Saturday, June 30, 2007

Let's Be Real.....

I've been surprised at how many comments on my recent posts mentioned how much of myself I share on this blog, and how happy I seem to be. Here I go sharing again, but the truth is I'm happy only some of the time. I'm unhappy about a few things I can't seem to work out and/or integrate into my daily life. I'm working hard on patience, acceptance and temperance.

Lest I mislead because I try to be optimistic or present a false picture, here's a report from the interior ministry:

I cannot think of a thing to say
Even this rhyme is fading away
So I'll leave it for now that as of today
I'm trying to keep forlorn-ness at bay

Sometimes I'm fine, sometimes I'm not
I'd be more morose if I wouldn't get caught
The road to happiness can get kind of hot
I hope I'm learning what's here to be taught

Please don' t ask me to change or explain
It's enough that I'm working so hard to maintain
If you listen too closely you'll hear me complain
So please bear with me while I change travel lanes.

And if I were a magician, I'd pull from my sleeve
This hope for the future I want to believe.


  1. What a beautiful piece kj! I love it, especially the last stanza. I appreciate what you wrote and I believe that the depth of love we share with animals is such an amazing gift and a life altering love so Thank You for your sweet words.

  2. val, you are entirely welcome.I hope you are feeling as well as possible.

    i am still channeling pizza...

  3. Melancholy. Without it we wouldn't be as creative as we are. It forces us to reach down deep into our own inner resources. Painful, yes, but necessary for creative types. Melancholy - embrace it, even as you wait for the other side of the coin to finally flip over; like a sunrise! :) I like being melancholy. As long as I can control it, it gives me the depth to draw from for writing and for empathy.
    I enjoy all of your writing kj - I believe the forlorn times are part of it too and I salute that part of you, my dear. Cheers!

  4. I guess you and I are alike in the sense that I share a lot of personal information in my blog as well. So does Ces.
    And why shouldn't we?

    I followed this course on Powerful Presentations last year. The trainer urged us to share something personal when giving a presentation, it will always attract the attention of your public, and you get a better shot at selling the whole of your goods.

    Now this is not the reason I share personal stuff on my blog, in fact I don't really care about selling the whole goods. I just share a photo and initially the idea was to share with other amateur photographers and get some comments/tips on my photography.
    But that rarely works. People just don't want to give comment on the photo's, they are too scared of offending or hurting.
    I do give comment on photos from tome to time.

  5. Permanently happy people are on Prozac.
    I'm glad there is nothing synthetic or manufactured about you, lovely lovely KJ x

  6. Excellent kj and I think ( in fact Im sure) it aplies to most of us. Being happy all of the time would be an impossebility I think.I find that the best writing is done while in a reflective and sometimes even melancholy mood, otherwise I would probably have been a comedien...:o)

  7. I share kaput! Isabella can do anything she wants. Why do we have to be happy? Why are there so many books on happinness? Pfft! Not being happy does not mean unhappy!

  8. chief, these are just the right words at just the right time. thank you.

    pieterbie, you share and connect with honesty and sincerity. i appreciate that about you so much.

    anon, yes, but what would jack think?

    cp, your visit is always a special treat. i know we understand eachother, and i am very glad.

    marloes, thank you. hey, i AM a comedian when i'm not morose. go figure.

    ces, "i share kaput". WHAT??

  9. Wala Kj, nada!In other words, ambot!

  10. Good title, a completion of the picture !! (i always "seem" to be happy too :-)

  11. P.S. You got mail with a glimpse (if your address is still the same ?)

  12. hildegarde, honest to god, just as i am sending you an email, you made these comments. at the exact moment. !

  13. I think happiness is overrated!!! I can't stand glum and dull people but come on who is happy all the time? Not even those under the influence of chemicals.

  14. What? You're human, too? I thought you were perfect but now you're perfectly human. That's just too much for me to handle. :)

    PS I so often wish I could be more personal on my blog. One day I'll start a non-work-related blog.

  15. we all have to have a little bit of down to appreciate the up eh?

  16. You all need lessons from me! Who's real are we talking about? It isn't real unless your own! I'm even happy when biting people, but I'm not human.

  17. I like this and completely identify with it.