Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday 13: A Holiday Baker's Dozen

Every year I choose one person to one way or another bestow my special version of holiday cheer and gifts. This year it will be 13 little gifts. Following Ces' habit of embedding hidden pictures in her illustrations, I've embedded hidden gift clues in this week's Thursday 13, which also introduces my warm holiday wishes to all.

Look for pigs that fly
And birds that smile.

Meet Julia for dinner
And sit down for awhile.

Witness the openings
Of paper and plant

Be charmed by small statues
And poets who rant.

Rejoice with your family
Have a laugh with a friend

Seek marbled adventures
That are fun to the end.

Lie cozy in bed
Relaxed and content

Then welcome the blessings
Of a season well spent!


  1. I'm smiling KJ! This is a lovely Thursday 13!

  2. Does this mean I won't be getting my pony again this year?

    It was a lovely poem-it also made me feel very relaxed and cheery.

  3. Very nice 13! Sometimes reading your words feels like cozying up to a warm fire.
    Debra Kay, you've got to let that pony-thing go!

  4. why thank you, anon!

    debra kay, i kinda think you should rent the pony and try it out.

    why thank you also rm. (see you soon..) :)

  5. Sounds just great, KJ.
    Thanks for these wishes. I'll have to work on some wishes for my blog as well. Maybe I'll get to that somewhere next week. Would be good. I've just come back from a short trip. need to get some rest.
    Thanks for your compliment on my Jelske photo. I was looking or the reflection of the outside light on her face thanks to the page. And then the dear girl started to turn the pages rapidly.
    She always gets it right Jelske.

  6. Thank you for this holiday 13! Blessings and hugs and joy to you and JB! xoxo

  7. I will never give up on my pony. Without the pony, I'd be like Don Quixote (that can't be spelled right) without his windmill. We all need impossible dreams.

  8. Ah, thinking of christmas too :-)

  9. a lovely poem

    and how adorable is that baby in the right hand column???

  10. KJ, smiling mocking birds do exist in marbled adventures...;o)

  11. A lovely poem like only you can write!
    I might be on a blogging hiatus soon so I will take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! May all your dreams come true!

  12. I think: I see it. I feel: I get it! How sweet. Thank you.

  13. so clever and cute kj! am really feeling the season now. :D

  14. Beautiful work and a timeless message. Get our house in order, for real, as well as in the proverbial sense, and holiday enjoyment will come naturally.

    Be charmed by small statues
    And poets who rant.

    How could I not like that line?