Monday, April 09, 2007

Not Much Happening....

Not much to say. In the interim, with equal thanks to T.S. Eliot and Sandra Bullock, here's a middle and last stanza of what has turned out to be a pretty long poem--one that's not yet ready to find its way to public expression--called "Hope Floats".

I didn’t know this then, I didn’t.
I thought the things that matter
Were formed strictly in the place
Where roots and unspoken hope
Converge in one cemented spot.

I didn’t know
That we can walk through any promenade—
The ones in little cities and the ones in the Arizona desert--
And we will still find every missing piece
Safely, solemnly, soulfully tucked beneath
Our best intentions.


  1. Wow, not joking, this is one of the deepest pieces of poetry I have found here on the net, I was going to say in a long time, but I guess I shouls say "ever".
    Now I'm not a poetry person, I'm more in to pictures, and I admit that I rarely get to really reading a piece of poetry. I read your's here 3 times. Now isn't that special?
    Thanks for that, KJ.
    I think I'll read it again now.

  2. I can't wait to read the the beginning and in between. These two stanzas pack a punch and a wallop, right into my guts. Dang! Lady, you are good.

  3. Don't you just love Pieterbie?

  4. In my best Meg Ryan 'When Harry Met Sally' mode
    "oh mmm yes..yes..YES!"

    Finding out that there is no answer and yet you keep asking is the sign of a healthy mind.

    Spot On!

  5. "tucked beneath our best intentions"
    that pretty much sums up everything I've ever gotten myself into!

  6. The poem : pfew, not easy to understand for me :-) I'll try again when it is complete.
    Cool blogging by Emily :-)

  7. KJ -- I wanted to post my favorite lines and then I realized that I had
    highlighted *every* line -- awesome work, my friend! I love it ... and I
    can't wait to read the rest. It really resonated with me ... the sense of
    home being roots and unspoken hope cemented in one place, but then the joy
    of finding more pieces of yourself all over the place!

  8. I like it so far. I hope one day, when you feel it is ready, you'll post it in its entirety.