Saturday, October 06, 2007


No can do
Not tried
not true
Attested to
Brunswick stew
Crazy glue
Can’t outdo
Cordon bleu
Here anew
Straight into
Making do
Baby shoe
Bomber crew
Deja vu
Just outgrew
Take a few
Put me through
Still taboo
In full view
Black bamboo
Bottle screw
Book review
Elmer’s glue
Doggy do
Why and who
Break a few
Home brew
Bally hoo
Who knew?
Stomach flu
Kung fu
Wandering Jew
Love you too
Animal glue
Pacific yew
You have to.


  1. it's all askew, but I love you-

  2. peter, hahaha!

    anon, i liked saying it all outloud in the middle of the night!

    rm, say, what?!

  3. She wrote it clearly
    and very neatly
    she said it's all askew
    but she loves you
    that's delightful
    I think she is truthful
    after all she's your friend
    and a friend loves till the very end.

  4. Almost as jumbled as my mind - a constant train of thought - mundane mixed with urgency, crashing through our skulls. I love how you did that. (Grin)

  5. ces, say what?!

    shrink, you/ve nailed that correctly!

  6. Chaos contained
    No, directed
    Still chaos
    but productive?

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  8. I said what I said
    Should I say it again?
    Go right ahead
    Nothing to lose or gain.
    This rhyming is contagious
    Like TB it is infectious.
    It rips through my brain
    Like a huge migraine
    It causes nausea
    and sometimes dimentia
    A diagnosis I will be given in absentia
    For my doctor is in Russia.
    Thank God my condition is temporary
    and not praecox
    All is arbitrary
    when I am done with detox.
    I will speak clearly
    and very neatly
    I shall say, Hello KJ
    and I'll further say:
    You are my dearest friend
    I will make amend
    with the trouble I'd given you
    when my politcal repartie
    was clearly taken out to sea
    by none other than you!
    Better yet, I'd give you a hug
    but not a bug
    because a shot of flu I will be given
    by the company nurse who is so driven
    to stick me with that injection
    right on my gluteal region
    with sharp perfection!
    It will only happen when I am in KC
    Which I soon hope to see
    So please don't reroute me to Phoenix
    Where it's easy to get into a fix
    I read the cops are burly
    and oh so surly
    A chance they'll treat you like a terrorist
    and your body they will twist
    they'll handcuff you when you are sick
    and in jail they will stick
    you and leave
    as you heave
    and cry for help and no one will come
    until all is quiet and your life is gone.

  9. What's the what for? Ces is right, I didn't mean to confuse you. Or perhaps it is I who you believe is confused. All this confusion is so confusing to me.

  10. That was fun! I think you need to post a little sound clip on of you rapping that:>

  11. Well, i loved that! I read it outloud and then again, outloud and in tempo (well, my tempo!) Yup, that rocked!

  12. your little ditty cheered me up today. even if the title is blue.

  13. Great fun!

    I hear I'll be seeing you and jb on Saturday??