Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thoughts on a Chilly Night

It's cold around here.
And there are so many branches reaching out in so many directions,
some too fragile to withstand the color of water.
It's beautiful, but still, the chill brings a shudder.
And I, somewhere on the road to someplace,
Look up for guidance
And down for footing:
I, like one of these branches,
Will wait for the thaw to know what's next.


  1. Wow KJ. Wow.
    Beautiful, chilling, heartfelt metaphors.

    The photograph is quite beautiful.
    I'm anxious to see what the thaw uncovers.


    word verification= hapsyche

  2. Sway with the weight of frozen ice and snow, just don't snap off!

  3. OMG! Me, too! Waiting for the thaw to know what's next! You rock, that's totally beautiful....

    I have so much catching up to do and OMG! Your book!

    Much peace my Friend, and Love,
    I've missed you....

  4. ...the color of water....

    Cool! Ooops, big pun!

    Im feeling very cheeky this evening, here everything droops in the heat - but just the same we wait to know whats next, in case that helps.
    Very pretty picture, and meaningful words :)

  5. Love it esp look up for guidance and down for footing. A good balance between dreamy and practical. And a hard one. I often find myself gazing off while I should be watching my step on the ice and snow. Hey my WV is hothi.

  6. Wow, KJ ... I think this is my new favorite of your poems. It paints a scene and I can feel the cold and the searching of the narrator. Love this line: "to fragile to withstand the color of water." Fantastic.

  7. KJ I flew over to say thanks for your visits and taking the time to leave your comment ... so glad I did, your words here are inspiring*!*

  8. That is a very nice poem... I can relate...:-(

  9. Waiting for the thaw
    Breathe deeply
    Rest for awhile
    The sun will wake you when it's time.

  10. I like this. A lot! Especially the line about the color of water.

  11. really is amazing how something so beautiful, so pure & so fragile seeming (snow, ice) can have so much power, force & weight...beautiful, thought-provoking words KJ.'

  12. lolo, me too!

    ces, i'm carrying an air mattress around in case i do snap off!

    singleton, yipee!you're here! i;ve missed you too.

    mim, you are thoughtful and perceptive, i know you are!

    lavender, you're feeling cheeky? i like the sound of that!

    suki, balance: oh yes...

    melissa, i wrote this so quickly i am surprised it resonates. but thanks as always.

  13. bimbimbie, thank you for stopping by. i'm glad you did.

    sidney, i adore you...

    debra kay, your words amaze me. you are right on as ususual!

    hello chief. i'm glad the book arrived!

    hello skinny, it's nice to see you here too. i hope you have a full day when every single thing operates perfectly!!

  14. A little something for you over here, obligation free, just a small way to say Thank You!