Sunday, June 17, 2007

Not Much

My well of words is mostly dry right now.
A few days ago I prepared a briefly-posted Thursday 13 on all the little critters and stuffed animals that co-exist with JB and Stella and me, but upon further examination and some well regarded feedback from two of my favorite people, I pulled it to avoid the possibility of being, well, ahem, hmmm, eccentric. Flaky. Juvenile. Ok, and possibly unstable. I don't mind approaching the edge of controversy and/or revelation, but, afterall, I'd like to be viewed as somewhat mature and emotionally intact, at least some of the time.
Some realities in one's inner world are best left there. It's enough I've already introduced Emily Rabbit, Francine the Giraffe, and Esther and Mildred the Witches.
It's a slippery slope--this business of writing real and true without opening your raincoat wide and wider. So unless impulse wins out at some later date, don't expect to meet Dolly, Frank, Birdie, Picasso, Irene (stop! that's enough, kj!)

Instead, today I am just going to say hello, best wishes, and thank you for your visits and support. My blogging friends are very precious and important to me. Your comments and support help me as a person and a writer more than I could ever express. !


  1. Just wanted to say hello back. :D I hope you had a good weekend. And a good week ahead of you.

  2. You make me laugh! I read that post and though I didn't comment I sure enjoyed it. Then again, I have a healthier-than-normal regard for the quirky. No wonder you're one of my favourite people! :)

    Blog on, kj. We love you in all your incarnations.

  3. menchie, hello back to you too. it's always nice to hear from you.

    andrea, you've made me smile--very wide! thank you and likewise.

  4. I saw the pulled post while I was in the middle of a school day and wanted to return to read it later...but, alas! It went poof! Okay... I happen to think that eccentric is good ( and all your "eccentricities" that I've experienced are just wonderful) , but I do understand the necessity of the blogging persona. I am perhaps the poster child for restraint in blogging, although you know why I must. I do wonder what would happen if I could just say whatever comes to mind... hmmm... well, although I am disappointed that i couldn't read that post, I will look forward to next week's Thursday 13:>

  5. I think most of us have characteristics that others would consider eccentric, it's a matter of keeping it to ourselves or being proud of it.

    Some people's lives...
    Some of us are more entertaining than the rest of us...

    So maybe, you can post those critters and we'll say hello to them...

    Actually your collection is not eccentric at all - it reveals a youthful exuberance, a love for life and keeping sweet and happy sentiments.

  6. well, i feel like one of the lucky ones then, because i saw the post with all of your animal friends. and, believe it or not, it didn't lower my opinion of you at all! ;) heehee. yeah...we all have our vices. it could be a lot worse than stuffed animals. anyway, if you start acting to mature and well put together, would run the hazard of becoming downright stuffy and boring! i love ya just the way you are! :)

    as for running out of things to say...the same thing happened to me this week. wha?? that never happens! anyway, i have a book that i like to turn to for prompts. it's called Writing Alone and With Others by Pat Schneider. i like that book for lots of reasons.

    lots of love!

  7. Well I saw your post and I liked it! I was relieved to know I'm not the only one with inanimate friends with names and personalities all of their own.

  8. KJ -- I saw the post, too, and was going to comment on it ... but then thought I was losing it when I came back and it wasn't there. :) And I agree with N -- I'm glad I'm not the only one with stuffed animals and imaginary friends!

  9. Hello and best wishes right back at you, KJ!!

  10. jeez! i pull a post everyone has already read anyway--even pieterbie and i wonder who else. so much for trying to control my image. i'm shaking my head, that accepting amused way i do sometimes. too funny...


  11. Aww, you killjoy.. what's wrong with quirky? I love quirky, so does Brian, my imaginary friend. Actually, he hates disappointment.. it gets him mad, and that's when he does things with that axe of his.. don't make him do things with that axe of his, it makes my alter-ego scream, and then she has to do all sorts of stuff to keep her eyes from bleeding. 'Nuff said. x

  12. Oh come on.
    Since when does a strong minded woman like you give a s... (sorry 'bout that) about what other people may dare to think of you?
    Surely you cannot believe that I would take this post serious.
    Now the one with the furry animals, that one I took seriously.
    That was real. Feelings, emotions, sharing someting very personal.
    Wel congrats KJ, I admire you for having the guts do to such a thing.
    And of course I read it, of course I commented, I thought it was great.
    Much better than what you have posted here now, making me react in such a manner.
    So you are scared that people may think that you are excentric. Why does that scare you? What is wrong with excentric?
    I come here to read real stuff posted from the core, heart, mind, no, soul of the real KJ.
    So please do not give me any "Have a nice day" stuff.
    I want the real KJ and I won't settle for less.
    At least you have some furry animals, a mouse (what was his name again, the one with the rat's tail, was it Cedric?), a boozing witch, hell all sounds like great fun to me. And it all makes perfect sense.
    And if you are unstable, then I must me completely lost.
    Your number one fan awaits the next worthwhile post.
    Not that I want to pressure you, of course, but expectations are expectations.
    Have a nice day!

  13. ummm, I missed it. Could you please just flash that raincoat again?

  14. Pieterbie, why don't you tell us how you really feel? Okay - Okay, just kidding