Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Magic of Words......

Thanks to Ces, Carla, Wieneke, Pieterbie, Singleton, Liz, Homo Escapeons, Menchie, and Valgal for sharing their favorite words. For me this was an awesome colloboration! It was refreshing and renewing to see how thoughtful and hopeful and articulate and observant we good people are. Thank you so much! I hope you have fun reading the results of your words.
Note: As an afterthought, I've highlighted all favorite words, hopeful that doing so is not a distraction, which it may be.... The best thing, I think, is to take a look at the comments from my original post a few entries back.

A visionary sees further than the eye can reach. That is probably the incandescent beauty of how lull-a-byes and fairytales work: you use the borrowed wings of a butterfly to obfuscate any trace of obliquity and instead you obstreperously follow your own breathtaking light.

There are several factors that make the road trip of life happy and healthy and soft and warm and delicious. It helps to take a sweetheart approach—along the way remembering and recognizing that the visual auras of dogs and gardens and chinaware and chocolate by themselves will obdurate anything that works against faith and instead will lead you to the sprightly lovely delicious life you want and deserve. It also helps to remember that children are sacred, like friendship and love, like the way Pieterbie loves Annie.

“Honey”, I purred, “It was perfect”. We both smiled with the secret knowledge of things to share. We look to our Mother and Father and husband and partners and sisters and brothers for a safe warm blessed place where we can whisper our dreams and know that love will bring us peace. I may be obsequious about money but I will happily spend it on darling puppies and swell toys. I know better than to be investigative or lugubrious when my happiness is at stake. When I follow the blessed path of the moon, I will find all the art and honesty and friendship anyone could want. In art, like photography, light is everything. And then—tink!—the glass hurricane that life can be will instead become filled with darling cheer and breathtaking warmth.

This is the life within your reach. This is a neat and tidy sweetheart deal. Grab it now, and let it deliciously lead you, with great alacrity, to a peaceful glass world that lights up your life!


  1. May I add the word 'flabbergasted' hahahaha.

  2. only you could have done this, KJ! Awesome!! :)

  3. I guess I have to agree with Melissa. What a talent you have with words, amazing!
    Please write that book so I can buy it.
    I really enjoyed reading this and finding my own stuff in it. Amazing how you combine it with other people's contribution.

  4. ..and may I add:

    Vomitorium, and no it has nothing to do with vomit (A passageway to the rows of seats in a theater.

    KJ, you are a dilli when it comes to composing, writing and poetry.

  5. Absolutely Grand! Boy, you have a way with words my dear friend! I just want to mention that my words came from a conversation on the phone with a young man who was a stranger to me. He was a charming young fellow who worked at Barneys New York and I will never forget him, I always use the word perfect or perfection and he said Honey, that's my favourite word and we laughed and laughed like old friends. I love moments like that so anytime I'm asked what my favourite word is I remember this young man when I purred It's perfect! Odd I know but true... sure do love the way you slipped them into this perfect story!

  6. How fun! Wow! You wove all those words into an enchanted horoscrope...with tidbits of advice, words of encouragement, and hallelujahs! Unbelievable! :)

  7. This is perfect kj! Totally awesome!

  8. oh! squeal! i have to say i had too much fun writing this out. it took me all of a half hour, which tells me some muse somewhere decided to take over and just spill out a story from words of gold...

  9. Aha...I had no idea that you wrote this with intent to use certain words, I just thought it was a thoughtful, enouraging, beautiful & true post!
    In art, like photography, light is everything...just as it is in life and in love ;)

  10. This is absolutely wonderful! I love how you made such a tasty salad of everyone's words and tossed it with your extra-special secret dressing:>

  11. Well done! Alex liked it, too. ;)

  12. Sorry I added my favourite words too late.
    I think you have an amazing way with words, KJ.

    Purring is good!!!

  13. Some of these words are great.

    Next time I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm going to claim it's because I'm a visionary ... because I can see further than the eye.

  14. What fun. I meant to throw in a word, butr my brain is working at about half-speed lately!