fun to have the place all to yourselves again?! Wish I could join you at that table this weekend....... Well I know you will have fun without me as well but still wish I was there......


  6. ah just like i imagine a beachy east coast town, charming! it looks really really lovely there. nice table!

  7. thanks for the walk through town and the new patio set looks so inviting. i'm a lefty too so you can seat me next to yoroboro. i mean yoborobo. hmm, my WV word is wabisti. funny.

  8. Great tour - it looks lovely. And has JB relaxed her prohibition on you posting pictures of her?

  9. What an amazingly lovely place to sit and work or dream. (afraid I would be dreaming...LOL!)
    But when the time is right~~write!
    What better atmosphere could you want? So rich and redolent with sea and flower and the damp much as the senses could take in.
    I expect miracles, ya know... ;-)


  10. It all looks heavenly! Have fun this weekend when "you-know-who" arrives! Wish I was coming too!!!

    Love the new patio set!!!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. hello teri, you are welcome for that glass of vino verde!

    silke, it goes without saying that if you are around provincetown, or western mass, i would love to see you.

    thank you annie. people and dog kisses back to you ♥

    pam, make room? you bet! xo

    marianne, it is so fun i can't believe it! & i still can't believe you were here! i wish you will come again. i think we all need time with our friends!

    lori, from one coast to another ♥

    suki, there is plenty of lefty room at the table :^)

  12. cs, hahaha, no, no relaxing at all. i have just gotten brazen!! :^)

    anne, thank you (so much) for the vote of confidence. you are right: this is the Perfect Place to write. i like nothing better (well, maybe a few others....) xoxo

    wrobin, it will be so great to see you-know-who walking up the walkway. maybe one day we'll all have a blogfest here!! ♥

  13. looks just gorgeous and wonderful

  14. Well honey, you DID IT! I love this posting and went through it twice already. At one point I just let out a long breath and realized...I hadn't been breathing.

    The Cape, the Cape, I love it so much. I first met it through Henry Beston's book The Outermost House. I was fortunate enough to see it before the big storm washed it away.

    I loved and needed this...thanks a zillion.



  15. Gorgeous. It has that slightly Bohemian look and feel to it. I'd love to visit there one of these days, then you know that. As for al fresco dwelling? Can't recommend it enough.

  16. Yesterday, before the rains came again, we sat outside with my oldest friend in this world - going on 40 years - and her family that is mine too by affection. The hummingbirds were feeding, the bees were curious and we were enjoying every second of our brunch not only because of the food but because we shared the sense of getting off for a bit from the mad rush out there.

    So I can perfectly well understand your feelings and share them, albeit at a distance for now. Maybe next year when you come West
    we will be seating here and sharing food and friendship and all the things that make getting off the mad rush worthwhile. Love to you as always.

  17. Well i have to admitt,was looking at the glases first the set is also very nice ;))And what date is the blogfest,so i can reserve it in my agenda.
    Big hug,
    Marja and Mr.B

  18. I'll be coming up that walkway soon ;)

    Friday calls for Thunderstorms so maybe I'll make it a Sat/Sun gig.

    Whatever it will be, it will be wonderful!

    Looking forward to every single bit of it, but also wishing it could be so many more of us again.(you know who you are!)

    Lovin' the new table, mabel :)


  19. Aaaah k.j.,

    Seeing your Provincetown posts is like a breath of fresh (sea) air - there is nothing else quite like it.

    When I was a child, I used to spend my summers in Cape Cod - your beautiful posts take me back... such wonderful memories! Thank you for that, dear friend. (I definitely consider you my friend I'm so glad you feel the same!)

    It really brings me such joy to see all the joys in your life! Isn't that the most wonderful problem - to have "too many joys"?!? I think it's fabulous!



  20. i love your little place - it looks so cozy. you have a good attitude that you can enjoy the rain on your vacation. enjoy your days in this little slice of heaven. you deserve it♡


  21. What a lovely, peaceful and really pretty place, kj, and you sound so happy to be there. It must be cathartic. I know the ocean is for me when I return to the West Coast, riding the ferries to the Island.

    Have a happy weekend and enjoy the table...hope the weather is gorgeous for you! xx

  22. You have the best of many worlds in the house. Love the patio set and the mossy shingles!

  23. mim, ♥

    sharon, you know i wanted you to see it ♥

    hells, come! ♥

    allegra, i know you understand. i visualize sitting with you in your garden. i hope 'one day' will be next year. my niece is engaged but no wedding date yet. (i am officiating!) always, your comment here is a small treasure come my way. ♥

    marja, ah, we should plan it, shouldn't we? ♥

    lo, i'll be running up to you with glee! we always have fun together; have you noticed that? always! ♥

  24. aaah kristin, i didn't know you spent time on the cape! and yes to 'dear friend'. for sure! yay! ♥

    amanda, that's one good thing about being a writer and working on a book: rain is your friend. ♥

    marion, i fucking love it there! (oh dear....) ♥

    hello toyin o, thank you for visiting my blog. i'm glad you enjoyed the photos ♥

    debra kay, hahahaha! Oh our days in ptown!!! have you ever laughed so hard? (i know what you're thinking--my porn debut!!!) ♥